The Emotional Chaos that is currently happening - 18 May 2017

The Emotional Chaos that is currently happening - 18 May 2017

The world is really turned on its head right now…. chaos is erupting everywhere and things that have been stuck for years are finally starting to move.

At the core of our digging, basically we’ve found that some (maybe many?) of us were stuck in alternate realities.

So we’ve been doing all the work and seeing growth and information results, but not seeing the results trickle through into our lives. Basically everything was blocked from entering reality. You probably felt it in your heart chakra - and that’s what’s been causing all the emotional outbursts and release the last few days.

Heart chakra is the bridge between physical (base, sacral and solar plexus) and spirit (throat, brow and crown). So for those of us who suddenly started with gastrointestinal stuff like vomitting and heartburn the past ten years, this is the big underlying cause.

Even though we’ve only been trapped for four years, the glitch that caused this alternate reality and trap actually happened about 10 years ago, and those of us who are more sensitive would have started feeling shockwaves then. If you’re having heartburn and tummy related stuff now, it’s definitely this shift.

Where the healing did manage to escape out into reality, it often brought results for people around us, improving their lives and relationships in the ways we had working on for ourselves. That made the contrast of being stuck feel even heavier.

Then we did what we always do… we tried to heal it.

But we’re working in a world of energy, so every time we tried to heal it, we were basically reinforcing the split, reinforcing our alternate reality and making ourselves more stuck. If you’ve got the goosebumps and energy movement… this this is what’s been happening to YOU as well.

Be honest now…. how many times did you think that the healing work was making everything worse over the past few years? How many times did you suspect someone was lying to you? How often have you had the feeling of it should be moving already? That heavy impending doom like something big is about to explode through?

How much worse was the isolation, loneliness, abandonment and feeling of being stuck? It was worse - you were trapped alone or with one or two others in a different reality altogether. If you had those thoughts a few times, then you were likely one of the ones stuck with us.

I’ve started a series of events with certain people to realign the fields - basically carry over every bit of healing that was applied in the alternate realities into our current reality.

So first off, this our first conscious unity healing of the morphic field. We’re aligning the timelines ourselves and changing the realities. So stop, and take a moment, and just help the process in the field in your area. The statement: we call forward all healing applied in fantasy to apply now in reality. We are separated geographically so that we each balance the field in our area.

This is four years of healing that has been stuck… of course it’s gonna feel like a roller coaster. I mean you know how hectic one single issue shift can be.

Effectively what we’re doing is undoing and redoing time. Four years of time in one fell swoop.

So we’re rolling back the results that shouldn’t have been, first as I leveled the playing field by sending the lie that had trapped me back to its source. So step one - if you need to reveal a secret that has been weighing heavily on you, do that. Break privacy. Ensure you’re doing it for the right intention though - this is for healing and revelation, not your personal gain.

So here all the people that got the results that they shouldn’t have will first be restored to where they should be. Ways you’ll see this are sudden falls from grace - a happy marriage that suddenly collapses into divorce, or someone wealthy that suddenly loses a business or job, perhaps even deaths and terminal illnesses making sudden appearances.

Once this has cycled out, which I’m starting to see might be in about 20 hours from now (currently 2PM SA time on 18 May 2017), at around 10AM tomorrow morning, we move onto time being redone the way it was meant to play out. The timing comes from how they delayed my session time until tomorrow morning.

At that point tomorrow morning we are forcibly realigning the healing work that was done over the past few years into our current reality. So in about 24 hours the roller coaster could get very wild because we’re all already connected.

This is going to be four years of emotional release to hit us in one go - and I have no idea what to expect. I never would have consciously built up a bank of energy like this. It seems quite dangerous to me to be honest, but it needs to explode now before it does without our knowledge. It feels a bit like a ticking time bomb…. so that constant pressure of something is about to explode badly will also probably release in the next few days.

But…. here’s the big but… it will have repercussions in your life when we do release it, probably. Actual events that explode and play out. So be prepared to deal with some real life 'reality' chaos.

They’re releasing this on a Friday morning - so I’m thinking we might need at least the weekend to recover from it all.

You know the drills - loads of water, rest, listen to your body and cravings. Let the emotions flow, both good and bad - just don’t act on them yet, unless you feel compelled or can’t move forward without action.

Normal physical symptoms are sweating, burping, throwing up, passing gas, frequent urination, a working tummy or a runny tummy, nausea, vomitting, headaches, pain, heartburn, and so much more. Including heart palpitations and even fainting spells. The more your resist the worse the physical symptoms of ‘illness’ will appear.


Don’t get medicine - this will pass. It’s just your system letting go of the stuff.

Symptoms and integration last three weeks on average, so expect lack of sleep and crazy dreams as well over the next three weeks.

Also remember we did A LOT of healing over the past four years - so you will go from one extreme to another in terms of emotions, realizations and thoughts.

So as always, rule one is: WAIT BEFORE YOU ACT!!!

If we’ve done this all correctly we really should start seeing real forward movement now. If you can get to a healer this weekend please do. If your modality requires you to use a person as a proxy to help with the field’s realignment to reality, then you are welcome to use me. So much moving through me anyway, I can handle the load right now. Whirlwinds don’t get any busier than being crazy LOL :)

I just ask that if you do proxy me for the realignment, that you do the prayer to dedicate relationships to holiness first:

Prayer for dedicating relationships to holiness:

I desire a holy relationship for myself so that I may share it with my brother whom I love. It is not possible for me to have a Holy Instant without my brother, or for him to have one without me - yet it is wholly possible for us to share one now.

And so I choose this instant as the one to offer the Holy Spirit, that His blessing may descend on us both, and keep us in peace.

Holy Spirit, take this relationship and dedicate it to Holiness so that my brother and I may walk in the love of God, complete once again.



Also please ground after you proxy me, and please consciously pull back all cords from yourself. I don’t want to have to spend weeks clearing cords and attachments. I open this only for healing directly related to realigning our alternate realities to the morphic field of reality so that all unrealized healing can apply.

Thank you for being here and understanding what we do. Even when you don’t LOL :)

The Heart of the Mother will return. We will have Heaven on Earth. The Goddess is become.

Love & light always

<3 <3 <3 00 53 111 <3 <3 <3

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