Where my teachings come from & walking your talk

Where my teachings come from & walking your talk

Yes it’s time for you step forward and show yourself too! Stop being such a sissy LOL!

Paradigm Blindness

Paradigm blindness… when you can’t see a level because your internal structure doesn’t contain it.

Those watching me have paradigm blindness about my life, and I have paradigm blindness about the fact that people are oblivious to me and how I live.

I do not live the life you expect at all, and I promise you it looks very little like your life does.

I live almost completely as a hermit, on all levels, including my consumption of media.

It’s almost impossible to get me to go out or attend a social event, and I have a very limited group of people I do go out with.

You don't even want to know how simple my diet is :)

I consume no media, watch no television, don’t listen to the radio and don’t follow the news. I do not surf the Internet.

When I do come online, it is only to post teachings and interact with the community I distribute to.

I earn my living online as well - I do distance and remote teaching, healing, coaching, mentoring and psychic readings. I work from home.

I leave home to drop my daughter at school and fetch her, and occasionally to buy groceries and supplies. I can easily go six to twelve months without stepping into a shopping mall - I detest shopping and only buy what I really need. You have no chance of getting me into a beauty salon or hairdresser.

So what does my life consist of?

Healing, coaching and teaching work…. the rest of the time is spent in communion with God, receiving downloads and putting out teaching content.

I haven’t read a book that isn’t a religious text for years now, and I take in no external stimulus in terms of growth and teaching.

I read the morphic field and follow instruction from God. That’s pretty much my whole life.

Rewind back a few thousand years and I would have been a High Priestess or Prophetess. I prefer just Prophet; the gender distinction is redundant.

In the truest sense of the word, I am a Prophet. In particular a Metatron Scribe. I’ve known this for a few years already, yes.

I’m not the only Prophet on Earth right now, because the Prophets and Messiahs play a crucial role in the shift that is taking place.

We’ve spoken about empaths being scrubbers for the morphic field, cleaning it. Then we have Twin Flames releasing zero point energy to replace what the empaths have released from the field.

The next layer is the Messiahs and Prophets, and they do what Messiahs and Prophets have done all through time: deliver new spiritual understanding into the morphic field of Earth plane.

So basically we’re like broadcasting stations…. we receive the new layer of knowledge that is being added to the field and we broadcast it out to anchor it further into the field.

So first we become a point for that energy by thinking those thoughts first, and we anchor that reality into the field. Then, just like Buddha and Jesus and Mohammed did, we spread that information out to people in order to more effectively anchor it into the morphic field.

Like every big spiritual level up that has ever been, new information and understanding has to be delivered into the morphic field. The role of the Messiah or Prophet is to be that broadcast station. This time however there are a group of us - remember the shift is about unity.

So that’s what I am - a Prophet. A mouthpiece of God. Part of a group present on Earth right now.

The answers and teachings I provide are direct new downloads into the morphic field - so no, I do not read anyone else’s teachings. Many of the books you’re asking about I read way back before 2007/8.

To put my journey in perspective: I woke up at age four with the thought: if I had lived before this, I would not remember now.

My first meeting with God happened in 2006, after a number of breakthroughs and awakenings along the way.

I finished A Course in Miracles 7 years ago already. I’ve read most of the major texts and read extensively into most of the religions - and I’ve been doing this my whole life.

I’ve lived a crazy roller coaster life, full of skeletons, and everything I write about I’ve personally experienced. Including the mental ups and downs, chronic depression and multiple suicide attempts.

I’ve been going at the shifting pace you’re going at now most of my life. It took me a while to get a handle on it.

At a point, before I learned how to do this for myself, I used to require external healing help on an almost daily basis. For years. I set up barter trade agreements with healers because I could not afford the pure cost of it.

I verbalized the word lightworker in 2005 - and knew that I would be one of the ascended around that time already. I set it as a personal goal for myself.

I choose not to hide behind a deity or divine being - and I’ve been instructed not to.

There are others who channel and spread prophecy, but they do it saying it comes from this Angelic Being, or Mother Mary. They read the most advanced texts and baffle you with other people’s opinions to show that their thinking must be right.

As I always do, I chose a different path.

I’ve chosen to step back from the light show, because it takes energy for them send that. I allow God direct access to my mind all the time, and as a result I get massive downloads of information.

I post maybe 5 to 10% of what I receive on a daily basis. When you see 10 or 20 posts in a day - it is because I have channeled that in that day. And written those posts that day. I almost never go back to catch up unless it’s a crucial piece of information I feel I should share.

There are journals of notes I still have to go back to to scribe: I have filled five journals since May alone. That’s in addition to book and article notes. I have pages of just the titles of books I can write - the info is all sitting in my head.

I understood very early on that you get smarter as you do this: with each insight you level up and get smarter and can access more information. So I did that. I could verbalize my ability to pull information from the field as young as 20.

What do you think intuition and psychic ability are, if not pulling info from the field? These are the beginnings of your conscious interaction with the morphic field.

