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Walking with dignity in your Dark Night of the Soul

When you have extreme spiritual trials like a Dark Night of the Soul, it’s really difficult to keep your faith while looking at a life that seems to be falling apart.

How do you walk with dignity through a trial period like this and what do you need to keep remembering to stay sane?

Your life will be chaos

For many people that have been exposed to spiritual principles through books like The Secret, there’s an incorrect understanding that adopting these kinds of beliefs will ensure a perfect life.

The truth is that adopting those beliefs will first reveal the challenges that stand in your way so that you can clear them and reach your goal. The same principle applies to your Dark Night of the Soul.

Yes, you are going to come out of this significantly more advanced, with greater consciousness, awareness and understanding – but first you actually have to take the test. This is going to be one of the biggest tests of your life, so it stands to reason that the challenges you face during this time will be extreme.

From the outside, and especially to people who do not understand what a spiritual journey looks like, your life can and may look like a complete failure during this period. You can land up losing your business or job, your home and assets, your relationships. Every door will be closed to you, and everything that can, will go wrong.

For people who are striving towards the ideal and keeping up with the Jones’s, this won’t make sense at all – why would you go through something like this and still see it as a good thing?

You’ll get a lot of judgement and questions designed to belittle you and break you down, because human nature will always be to make those around us less so that we can feel superior.

This is part of your test – can you walk with dignity when you are being shamed by those around you? Can you face the world when you feel vulnerable and embarrassed? Can you trust and hold faith when all you see around you is chaos?

This is a test of faith

You can only reach this level when you have lived a life of faith, even if that faith is outside a religious ideology.

Your faith is going to be tested here more greatly than it’s ever been before, because by this stage you have seen things move and work in your life. To be faced with a situation where you are pressing the right buttons and making the right noises, but not seeing any results, is going to cause you to question what you believe.

Every test of faith is about questioning, and if you’re at this level, you have already been through questioning phases in your life. This is one of the really difficult phases though, where you have to question what is already good and known to you and see if it still holds true and applies.

You’re going to get angry at God and the powers that be and you are going to feel abandoned and deserted, because now you are becoming, you are moving into your own powers: no longer will things be done for you, now you have to be the creator, to realize and manifest these realities for yourself.

This is not an easy evolution to make, and it’s not an easy test of faith. You can fully expect that you will be challenged to the limits of what your faith can tolerate – and then you will be pushed further to show you that you can actually survive more.

The big danger with this part is that it will jade you in many ways, making you more cynical, and less of a fan of life and this plane. Remember this test is about showing you who you truly are when everything is stripped away – do you think Source would be proud of the faith you’re holding right now? Or are you only directing anger?

This too shall pass

No one reaches the level of a Dark Night of the Soul without having had at least a couple of trials by fire in their life.

The reason behind this is simple: you would never make through this test if you had not experienced coming through trials before.

No matter what has happened in your life, everything has passed, everything has changed and everything has moved on – you have never been stuck in one place or situation forever. This will pass too.

When it passes and you finally have that energetic release and breakthrough, you’ll stand next to God again and you will experience that soaring joy that we only know in the Creator’s presence.

I’ve never met a spiritual person in a major trial that has not had those moments of breakthrough before – you know it will come, you know this will pass and you know that in the time you are still stuck, this will feel like indeterminable hell to go through.

Hang in there – you are not alone in this time.

There are so many of us going through this right now, which means there are resources and tools available to help you.

If you are looking for additional resources and are stuck financially, please visit www.lifecoachestoolbox.com to use the free tools and processes that are there to help you.


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