Understanding the 7 Chakras with Shaman Jono

Your aura is the invisible energy field that surrounds your body and usually extends in all directions out from your body for about 30 cm or a foot.

This energy field is largely powered and maintained by seven centers of energy on your body called chakras. Each chakra governs a specific aspect of your energy or life:

  • Crown governs spiritual issues and your connection to the divine
  • Third Eye or Brow governs foresight, planning, decision making and thinking
  • Throat governs all aspects of communication and harmony and speaks to your voice
  • Heart governs connectedness, compassion, forgiveness and harmony and links the physical chakras to the top three spiritual chakras
  • Solar plexus governs personal power and self worth
  • Sacral governs creativity, creative or manifesting ability, sexuality, fecundity and abundance
  • Base, which sits at the perineum, governs issues of stability and security and your place and relationship to the physical world

Shaman Jono will introduce you to these chakras and help you understand how to work with them and identify problems in them.


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