The Timelines for the Coming Period - 23 May 2017

The Timelines for the Coming Period - 23 May 2017

Hi Beautiful Souls

Okay just a recap of where we are and what to expect the next few days and months.

We are currently still processing and restoring things and breaking connections. This is running on every meridian peak, so every even hour, until about 48 hours from now.

So whatever you’re feeling now and getting - it will accelerate.

Then we begin the initial 3 day integration, and that takes place over new moon on Thursday. Then we have about a three week integration, so that’s until 21 June approximately.

So what does new moon do - it starts a new cycle.

What will be started? The realization of all the energy we’ve been shifting the last few days PLUS all the manifestation and healing work that was stuck for the past four years. So that’s Thursday night approximately.

Then actual breaking of cords and upheaval over the weekend - mine looks like moving house on Friday.

In the midst of all this, there’s a cosmic portal of Ascension wave energy. So expect a massive surge or a big ego death. At higher levels, expect both or multiple of both.

It’s a test to see how well you can handle it all. Ego death means you’re still learning; ascension surge means you’ve passed this layer. Both means they’re balancing it out and clearing away dregs of layers.

At the higher levels also expect big tests of your positive identity, e.g. you always forgive and you will be asked not to; you never hold anger and you will be asked to; you swore to never be a mistress and now you wear that label. So an identity death of a part of yourself that you valued and saw as a positive that would never be taken away.

So expect stuff to accelerate and shortcut it by looking for deepest and highest level learnings that you can find - the patterns and recursions. Try and take all the personal drama out of it.

Why do I say this? You actually don’t need to clear all your emotional shit away to do this work, you just need the mental strength to step over it.

Step past the drama and personalization and find the cosmic core of this. That’s what we’re here to do. This isn’t about us as individuals - it’s about COSMIC KARMA we’re clearing. Be selfless by letting go of your ego and self pity gland.

So give yourself a break over the coming few days and expect some events that may look like setbacks if viewed immediately. Trust what is coming from inside of you exclusively.

Healers ALERT & Help PLEASE!!!

Healers who read this…. there is a block in the throat chakra to do with expression of this. I’m battling to shift it alone.

Please connect to this shift, or me, extend the healing to all lightworkers and the world, and do your bit to remove the block that sits in the throat chakra.

If you aren’t a healer and you feel pulled to help, then you can help the energy by breaking privacy somewhere in your personal life. Tell the secret or story that has been weighing on you and get it out in the open.

You think it doesn’t contribute or make an impact, but believe me it does. When you finally see it you will understand how obvious it is. This process of having faith in what you’re doing will eventually open the door for you to see it.

Every time you perform an act spiritually and see results, it reinforces the reality for you. At my level, I’ve just had years of practice and my faith is complete. So now I can see it as it happens.

How many years you ask? My first conscious thought was at age 4. So 35 years of practice so far. Daily practice. Hours every day.

I didn’t say it was easy - I just said it is possible. With LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of applied practice LOL :)

Upcoming Dates

A reminder of important upcoming dates I have been given:

  • 11 May to 20 June 2017 - the forty days in the desert: facing your own ego and dark
  • 21 June 2017 - Solstice, which is usually big anyway
  • 12 July 2017 - Shown to me as a complete turnaround date: the reversal
  • 8 August 2017 - Lion’s Gate Portal and Earth’s New Year. First anniversary of the Return of the Father. Some others receiving instructions for this date - including ceremonies. Usually one of the biggest portals where they can send energy through.

We need to organize ourselves a bit better

Basically we need to break ourselves up by shifting themes I’m thinking. So to start the shuffle, please point any of the spiritual peeps you know who are battling the narcissist issue to me.

The more we gather to work on it collectively, the faster we’ll shift it.

In the same vein, send people towards the teachers that are teaching the content most applicable to them.

Loads of us will be teaching narcissists right now, as well as betrayal. Some will be more deeply spiritual and about patterns, which is more for teachers, like me. Others will be helping those who will just experience this as a personal life issue that impacts them.

Those like me need to teach you how to see the underlying stuff, while you go on to help individuals apply that as it relates to them. It’s a tiered system, because they battle to speak our language.

So we play broken telephone, translating the info down into smaller and smaller bits that is more easily accessible to people at the different layers. This is also why there are always teachers at every level of development, and people don’t only start teaching once they’ve ascended.

Okay so admin done.

I’m loving this shift - finally feels like I’m spreading my wings. I hope you can sense that and that the feeling of impeding doom has lifted for you too.

Enjoy the freedom of flight my fellow warriors!

I love you all deeply and fiercely - don’t ever forget!

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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