The Mirrors of Business Failure, Redundancy & Early Retirement unpacks the themes and challenges around early retirement, failing in a business venture, being fired or losing your job.

Use this tool to understand the reasons that you are experiencing this present life challenge, and find the thought that can help release you from the anguish and turmoil you feel.

  • Why did I fail?
  • Why do I feel guilty?
  • What more could I have done?
  • Why am I not responsible?
  • Where am I bitter or resentful?
  • Where am I hopeless or impotent?

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors of Business Failure, Redundancy & Early Retirement are redundancy, being used up or depleted, shock or trauma, relief, uncertainty, failure, blame or guilt, usefulness, frustration, disappointment, anxious about survival, support, loneliness, abandonment, exhaustion, fatigue, betrayal, despondency, impotence, excitement, hope, turmoil or chaos, anger or bitterness, grievances or resentment, grief and fear.

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There are very hard and brutal questions in here, like where do I carry a death wish, or how do I benefit from being ill?

If you want to heal, we have to go dig out that tough stuff that you don’t want to face – you’ll understand why in the moment you’ve released it.

Please take time to read the duality statements before you begin – understanding them is core to the course really working for you.

But… they are also vague and colloquial on purpose. So please use your understanding of the terms as well when you are answering questions.

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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The Human Consciousness Scale

Calculate where you are on the Human Consciousness Scale >>>

700 - 1000 - Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Buddha

One person at 700 counterbalances 70-million people below 200

Self Is Enlightenment Ineffable Pure Consciousness The Cosmos

Lessons of the Cosmos
Lessons of the Age of Aquarius

BRIDGE Everything you know is stripped away for a fixed period of time
in order to introduce a level and set of information that is totally new.
The Dark

What lessons do I need from the dark?
Am I in a Dark Night of the Soul? Am I being prepared?

One person at 600 counterbalances 10-million people below 200

All-Being Perfect Peace


Illumination The Soul

What does my soul want to teach me?
Contracts, karma, mission programming, mission, purpose and vision

540 One Complete Joy Serenity Transfiguration
One person at 500 counterbalances 750,000 people below 200
Loving Benign Love Reverence Revelation
400 - Einstein, Newton, Descartes (499)
One person at 400 counterbalances 400,000 people below 200
Wise Meaningful Reason Understanding Abstraction Balance

Finding balance and equality in my relationships and thinking
Reason, intelligence, emotional intelligence, questioning
Dualities: conflicts, complements and polarities
Shades of grey thinking


350 Merciful Harmonious Acceptance Forgiveness Transcendence
One person at 300 counterbalances 90,000 people below 200
Inspiring Hopeful Willingness Optimism Intention
250 Enabling Satisfactory Neutrality Trust Release

First Lesson of Consciousness at level 200
Responsibility = Power

Permitting Feasible Courage Affirmation Empowerment
Most people live below 200 and never rise more than 5 points across their entire lives.
175 Indifferent Demanding Pride Scorn Inflation Programming What has been programmed into me?
Beliefs, belief systems, models, strategies, generational patterns, active memories, habits, conditioning, peer pressure, societal pressure
150 Vengeful Antagonistic Anger Hate Aggression Sacrifice & Loss What have I sacrificed and lost?
Lost, compromised, forgiven (not totally cleared), unforgiven, not achieved, forgotten, not forgotten, taken away, stolen
125 Denying Disappointing Desire Craving Enslavement Expectation & Desire What is expected of me and others?
Me, partners, family, friends, colleagues, society, God. Have these expectations been met?
100 Punitive Frightening Fear Anxiety Withdrawal Ego

What makes me feel inferior or superior to people or situations around me?
Where am I displaying ego-based reactions?

75 Disdainful Tragic Grief Regret Despondency
50 Condemning Hopeless Apathy Despair Abdication
30 Vindictive Evil


Blame Destruction People

What does this tell me about myself and the people around me?
Where am I or someone around me like or not like this?

