Where does original thought come from?

Where does original thought come from?

There is none. There is no such thing as an original thought.

Every thought that exists is just a recursion of the original separation and unification of I AM.

In fact, I can see it so obviously now that I can't watch a movie without predicting it and seeing the recursions anymore.

My daughter hates watching movies with me for this reason in fact - I glance up and say 'oh that’s the bad guy,' or 'they’re going to get married'…. you can just see it straight away.

It’s also how I zero in on issues people are facing so quickly, and how I know what is happening in the morphic field and put out posts when they are relevant…. I understand the thought exists in the field and will be felt by all of us on some level.

Ascension surges are a great example of this… some will ascend with a joy surge and others will have an ego death. Yes others will commit suicide. Same energy in the morphic field - different expressions based on the person’s internal viewpoint and what their current life challenges are.

A story or idea can only come to you because it already exists somewhere. There is no ORIGINAL thought.

If your ego can swallow this, you get access to a million times more info

If the thought comes from you then the knowledge is inside you. If you are just a transmitter or beacon picking up ideas and broadcasting them - then the ideas are not only endless, they are also not limited to YOUR level of knowledge.

Believing in original thought limits your mind to you.

Believing there is NO original thought enables you to think with the mind of the cosmos.

Response: What does this mean for free will though?

This gives you free will.

Basically when the soul comes to the body they wipe your mind to give you a blank slate and free will.

If this didn't happen then you would know all the stories already, know what the past is, know what the outcome is.

If you knew your partner would cheat on you and leave you heartbroken, you would never go into the relationship in the first place.

Likewise think about somebody who really hurt you this lifetime - if you met them in another lifetime and remembered this then you wouldn't have the blank slate to work it out.

Free will means you can pick in what order you do stuff, when you choose to do it, what direction you go in.

But it's like a store.... in order to have those options to choose from, those options have to be available already. You can't walk into the store and buy butter if they don't sell it.

God is not only the big energy in charge - God is the body in which we exist. So the simplest physical way to think of it is: earth is a single cell inside God's body and each of the little pieces that make up the cell is one of us on the planet.

So everything that exists in our world is of God - made of God originally.

When you get into other layers, you realize that THING that God is, that everything is made of, is pure thought.

So even the thoughts that you think have to be in that world/store right from the beginning - and everything that exists is just layers of thought.

So if it's just layers of thought then the only thing that exists in your store to choose from is thought... so all the potential thoughts need to be there already.

Free will enables you to choose which option you want - and every potential option already exists and is in there, without the burden of the past.

Free will is more of a forgiveness wipe than anything.

At the higher levels where we play now - you can't think you can contain all this info and you cannot think it comes from you.

You think your ego will grow and grow and accommodate this - but it doesn't actually. Your ego is scared of this information.

I have to identify as a voice of God - my mind would snap if I thought this was coming from me or out of my mind.

Every now and then I step back and I look at the magnitude of what is happening to and through me and I am staggered. It becomes overwhelming and overloads me quickly. I can’t think of the enormity of my experience… I just have to write it off as normal.

The fact that you know it isn't you not only gives you access to all the info, it gives you respect for it too. It also enables you to handle more.

I work in God's library - I am a scribe and a voice and librarian and an active right hand. What comes through me is of God and I do not choose or edit the direction and flow.

If I try and wrap my head around the idea that this comes from me as original thought, it makes my head want to explode - all the ego fears kick in - who am I to think this, what makes me so smart?

This is one of those interesting defense mechanisms that save your skin LOL. It's in place to prevent mental illness and breakdown.

The people who try and believe that this comes from them as original thought, that they are the great ones.... ever noticed how they battle and often fall apart completely?

It’s as common as spiritual teachers in sexual scandals… the urge to oneness is misperceived as a sexual attraction and the teacher faces onslaught of sexual attention. It’s just one those levels.

To give you an idea - I started actively using this concept in my early twenties. It's been the biggest boost to the knowledge I've been able to access.

At later levels of knowledge, this mechanism also makes it easier to accept what you are seeing and receiving without the need to edit it.

When you remove yourself and your identity, then you do not limit the thought that arrives to the boundaries of the identity's belief systems.

This has meant incredible changes and avenues for me and others… for example a natural evolution back into Christ Consciousness when many of us were very anti-religion for years.

The thing about this journey is that you are constantly uncovering NEW information and NEW layers to you - that feeling of understanding and new or original thought is to help you recognize the worth of thoughts when they arrive.

But the very fact that a thought can feel right tells you it must exist beforehand… how could it FEEL right if there was nothing previously to compare the feeling to?

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