What is an emotion? And how can you release it with thought?

When you first start working with statements, and releasing issues on the cognitive level, it feels like very slow going at first…. I mean you’re answering question after question, bringing statement after statement to awareness, but it doesn’t feel like you’ve made any progress.

For many people, because they don’t reach the layer of relief as quickly as they’d like to, this makes them give up and decide that the process is not working to help heal them.

In fact, many of them decide that conscious application of healing doesn’t work for them at all.

However, the problem is that they are giving up too quickly…. and here’s why.

The easiest way to think about an emotion, is that it is SO MANY thousands of thoughts happening at the same time, that you don’t have enough time in which to think each thought. So they all mix together and become an emotion that you feel instead.

This means that any emotion is just a mishmash of layers of thought, all happening at the same, together, so that you can’t separate them into individual thoughts. The noise of all those thoughts happening at once is what you perceive as an emotion.

Imagine each thought was screaming itself out loud, and you heard those million voices at once - that collective noise is the emotion.

So think of the emotion as a school of fish…. say a million fish. Each one of those fish is a THOUGHT that is a small percentage of the emotion - 0,0001 % of the emotion in fact.

Even if you’ve removed a thousand thoughts (fish) - so that’s 1,000 mirrors questions you’ve answered to give you 1,000 statements - you’ve still only removed 0,1% of all the thoughts (fish) that are there making up the emotion (school of fish).

Even if you’d removed 500,000 fish (thoughts) from the school (emotional pool), you’d still have too many fish (thoughts) to be able to see each of them individually.

In fact, it’s only if you put the original pool of 1-million fish next to the smaller pool of 500,000, that you’d see the contrast of how much smaller it has gotten.

Viewed in isolation though, without the contrast of where you started, it still just looks like a massive school of fish. Or an overwhelm of emotion.

To continue with this analogy, maybe you have to reach 100,000 thoughts (fish) before you feel emotional relief and are able to see each of the fish (thoughts) individually.

So if you’re at 100,001 thoughts (fish), you’d still be feeling the emotion (seeing the school of fish) - but dropping that one next thought (fish) would then surge you through to the next level, where you experience THOUGHTS only - instead of emotions.

LOL…. the biggest complaint people have here? "I’m going numb…. I don’t feel emotions in the same way anymore." Of course not, you’re learning to experience emotion as thoughts.

It doesn’t even matter if that thought you’ve dropped is a big or core thought, it just happens to be enough to take you past the threshold where you can now see clearly.

The numbers are actually much higher than this - God even has a few thousand layers of thoughts in His ego layers, so one of us in human form probably is running in the millions.

And that’s the advanced ones…. the lower vibration souls are caring way more thoughts (fish) in each of their emotional pools (school of fish).


Understanding PEMS(C) - Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual (Cosmic/Etheric)

Everything we experience has to go through every level of our body system, and we have many layers to that system - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual are the most commonly known, with the addition of Cosmic or Etheric.

For this scale, etheric/cosmic doesn’t really matter, because it’s about new ideas and info coming from outside earth plane - the new 5D stuff.

However, the other four - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual do play a part.

From the top down, it looks like this:

Spiritual: You get a spiritual awareness

Mental: It becomes a conscious thought

Emotional: Eventually you have LOTS of thoughts, which become subconscious and an emotional reaction

Physical: It manifests in your body as illness or is released through your system, or may manifest in your life as an event or experience

In practice then….

Spiritual: I am complete alone

Mental: I don’t need - or want - to be in a romantic relationship; I’ve never really been happy in a relationship in the past; Sex has always become something I avoid; I never enjoyed sex, I just did it; etc

Emotional: Manifests as annoyance when other people are attracted to you

Physical: Results in avoiding going out into public spaces more - if this is not adhered to, manifests as illness or a headache that requires a return home

From the bottom up, it could look like this:

Physical: You develop an illness or have an issue or challenge you need to face in your world or environment

Emotional: You have an emotional reaction to that event

Mental: You spend time understanding the event and unpacking your emotional response into thoughts

Spiritual: Eventually it becomes a spiritual awareness drawing you closer to God

And emotional or mental can come first too….

Emotional: An accumulation of stress etc causes you to feel depressed

Physical: You manifest an illness to create alone time to heal

Mental: You break the emotion down into thoughts during your down time

Spiritual: You have the breakthrough and begin operating at the new level of understanding

Mental: You have a thought that is plaguing you about your relationship

Physical: You begin picking fights to try and get at the truth or raise the issue

Emotional: You release and express the built up emotions

Spiritual: You come to a new understanding of relationships that ripples through your whole life

These are simplified examples, but it shows you the process.

When you are working on your own stuff, it eventually always leads you to working “statement" style, because words and thoughts are a natural process of shifting for us - it’s a default. It’s actually easier to just process it in your mind that way, than go through the whole rigmarole of setting up a session with someone, or going through a ritual yourself.

But you are not inclined to trust it at first at all - it feels way too easy, way too simple and like it should be more complex.

This is an ego trap…. ego loves to convince you that stuff should be complex if it’s going to work.

This is about learning to use your mind - and your mind only.

I always come back to - if you’re nailed to a cross, dying and alone, and all you have is your faith and your mind, what tools would you use then?

No rituals, no candles, no other healers… just you and God.

It can’t be complex in a moment like that, because often all you’ll have strength for is to put the message out.

The only person you need for your healing is you - but you have to be cognizant that it’s going to take a while before you see results.

When I really started doing mirrors in depth, I spent hours (between 2 and 12 hours) every day, just answering questions - for 18 months. And I still have layers.

You will NEVER run out of stuff to shift - you’re just getting faster at doing it.

If you haven’t seen results - stay with it. You just haven’t dug in far enough.

And if you’re asking if conscious application is the way to go…. it is. This path comes with juicy ANSWERS.

If you go the emotional only route (e.g. healing, Reiki, clearings, working with healers, just feeling it), you subconsciously feel your way through each experience.

There conscious path gives you the information you need to UNDERSTAND cognitively, and on the conscious level, your journey, and the trials you will still face.

You always have a choice, but we’re living in one of the rare periods where there is space to UNDERSTAND the journey… the rest of the time it is vague.

This is what we came here for - NOT just to EXPERIENCE this time, but to UNDERSTAND.

Don’t waste this opportunity by giving up because it seems hard and the going is slow - you’ll hate yourself so much more if you have to come back for a whole other new lifetime just to finish this because you were too lazy now.

Very few - if any - of us, want to come back to Earth plane after this lifetime.

Don’t set yourself for that kind of failure by wanting things to be easy, and have them happen quickly.

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