20 Despise Miserable Shame Humiliation Elimination

High & Low Energy Power Patterns

This list of high and low energy power patterns, or emotions, as published in Power vs Force, is rated according to the Human Consciousness Scale, and tested using kinesiology to be found to be universally true across the holographic field.

A high energy pattern calibrates at over 200, while a low energy pattern calibrates below 200, or makes the test subject go weak.

Simply reading the list - and becoming aware of the polarities - is shown by Sir David and his team to raise your vibration and level of consciousness.

Scroll down to view the Power Patterns in video version.

Calculate where you are on the Human Consciousness Scale >>>

Abundant Excessive   Honoring Enshrining
Admitting Denying   Humble Diffident
Aesthetic Artsy   Humorous Somber
Agreeable Condescending   Impartial Righteous
Allowing Controlling   Ingenious Scheming
Appreciative Envious   Inspired Mundane
Approving Critical   Intentional Calculating
Attractive Seductive   Intuitive Literal
Authoritative Dogmatic   Inventive Prosaic
Aware Preoccupied   Inviting Urging
Balanced Extreme   Involved Obsessed
Beautiful Glamorous   Joyful Pleasurable
Being Having   Just Punitive
Believing Insisting   Kind Cruel
Brilliant Clever   Leading Coercing
Candid Calculating   Liberating Restricting
Carefree Frivolous   Long-term Immediate
Challenged Impeded   Loyal Chauvinistic
Charitable Prodigal   Merciful Permissive
Cheerful Manic   Modest Haughty
Cherishing Prizing   Natural Artificial
Choosing-to Having-to   Noble Pompous
Civil Formal   Nurturing Draining
Concerned Judgmental   Observant Suspicious
Conciliatory Inflexible   Open Secretive
Confident Arrogant   Optimistic Pessimistic
Confronting Harassing   Orderly Confused
Conscious Unaware   Outgoing Reserved
Considerate Indulgent   Patient Avid
Constructive Destructive   Patriotic Nationalistic
Contending Competing   Peaceful Belligerent
Courageous Reckless   Polite Obsequious
Defending Attacking   Powerful Forceful
Democratic Dictatorial   Praising Flattering
Detached Removed   Principled Expedient
Determined Stubborn   Privileged Entitled
Devoted Possessive   Prolific Barren
Diplomatic Deceptive   Purposeful Desirous
Doing Getting   Receiving Grasping
Educating Persuading   Releasing Tenacious
Egalitarian Elitist   Reliant Dependent
Empathetic Pitying   Requesting Demanding
Encouraging Promoting   Respectful Demeaning
Energetic Agitated   Responsible Guilty
Enlivening Exhausting   Satisfied Sated
Envisioning Picturing   Selective Exclusive
Equal Superior   Serene Dull
Erotic Lustful   Serving Ambitious
Essential Apparent   Sharing Hoarding
Eternal Temporal   Significant Important
Ethical Equivocal   Sober Intoxicated
Excellent Adequate   Spontaneous Impulsive
Experienced Cynical   Spiritual Materialistic
Fair Scrupulous   Steadfast Faltering
Fertile Luxuriant   Striving Struggling
Flexible Rigid   Surrendering Worrying
Forgiving Resenting   Tender Hard
Free Regulated   Thoughtful Pedantic
Generous Petty   Thrifty Cheap
Gentle Rough   Timeless Faddish
Gifted Lucky   Tolerant Prejudiced
Giving Taking   Tractable Contrary
Global Local   Trusting Gullible
Gracious Decorous   Truthful False
Grateful Indebted   Unifying Dividing
Harmonious Disruptive   Unselfish Selfish
Healing Irritating   Valuing Exploitative
Helpful Meddling   Virtuous Celebrated
Holistic Analytic   Warm Feverish
Honest Legal      

High & Low Energy Power Patterns