The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius

The Different Kinds of Lessons you can expect in 5D & the Age of Aquarius

This is basically is an overview of the different kinds of lessons I’ve identified during the journey.

What are Lessons?

Lessons are those aha moments of realization you have when stuff suddenly makes sense and you see it differently. Almost invariably it’s a thought that leads to realization and emotional and mental relief.

A realization is more personal whereas a miracle of revelation is a realization facilitated by the Holy Spirit, sometimes by means of a miracle worker, that lifts you up through many layers of understanding.

All lessons are miracles, but the point of a revelation is the process of forgiveness.

The miracle of forgiveness causes a collapse of time that means that future events (karma) do not have to take place in order to redress a perceived imbalance.

So your partner does something wrong and if you hold the grudge they must make it up to you. If you forgive it you carry on as equals, the past no longer exists and you can choose what to do with the future time yourselves.

Basically without the lesson of forgiveness, you would have to live out the life experience to gain that understanding.

The miracle of revelation takes you levels higher without the life experience - basically installing the knowledge into your brain the way they uploaded abilities to do stuff in The Matrix.

When this happens, it releases you from the future timelines that you were required to live in order to reach that understanding.

This is why forgiveness and realization don’t need another person - you get released from the timeline, but the other party will play that out with someone else in a future timeline to redress their imbalance.

So we say that the miracle collapses time, because future historical events no longer need to take place, and those timelines can be collapsed and done away with.

Each of those timelines, if not collapsed, would create an additional era in time, that would be experienced as karma in the morphic field needing to play out.

Human Lessons - Pre & Post Ascension

These are your basic mirrors and ego lessons - the kind that we’re used to.

1. Single Serving Lessons

These are the most common lessons you are used to - you reach an aha moment of awareness that brings you relief on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Each lesson is experienced in isolation in time, so at first you come to understand them as separated elements. So for faith you have a period of absolute faith, next to and separate from a period of complete doubt.

In each instance you are entirely merged into the experience and it is all you see.

So you experience complete doubt or complete faith - each in total isolation over a period of time.

This leads you to believe the lessons are not linked at first and so you treat them as separate. That mental separation you create in your internal categorization system does start to trip you up when you get to the next type of lesson...

2. Duality Lessons of Balance

In duality lessons of balance, you are learning to start balancing dualities. Dualities can be either polarities, conflicts, contrasts or complements of the key element.

So faith is polarized by doubt, conflicted by anxiety, contrasted by suspicion and complemented by trust, or even innocence.

So what would happen is you’d have a lesson of faith in one area and a lesson showing you doubt in another area - the lesson only resolves when you see the link between the two.

To help you here make a list of all the big lessons you can remember over the past while, or flip back through your journal and grab keywords.

Now start matching up dualities and just write the dualities next to each other. Seeing that list like that triggers something magic.

So it could look like:

  • Faith - Trust
  • Faith - Doubt
  • Trust - Doubt
  • Faith - Anxiety
  • Trust - Anxiety
  • Doubt- Anxiety
  • Doubt - Worry

3. Lessons of ALL-THAT-IS

At the next level you start tying multiple dualities together to form a spoked wheel. That’s how I visualize it anyway.

Each spoke connected to the hub plays a role in balancing the lesson - and you need all of them in place for balance.

As with duality lessons, these lessons are about helping you operate from a level of balance and choice, to be able to make balanced and responsible decisions that really take into account all the relevant factors.

Here you understand that faith is doubt is trust is anxiety is worry is concern is…. you get the point. These lessons can hold thousands of dualities in a single lesson.

Eventually it collapses into everything is the same.

4. Reshimot (singluar: reshimo)

At a point you will reach a lesson that, at the moment you have the thought, you know that this has changed you forever. Like in a big way.

This is called a reshimo (plural: reshimot), and is pulling down a spiritual lifetime according to Kabbalah. Most souls only complete one reshimo per lifetime and you have a standard 125 to complete over the course of your lifetimes in order to become a realized soul.

My first big conscious reshimo was “I don’t know how to be. I am not comfortable in my own space. I expect the people around me to be doing something.”

I have since noticed that this one comes up as a first conscious reshimo for a number of journeyers. For those of you who have had reshimot and have had this lesson - I would be curious to know if this was your first conscious reshimo?

With a reshimo, your other marker, beside the immediate resonance change, is that it takes you a while to reorient to the world.

