Using smoking as morphic field practice

Using smoking as morphic field practice

In this response, I was asked to expand on this idea of using smoking as morphic field practice.

I just want to say first that the smoking thing is common and I've met more than a few clients who chose to START smoking.

The idea that you have to quit is very 3D, because it acknowledges your body as real.

In 5D you are learning to realise that your body is no more than a thought, and even the effects of smoking are inside your control - as long as you can fight off the beliefs that exist in the morphic field.

Two articles to explain more about the morphic field:

Okay the attraction to smoking is the air element - air is thinking, mental. So it's designed to up your air element to help you think. Putting air into your system - the physical representation of the thought of air.

It also acts as a replacement for food - have you noticed your desire for food is dropping hugely at the same time? Probably not yet lol  

As the food desire drops, your gastrointestinal system still needs to be stimulated - and that experience for humans is the oral fixation.

So it's because you need to do something with your mouth and food no longer works - it's too dense.

Smoking is VERY common among advanced spiritual types and depressive types. Smokers are in the majority in those groups. Weed smoking is also very common.

On the morphic field practice...

The morphic field says - and grows stronger with EVERY person who adds their thought of belief to the agreement in the field - smoking makes you sick, causes cancer, causes breathing problems, sinus issues, you get sick more regularly, etc, etc, etc.

So what I do is use that as my ongoing practice for cognitive dissonance by having an entirely conflicting thought.... smoking does nothing to me, because my body is only a thought.

The moment I get sinus reactions or sick from smoking, it becomes my barometer that I need to check my cognitive dissonance and faith levels.

So I smoke way more now, stronger cigarettes.... and where I used to go to the doctor and healers weekly, I now almost never get sick. And never with sinus or lung stuff.

It's become a habit to push back against the field - it was one of the very first morphic field cognitive dissonance practices I ever started in fact.

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