Understanding Energy & Auras

What is energy, what is an aura, and do you have a field of energy around and within your body?

In Understanding Energy & Auras, we'll unpack these questions and hopefully give you an idea of what some people experience visually.

In addition, we'll look at important scientific experiments, findings and understandings that have been conducted, that support the existence of a unified field of consciousness and energy that connects us all.

  • Kinesiology
  • Kinesiology Self Testing
  • The Human Consciousness Scale and Holographic or Morphic Field
  • Critical Mass or the Maharishi Effect
  • How energy changes your DNA structure
  • Proof that energetic connections are maintained


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Understanding Energy & Auras Quick Glance


    The muscle testing process that gave rise to the fields of Sports Science Medicine, Kinesiology and the Human Consciousness Scale, as well as healing modalities such as BodyTalk and Resonance Repatterning.


    Resistance indicates a yes response.

    Lack of resistance indicates a no response.


    The scale of human evolution shown by Sir David Hawkins in his book Power vs Force.

    View the Human Consciousness Scale and High & Low
    Energy Power Patterns to raise your consciousness by 35 points on the scale


    The Holographic or Morphic Field is Internet of all knowledge and our bodies are like devices or search engines that can connect to that field and extract any information we require.

    Read more about the Holographic Field


    Critical Mass, or the Maharishi Effect, has been measured as the square root of 1% of any given population, as shown in various experiments, including those performed by the FBI.

    This means 1 person impacts 100 around them, while two people impact 400, and 3 impact 900.

    Using this measure, we need only 144,000 enlightened beings to facilitate the entire global shift.

    Read more about the Maharishi Effect


    In the work of Dr Vladimir Poponin, he discovered that DNA not only causes physical changes at the atomic level in your environment, but that those changes stay after the DNA has been removed from the environment.

    Read more about the DNA Phantom Effect


    Dr Masuru Emoto has performed a series of experiments showing that water crystals respond to words, pictures, sounds, emotions, prayers, anger and so much more.

    Read more about Dr Emoto

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