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What it means to live a holographic experience

What do we mean when we speak about the holographic nature of reality and the fact that we live in a holographic experience?

There are some big spiritual concepts, like the holographic nature of reality, that really do take you a while to wrap your head around. In fact, like any big shift or learning curve, you’re really going to unpack this one in layers.

At first you’ll learn to understand one angle, and then another, and over a period of time the all the angles, and eventually the whole picture, are going to unfold for you.

As that happens, you’ll come to understand how to effectively apply the knowledge to help you shortcut, and massively advance, your spiritual journey.

What is holographic?

So the first key concept you need to understand here is that the concept of holographic means that the element, at its smallest individuated level, is a complete but smaller version of the whole element.

So for example, one single piece of DNA contains all the information needed to make a complete person – the smallest aspect, the DNA, is a complete version of the larger human being.

Understanding this concept is key to understanding a few things about the nature of our relationship with God, and the fact that God is ALL-that-is.

When you have a baby, that child is of you, made of you and made of the same stuff as you - but is a separate and individuated being or unit, complete in itself. This is true of all creation.

Every being, rock, planet, star, galaxy, sun, animal, alien, comet, asteroid, black hole and anything else you can think of – including thought itself – is made of God originally. Everything was birthed from the Elohim, or from creations that had been birthed of them.

So everything is made of God and takes place inside God – including the space in which reality occurs. It’s how God is omnipresent – God is simply everything. He’s the very atoms that make up the stuff we are made of.

So even the nature of the fact that we CAN reproduce, as our fathers and forebears did, is a holographic signature in the universe. It’s a holographic recursion of the first act of splitting, duality or creation – whatever you prefer to call it.

Recursions in the Holograph

Like everything in the universe, recursions happen at all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cosmic.

So you have the recursive experience of DNA being a complete representation of the whole person on a physical and scientific level, and then you have the recursion of the fact that we ARE able to reproduce, which plays out in our instinct and characters.

You also however have the recursion of the need to couple and find a mate and create a creation of your own with your physical body. The experience of love and mating are also recursions of our need for, and move towards, the love of God. In A Course in Miracles, this is referred to as the confusion of the miracle impulse as the sexual impulse.

You feel a need to be close to love, so you see that as a need to form a relationship. Loving your brother or sister is next to loving God, so it makes sense that there would be a confusion of the recursion here, especially if you are someone who does not believe in a higher power. You would then need something tangible to be close to and love.

This is also a good example of how recursions are adjusted according to our experience, and the decisions we make about our lives and who we are. A spiritual person would feel the pull to move towards God, and a non-believer would not consider God as the attractive force he’s feeling in the situation.

You also have recursions of the energy of how this aspect of creation was created (non-consent, force and rape) playing out throughout creation as racial inequality, subjugation of women, women and children being treated as chattel, and so much more. In fact, every element of the creation story creates a recursion that echoes throughout creation, or time and space. Read the creation story here: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-creation-unification-story-for-lightworkers

Many of these recursions are actually answers to a lot of your unexplained challenges and blocks, and the things in your life that just don’t quite make sense.

It’s also where we get information on the twin flame runner/chaser cycle for example: we look at the creation story and break down the aspects of it into the little pieces that are playing out in people’s lives.

What’s the point of the holograph?

An analogy from Kabbalistic lore is going to help you understand this best.

Adam, as the first man, committed the first sin – or misperception – of ego when he ate the forbidden fruit. From there, the ego cycle of creation and separation began, and Adam’s soul was originally split into 600,000 parts.

The point of this cycle was to break the ‘ego’ issues that had to be overcome into small enough pieces, so that one person could handle each share of the burden alone.

As the issues became deeper and more complex though, the souls were further split into smaller and smaller pieces, with the hope that they would be able to release that energy and begin the process of remerging the soul pieces into one unified soul, i.e. returning to ALL-that-is.

So basically, the whole of creation is a process where these few original experiences and incidents are repeating throughout the universe in small enough ways that we can understand them in our lives.

As we play out each recursive experience in our lives, e.g. being abandoned and left alone to raise your children, or chasing a man that doesn’t want you, or not being able to get over someone and eventually having to surrender, we bring a small piece of that energy to resolution inside us.

Over time, these small pieces of energy collect and eventually release the original experience from creation, when all the parts connected to that experience are reassimilated into ALL-that-is, bringing with them the expanded understanding and knowledge they have gained during their life cycles.

ALL-that-is & the holograph

Understanding all this has an even bigger picture purpose: you can recursively use your smaller level, personal understanding that you gain here, and project it outwards to understand bigger cosmic events.

The most important lesson that this line of questioning is going to answer, is the question of how are we in reality and in the love of God and separate from God – all at the same time? It will also eventually help you understand how we are Gods, and the Sonship, and the Son of God, and merely human – all at the same time.

How does that work?

When we learn something, we’re just not learning about the thing in front of us, we’re also learning about the concept and process of that element.

We are then able to extrapolate that information onto other concepts. The following video is a great example of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSNbLYHRrU8

Our understanding of the fact that trees breathe for our planet, combined with our knowledge of what lungs look like, and how they look when they behave, enables us to see the planet breathing, and experience her as a living entity.

The same thing happens for you naturally when you start learning and understanding concepts like these: you’re able to apply the information to smaller elements going down, and the big picture going up.

Spending time studying concepts like the holographic field (http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/working-in-the-holographic-field), the Human Consciousness Scale (http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-human-consciousness-scale), ego (http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/ego-101-what-is-ego) and time, fate, choice and destiny (http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/understanding-time-fate-choice-destiny) can massively surge your growth – even when it doesn’t always feel like you are consciously making progress in the moment.

These are big, juicy spiritual concepts – so don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking you a bit of time to wrap your head around them.

It’s supposed to take time to understand things like this.

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