Understanding the Morphic Field Basics

One of the interesting things that’s happened with my recent surges is that I am aware of the field and what’s happening in it ALL THE TIME. I’m really seeing in action how so much of what we feel and experience is fed to us by the field.

A key insight for me over this last period is that the morphic field controls every aspect of our lives – including birth and death. If you carried death in you then you wouldn’t be able to live, and if you carried life, then you wouldn’t be able to die. So birth and the start of life is really about entering the morphic field.

 The process of consciousness and enlightenment therefore, is a process of learning to consciously take control of the elements and aspects that the morphic field has been running for you on a subconscious level up until that point.

Karma is contained in the field and lives in the field itself… when I saw that we don’t we don’t actually carry the karma with us it made a lot of things make a huge amount of sense. It’s also way more efficient to deal with all of the energy in the field and only heal the field, as opposed to just individuals.

So basically, as we realised with empaths, we pull the energy out of the field into our lives, and the memories of that past life experience come with the energy… that’s why two people can experience being the same person when it comes to karmic release ☺


So the warning is this… not only will the ego cycle and challenges get worse as you grow, your connection to the field is going to grow and you will be more impacted by it.

The work and practice you’ve done up until now is to help you step over the stuff… that’s why the journey has to be hard: you need to be armed when you’ve broken through.

All those mental skills you’ve been learning… you need them to navigate the top levels.

What are those skills?

  • Accepting instant change
  • Looking without judgement and seeing what is in front of you
  • Accepting the impossible
  • Forgiveness
  • Stepping over issues and challenges and being able to put your feelings aside
  • Loss of self importance
  • Loss of control over your life and the need to control it

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