Why do we need religion?

Why do we need religion?

And why does this keep coming back to religion somehow?

I've spent years unpacking this and this is the answer I found.... we need the rules.

The spiritual journey is all about cognitive dissonance. So the ability of your mind to tolerate cognitive dissonance.

The greater the difference between the information you carry inside you, and that that lies in the morphic field, the worse the cognitive dissonance you will experience. As you grow higher up, the difference between the two layers of information becomes huge and extreme.

At a point, each mind will reach their natural breaking point.

This is what we term mental illness - the mind can no longer handle the chasm that lies between what it knows inside and sees outside - and snaps.

The type of mental disorder you experience will be determined by your belief system and your level of ego mitigation. Also whether you have empath or narcissist characteristics.

So in order to cater to these minds that cannot go the journey of consciousness (i.e. balance the cognitive dissonance load without snapping), we need a more simplified set of rules.

This was the instruction to Moses basically: take the teachings of Kabbalah and create a simpler set of daily rules that people who can't make the full journey yet can follow.

This way, they can live holier lives, grow slowly, and over the course of many incarnations, evolve into the mental strength to finally make the journey to consciousness.

Without the rules the world descends into chaos - what we're experiencing now in fact.

The moment you really add God into the mix with your journey and manifesting, you battle to manifest money. It's a natural thing that occurs. But they're teaching the principles without God in order to drive ego more.

This is what happens when you have a world without God included - it becomes all about ego.

But, like we're discovering now, most people don't have minds that can tolerate the journey or they are not willing to see past their ego and self importance.

This was EXACTLY the issue that lead to the creation of rules of religion in the first place.... people don't know how to behave.

Ironically it's because people want their free will taken away... they want NATURAL talents they are born with, they want to FALL in love.... neither of these options give you a choice or make you take responsibility.

Think how many people say I can't leave because I'm in love. It's an involuntary experience.

People want the illusion of making their own choices, but they want the rules to be shown to them.

They want to be given responsibility. Just think about that.... responsibility is taken. How do you give someone responsibility? And when you give them responsibility they tell you you are ordering them around or giving them a chore or task to do.

People want power over others...not responsibility.

Religion and religious rules are taking the responsibility of the journey away from them - and what God planned in the beginning.

Look what he says: they have eaten from the tree of knowledge and now they are like us - they know good from evil.

My daughter is a great example.... she is raised in this manner, with the correct spiritual principles. But she lacks experience of those dark issues.

The thinking with religion is - if we can keep people holy from the outset, then we don't have to panel beat the damaged parts out, we can just install the correct programs from the outset.

With how people live and act and behave, right now we need stricter rules and more accountability - but with balance and love. And it also has to be something that people buy into voluntarily and follow passionately...

There are only two kinds of movements like that - revolutions and religion.

Revolutions tend not to last long and cause endless disruption. Religions have long term staying power.

That's why it always comes back to religion and we need religion.  

Love & light
Amara Christi xo

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