What can you expect from energy healing and common mistakes you make with Chemory Gunko

When you're new to energy healing techniques you often don't know where to start, what to expect or what is normal.

Join Chemory Gunko to unpack and understand healing and learn:

  • What is normal to expect on all levels?
  • What patterns can you look for?
  • How long does a shift last?
  • What kind of intensity do shifts go to and what does that feel like when you experience it?
  • What can you use energy healing for?
  • What kind of results can you expect and how long will it take to see results?
  • What weird and uncanny results can you expect, like people contacting you out of the blue?
  • The symptoms to look for to determine what kind of healing work you need
  • Alternative ways to use the different healing modalities to achieve deeper results
  • Tools to utilize with your practitioners to make the healing work they do exponentially more effective


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