What Masks Are You Wearing For The Secular World?

As we come off the end of the big part of the shift and we adapt back into secular life and reality, how are you having to adjust yourself for the people around you - in order to fit in?

One of the things you experience firsthand in healing and development work - but don't often hear about - is the fact that you get greater clarity - thinking, understanding and knowing become easier, and you become noticeably smarter.

Are you tempering the intelligence you've gained?

Are you finding that you need to hold back?

Do you feel that the people around you are stupid or stupider?

Is your ego coming into play?

With ego mitigation it becomes easier to face conversations and situations head on: the fear, shame, doubt, vulnerability, anger, judgement, resistance and other ego reactions and emotions disappear.

How do you find people react to your newfound confidence?

How do they take the more straightforward approach to dealing with situations and crucial conversations?

Being too intense, too much, too loud, too weird, too crazy, too out there.... most of us are used to being the loudest, weirdest, craziest in the room already, but this new layer is an extra level of separation between us and the humans.

How are you finding the adjustment? Are you better at not stepping on toes or are you offending people even though you try and throttle it back?

How are people reacting to you?

Do they see the new compassion and love, are they attracted towards you? Or is it a case that people find you more forceful and intimidating than ever before?

What are you coping better with in the secular world - and what has surprised you in its difficulty to adapt to?

What we do matters beautiful souls.

Who we are out there in the world matters... we anchor the energy into the morphic field and make it available for others to access. Yes we have an adjustment period ahead of us now that the bulk of the shift is over, and it's not an easy adjustment for many of us.

It really has been a massive drop back down to earth and reality for those of us that have been hit hard, but we really have done the bulk of the big job energetically - the worst of the shift.

The world will slowly start changing now and becoming what we have always expected it should be, working the way we thought it would work :)

It will take a little time and patience... but the world is going to be getting better.

We just need to fit in a little while longer and give the energy time to integrate.

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