The Secret, Getting What Your Ego Wants & Other Lies

The Secret, Getting What Your Ego Wants & Other Lies

The lies of books like The Secret.

So people are starting to get irritated by The Secret and Abraham Hicks and others who teach manifestation for the purposes of your ego desires.

Here's what I've learned.

It's the ego trap.

The underlying presuppositions of manifestation for ego desires are:

  • God is your servant
  • You are entitled to get your ego desires met

AH and The Secret and the like have taught people to put their egos above God.

It's the same reason we battle to manifest money - it doesn't feel right to ask. We know that if God serves you then you aren't serving God.

But it's more insidious too....

People don't achieve their goals and that causes depression.

Over the long term that depression becomes constant low grade and wears them down to lower emotional layers so that they don't seek to grow and evolve.

Lies like The Secret and Abraham Hicks make you feel like a failure.

They tell you if you do it right then you'll get everything you want.

So you feel like a failure when it doesn't work.

It keeps you too low vibration to progress.

At higher levels you will realize there is only enough time to focus on one major aspect of your life - so it's God or money.

God doesn’t want you to have your desires - He wants to be the ONLY thing you desire.

Also you'll realize that money becomes a God and interferes with God and your journey.

You can't have both - that's why the dark has made money so important.

As long as people stay focused on money they forget about God.

But the ego cycle stays the ego cycle, and those money hungry people will crash hard, with one big rock bottom crash.

The difference is we did it in layers along the way, which was easier.

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