Why Do You Need Water When Shifting?

On shift days like these your body is working overtime to get the old emotions, patterns and beliefs out of your system, it has to use the natural mechanisms already available to you - because that's how your body works.

On a practical level, this means that if you have to release aggressive energies, you feel aggressive and angry.

If you bottle those energies up, you'll find that the people around you are aggressive and angry towards you - because they are your mirror to help you get angry so that you can release the anger.

If you have pain, sadness and grief to release, you may find yourself crying. Or you may find yourself seeing and experiencing situations where you feel the need to cry.

Or you may find yourself surrounded by crying and it irritates you, or you feel an overwhelming need to drop everything and take care of that person.

Your answer here is to have a good cry yourself and release the emotional build up - I find that Grey's Anatomy is brilliant for taking you on an emotional rollercoaster to release stuck emotion.

On a physical level, the energetic changes you make cause a physical response in your DNA and cellular structure (to learn more about this watch the movie What the Bleep do We Know?).

The waste and stuff removed then needs to be removed from your body and system. Anything else released and processed by your organs and meridians (energy lines and systems found linked to each major organ, e.g. liver processes anger) also needs to be removed.

So in the three to four weeks after a shift, your whole system is clearing the residue of "stuff" that has been released and "cleared" from your system.

This sometimes looks like illness because it has to use physiological mechanisms, being a physiological process.

So you experience pain in your neck, back, around your ears. A lot of this pain is actually lymph flow - which is a major waste removal system in your body.

You may find that your tummy works a lot or you even throw up in certain cases. You may find that you pass wind or burp a lot - horrible, painful, loud burps that come deep from your tummy. Your periods may also get worse if you're a woman :)

Another experience is bubbling around your diaphragm and tummy. This is a diaphragm release to small intestine and is usually the last place that a shift leaves in your physical body.

Water helps all the systems of your body work well together and is an essential part of how your body cleanses itself. The more water you drink, the easier your shifts will go for the most part - especially the physical release symptoms.

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