You may spill a lot, bump yourself a lot and just generally not feel comfortable in your body.

Effectively you’ve woken up a dormant part of your soul, and it has become the leader by virtue of its seniority, and it is learning how to operate the human body.

The cognitive dissonance caused when this happens can lead to mental breakdown.

For me, when I had a mental breakdown with a soul aspect awakening, it was all about the trees and buildings. Earth looked wrong - I felt trapped by the buildings, I couldn’t think about or tolerate people or cities, and all I wanted to was to hide under a tree. Trees at least made sense to me. Green made sense.

That particular reshimo knocked me for a good year of my life and led to a suicide attempt.

So yes - now we’re getting into the deeper and more dangerous levels where people can’t keep up mentally, start having mental breakdowns and give up on their journeys.

5. Domino Lessons or Lesson Chains

The first time I hit a lesson chain I was so excited LOL.

It literally looks like they’re falling like dominoes…. just one thought after another floods in - so fast you don’t even have time to process them consciously…. yet somehow you manage to. Well mostly anyway LOL :)

The worst I ever had was like 50 or 60 in a row - and a few of them were reshimot. More than just a few.

Eventually I just lay on the bed for about 24 hours, unable to move or do much of anything. I couldn’t even look at the TV…. my head was so blank and so wiped, it was just crazy LOL.

If I sat up, I just kind of fell over and landed and stayed there. LOL Jelly comments how she was quite worried about me that day. To be honest, I had moments in that day when I wondered if I’d ever be able to stand again myself :)

Ascension Lessons

Okay so these are the newer Age of Aquarius lessons, as well as the old upper level of spirituality.

So basically until now we had physical, emotional, mental and spiritual on the scale. We’re introducing a new layer of thinking and understanding - cosmic.

The first layer here, the Messianic Lessons, were previously accessible to Ascended Masters because that is their nature, as you’ll see. This was the old highest level on Earth.

Our job as light workers is to be thinking and supporting the newest layers in the field, so that these become the new highs, and force the current lows on the scale to drop away.

We achieve that by lifting the top levels, which changes the overall average of cognitive dissonance in the field.

You’ve seen this at play already: with books like The Secret, the concept of manifestation became more mainstream, and so people are more inclined to believe you when you talk about it now, instead of just dismissing you outright. Go back a few decades though, and speaking about this would have possibly been considered some sort of dark magic.

We’ve seen similar improvements among the secular communities with more openness to healing, even among Christian communities.

We’ve seen more open and mainstream discussion on religion in the media - we have Islam to thank for that. And it might look ugly now, but have you noticed we’re talking RELIGION in media? A few years back that was unheard of.

Even among the New Age community, you are seeing a massive shift towards Christ consciousness and the acceptance of a return to religion and religious practices.

As the morphic field changes, the people inside it experience different expressions - that’s the job we’re here to do by introducing these new lessons, levels and layers.

1. Messianic Lessons

These lessons apply to Ascended Masters, Sages, Alchemists, Magicians, Witches, Healers, Miracle Workers and every form of being you can imagine, from mermaids to Angels.

All of these terms are just expressions of the same thing - Ascension. Each of these beings has Ascended and is technically a Christed soul. So their formal title would be Christ.

What the titles more speak to is the way that the Ascended Master chooses to express his or her abilities.

A witch worked with a community and was its mother - similar to a Priestess, but without religion.

A Sage is an elder who offers wisdom and knowledge, while an Alchemist will help you turn your emotional lead into spiritual gold.

A magician is someone who is adept at working within and reading the morphic field.

My chosen expressions are as an Alchemist and Magician. Those are the aspects I most love. You will find yours as you go along too.

The range of Messianic Lessons is really about the balance of cognitive dissonance, which is huge at this level.

Angelica often jokes with me…. one day you’ll hit a realization and just disappear in a puff of smoke. She’s really not far off :)

The Messianic stage is about the cognitive dissonance of being God inside and human outside. So you have the internal abilities and understanding of a God, and you are trying to fit that elephant-sized soul and knowledge into a shoebox of a human body, life and experience.

These are by no means easy lessons. And humans will see you as human and treat you as such.

But by this stage you are going to be so clear and egoless, that you will be mirroring as a God - and Gods show people what lies inside them. Basically a God has reduced their ego so much, and operates from such a place of balance, that their mirror shows you an almost-pure reflection of yourself.