The same thing happens with knowledge - and you get increased processing power. By early high school, in addition to school work and bipolar emotional collapses, I was reading one to two books a day. Everything I could get my hands on.

By the time I hit 2007, I was at a point of being able to read 10 to 15 books in a weekend, and if you’d ever sat in a room with me while I write you’d understand it: I can type and write about 2000 - 3000 words an hour already. And I get faster everyday.

The brilliance that arises is for a reason, a good one: Source is preparing your mind to contain and grasp bigger and bigger and bigger concepts…. because even when you are hiding behind a Divine Being that is feeding you this information, your mind still needs to be able to grasp it in order to verbalize it.

Basically the point of a channel or prophet is to be a translation node that turns information from Source into a usable human form. We take massive concepts and process these through our minds, and then we find ways to explain it simply.

This is a natural progression of the evolutionary process - and partly why I’m writing this: I know there are a whole bunch of people experiencing it.

Past a certain point of development, there is no guarantee that you will find a teacher advanced enough, so the solution is to turn you into a teacher. This is why ACIM has a Teacher’s Manual as part of the standard mainstream book. Did you know there are four other books in the Urtext?

In a nutshell, every time you explain a concept, you clarify your thinking around it in order to verbalize it. The student then asks questions, and adds their ideas. This again enhances your understanding with different perspectives, and because you spend time clarifying particular details as you answer questions.

So the process of teaching ensures your ongoing growth…. in a way I have to carry on teaching in order to keep growing now. Andy Stanley calls it having a teacher whose cup overflows. I have to teach…. it burns and bursts out of me. It’s all I think about. And often I don’t get the next download until I have posted the last teaching.

So to be around me would drive you nuts…. these things I’m posting are the thoughts that are running through my mind as I’m sitting here thinking and downloading from God.

So there are a few reasons for this post:

First I’m tired of being asked if I follow this person or have read that book. If it was written post 2007, chances are I haven’t LOL.

I did read basically everything before that though. Favorites were guys like Milton Erickson, Paul McKenna, Greg Braden. I’ve also read on most topics. I’ve read the religious texts and books around them. If I read something now it is only a text, something like the Bible, ACIM, stuff on Kabbalah. I delve into mythology a lot too. Mostly I follow the rabbit holes as directed and make connections.

My religious background includes everything and my dogma now is “what God tells me”. Why do I trust it? Cos it just makes more and more sense. Also, importantly, I see the same connections being made by others for years. I can map a lot of the trajectories now - you just start being able to see it after a while. I understand that truth is absolute.

You could say I’m an ultra-liberal New Age Christian Hindu Jew. One of my soul purposes is to show where all the religions connect and show that they are a timeline - and to expect future messiahs and prophets. Whether I’ll achieve showing it, I don’t know yet, I hope so. I do however see the connections already.

Second big reason is all you eggheads that are just like me and waking up, and sending me private messages because you are too scared to step forward and show who you are.

I love you guys, but it’s time now.

My job is to be a frontrunner, to lead the way, to show that it is safe to do this. And you’re meant to draw inspiration and courage from that and use it to step forward too.

It’s not just me - and with the level up this past weekend, it’s gotten a lot clearer for folk.

We wanted the shift, and now it’s happening.

We’re big souls - there’s no need to pussyfoot around this and hide anymore. The time to step forward is now.

You know what’s happening, you see the truth, and you are ready. So step forward now.

People like me are out there, putting out posts, spreading knowledge. You don’t even need to be brave alone at first… just tag onto what we’re doing. Start conversations, get involved in debates.

It’s going to take practice of note to get to a point where you are comfortable speaking up and stepping forward - I’ve been practicing for years and I still shit myself at times. Often. And understanding ego surprisingly doesn’t make it easier to deal with in others. It only seems to help you manage your responses to their ego.

There are hundreds of free resources on my website - and my mind works just as practically as yours. Scroll down the bottom of any page and click to sitemap; I tend to title my stuff very plainly.

Start with this: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/the-7ps-of-ego-understanding-ego-and-easily-solving-issues-with-mirrors

It’s the simplification of the ego work and will help you enormously with the challenges you face as you step forward and begin to speak up.

I have an active community around me of firestarters and shitstirrers and we’ve had practice picking fights and speaking up - and we’ll help you.

You can find me on the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group, or via Life Coaches Toolbox and Lightworkers Daily. There is also a huge YouTube channel of video resources you can use under Chemory Gunko. On social media it will be Life Coaches Toolbox or Chemory Gunko.

You don’t have to do this part alone…. some of us have been going for a while now and we have shortcuts. This is a UNITY shift - we are doing it together. Use the resources available :)

If you want to connect, do so in the ALDG group please so that we all become aware of each other. It doesn’t help I’m the only one that knows who everyone is - what if something happens to me?

Watch the posts - I’m delivering the higher level lessons and it will shortcut your growth.

Love & light always
Amara Christi xo

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