What's happening to you when you read these new posts - Experiencing energy movements, feeling nauseous, crying, releases and more

What's happening to you when you read these new posts - Experiencing energy movements, feeling nauseous, crying, releases and more

People are asking things like they feel energy or tears or sick when they are reading the new posts. This is cosmic core stuff guys - what did you expect?

I’m bypassing all the layers of personal karma and taking you to the root core of how these energies were created in the field in the first place.

So first off I’m exposing you to deep revelation and understanding. Deeper than most will ever go on their own in fact. It’s a whole different way of seeing and experiencing things, and it’s miracle level revelation.

A miracle causes a collapse of time that means that future events do not have to occur. So for example, forgive each other right now and future fights don’t have to occur. Miracle = collapse of future time spent in argument and anger.

The collapse of past time is that the event is no longer deemed to exist because it no longer has an impact on how future events play out. If you’ve forgiven, you don’t need to keep fighting about it.

When I bring you a miracle of revelation I am hugely collapsing time for you. By taking you to the deepest level of the learning I can find, you don’t have to unpack all those thousands of layers in between by yourself.

Those layers would have taken you years to unpack - with loads of life trauma so that you reach get all of them. The posts collapse that and raise you up quicker so that you can avoid the trauma. It’s the ultimate shortcut.

That’s gonna mess with your system a little bit lol. And I’m churning these out at a rate of multiple a day. So pace yourself - because I can’t slow down anymore. This is a marathon, not a sprint. This is my marathon pace lol :)

If you feel your system is getting overwhelmed, please stop. If you are pulled to keep reading then keep going.

It’s normal to shift and feel sick - especially if you are still identifying with the body.

  • Do all your daily basics as often as possible please - especially Butterfly Releases. http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/energy-healing-shifting-basics-free-resources
  • Pray and meditate. And then… stop and listen. Listen for answers and insights and let the thoughts flow. Don’t edit them or judge them, just write them down. There’s time to understand them after you have the information - and get all of it. Often it’s layers that seem unrelated that build up to something bigger.
  • Understand how shifts work: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/make-your-healing-and-growth-easier-by-understanding-the-different-kinds-of-shifts-and-shifting-cycles

There are other articles up on the site to explain shifts to you - what’s normal and what isn’t. If you look at the symptoms and think you’re getting sick you will manifest that into reality.

Know your shifting symptoms and what to expect. It will make your life so much easier.

The Morphic Field Clean Up

The second reason it’s hitting you so hard is that I am activating the empath in you.

Empaths can also input information into the field and shift stuff direct from the field itself.

So when I give you the learning straight away, and you read the words or hear the words (it’s always words with the field), it gets input into the field in your geographic area.

Then the field goes into action and starts channeling the shift for your area through you and any other available empaths.

The reason we’re all so separated geographically? We only need one empath node in each area to do this. And we’re not even doing it per say, we’re just utilizing the natural mechanism consciously.

By sharing the load like this - UNITY HEALING - we shift the whole world more quickly. And less of us have to carry the energy because it is spread equally.

So if I kept the info to myself, I’d have to carry all the energy for releasing that thought. By sharing it with others I spread the load among us, with each of us carrying a percentage according to our strengths.

This means we shift faster and we don’t have to wait for the release to filter down into the rest of the world. Once again, we are collapsing time - performing a miracle of release.

And this way we get to change the world without having to change people directly - we just change the field around them so that their vibration gets shifted with critical mass.

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