A powerful God will have no mirrors left, but a Goddess of Love will have mirrors around Twin Flames, relationships and love, in order to be able to reflect those human aspects back to the worshippers she engages with.

So one of the ways you’ll know you’ve entered Messianic lessons is by how wildly and extremely people react to you.

It’s going to be bizarre, extreme and very black and white: people will react wildly to you, either positively or negatively. In other words they will love you or hate you on sight. There will hardly ever be a middle ground here.

Also you will notice extreme swings in the people around you as they drop mirrors faster because they are in your morphic field, and find themselves seeing you differently all the time.

This is especially hard to balance with a Twin Flame push-pull duality, so it is crucial that you do as many hands on exercises consciously with each other as you can. If only one of you is working on their stuff and the relationship, it will cause extreme imbalances on your push-pull.

One way that can manifest is that the spiritual partner will get way more spiritual and ungrounded and flighty and airy fairy, while the physical partner withdraws even further away from anything to do with God. This then forces the spiritual Twin to compensate by going further. It’s a vicious cycle.

You have to treat and heal a Twin Flame pair as a couple under one body and soul. It’s one of the only ways to achieve balance.

You have to keep remembering that one energy in you triggers a duality in your Twin Flame. If you’re lucky you’ll hit a complement. Those are nice places to pause and catch your breath.

A common first Messianic Lesson I’ve seen among journeyers is compassion: the realization that you have no choice but to just have compassion for the people around you, because they are operating at a lower vibration than you, and their paradigm blindness just does not allow them to understand.

2. God Level Lessons

So again this levels up from Messianic Lessons, and the difference here is the removal of the human element.

So this is about God’s point of view ONLY. God’s plan for salvation, the big picture that God sees, the whole of humanity and the whole of the cosmos. Also what has to play out for us to reach the end of all this - we are playing out the urge to oneness here.

So here you start to feel the way that God really feels and see what God sees. A horrible downside of these lessons is that They view through you, leaving the human emotion behind for you to deal with.

This also includes the difficult lessons: unconditional love is replaced by balanced love, you have to make yourself known to God, karma is a trap, forgiveness is a story told to children.

Here you basically start seeing the way that God intends you to be, and what God intends you to know, without the filter and editing of another human mind.

The sad thing is that the fear of judgment prevents people from saying the truth… they change the message to fit the beliefs of the day, or have a limited understanding from which they can apply the beliefs.

So often when humans and teachers write info down, they hide it in floral language and shield it, so that they don’t get attacked and potentially killed. This however means that every journeyer has to discover this knowledge for themselves, direct from God.

Hopefully this is one of the things we will change in the field and we will have space for more honesty.

Another thing that happens here is that you’re training for the next level and what you will do after you leave Earth.

Right now I’m receiving training on how to program stuff in, how to manipulate the field, how to manage emotional responses…. basically how to consciously do the stuff the field usually takes care of for us.

At this level will also be the God level layers of the first recursions, which are the cosmic core lessons.

  • So the lesson of I AM is reflected in rejection, a polarity of acceptance.
  • It plays out again with Eros/Erotica and the Twin Flame runner/chaser cycle.
  • It plays out a third layer with the Son of Perdition.
  • It recurs on earth with romantic infidelity and betrayal.

3. Cosmic Core Lessons

This is basically the root stuff, and every lesson will be linked back the reconciliation of the lesson of I AM. This cosmic karma if you will.

So in the example above and in a previous post today, we’ve spoken about rejection of another soul which is a polarity of the tantric union acceptance of the original I AM.

I AM cannot be complete if the other mirror has rejected it.

This is about playing out cosmic karma and releasing small bits of energy that heal that original recursion. Each mind that grasps it release a bit of the energy needed to heal it.

At this level it is all energetic movement - you will come to the understanding and that alone will be enough to bring release.

Revelations & Lessons

Yes, revelation is possible with all these levels, but sometimes you will have to go back through lower layers and find detail in order to make a lesson resonate fully.

If you get a deeper level lesson and it still feels a bit fuzzy, try looking through the different types of lessons and see if there is more detailed understanding you can unpack at each layer.

It is ALWAYS about bringing the thought to consciousness. Often it’s only a handful of thoughts you need for complete alignment.

So I truly do hope this helps. As always, feel free to post questions.

The more I answer questions, the more we fill in blanks. The more people we grow the faster we get through all of this. It’s a win-win.

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