Why We Are Special and What We Do Matters

Carry Water, Chop Wood

There’s a Buddhist Koan that reads…. before enlightenment, carry water, chop wood. After enlightenment, carry water chop wood. Wow that makes so much sense now.

Life changes in weird ways with enlightenment – and yet so much of it stays exactly the same.

In ways it gets harder – you’re way more in tune with the morphic field and it hits you harder, and people except even more from you, so you’ll find yourself on the high road almost constantly.

Luckily, it’s significantly easier to step over stuff because you don’t take it personally – the downside being you take everything less personally, so you feel very distant from life.

The watching life from the outside precludes participation in life, because you aren’t personally and emotionally invested.

A Powerful Lesson

I’ve had so many incredibly powerful lessons the past few months and I can only say everything makes sense now, but there are a few lessons that are sticking out for me.

When I broke through, there was a series of stuff I was shown over the course of a few days and weeks, and early on in that experience I was shown:

- how easily the human mind can snap with this kind of work, how weak the mind is and how few people can break through that, which is why souls like us are so rare

- and how disruptive souls like us are to humanity and the morphic field.

Souls like us are never happy, never satisfied, never willing to accept the status quo or leave well enough alone.

In every environment, we can always see a way to do it better, more efficiently, see an improvement, a new idea, a different direction… it’s the very nature of our questioning minds. It’s that questioning and curiosity that enables us to reach the higher realms and importantly, gives us the strength what we see there without judging it, and safely and easily navigate our way around the field.

This is where the weakness of the mind comes in… first because wow, you have to suspend ALL (and I do mean ALL) judgement when you finally see the whole truth, and secondly, you need to be able to bring the information back with you, without it causing a cognitive dissonance that snaps your mind – a nervous or mental breakdown, depression, suicide attempts, for example.

It’s literally like dancing along the edge of insanity most of the time – and that is the trick to the higher realms of consciousness – living in chaos and dancing on the edge of insanity.

Now Onto The Lesson

When I saw this, and I saw how damaging we are in the environments we’re in, I decided to sit very still for a weeks. I took some time to think.

The general gist of what was going through my mind was do I remove all the work I’ve ever done online and remove myself from public life? Do I stop teaching so that I stop being a disruptive influence?

The train of thinking has to do with a few other gems I learned:

Humanity, and the thing about humanity, is that earth is basically the factory in our arm of creation that creates completely individuated soul identities.

The first layer of test is passing life on earth and moving through to Ascension. From there, depending on what you choose, you go onto another role in the cosmos (which is quite beautiful and extraordinary in my case), and – this really surprised me when I saw it: you get to KEEP your identity, as a God effectively.

So Earth is the factory that produces these identities that can then go on to key roles. The majority of the souls cannot reach it – and in fact, their lives are meaningless. But society as a whole enables the production of these one in 70-million souls who do make it through. This is why it’s important we keep humanity going – for the souls that can break through and out of the cosmic cycle.

Until they get there and make themselves known (the path is ALWAYS chosen by you, NEVER for you – free will is always honoured), we have no idea who they are, so we have to keep the whole of humanity going. Make sense?

Yes I’m giving bare bones and overview information here – we’ll build over time as always :)

So for me, I spent a lot of time thinking about my role in disrupting humanity, and the impact putting our ideas out there has on the field as a whole. I was seriously considering shutting everything down and just disappearing. What made me decide to stay is a story for another day.

I spent a good three weeks mulling this over before I made a decision – and afterwards I was shown the movie Bruce Almighty and had a few conversations with people.

All these experiences highlighted for me how differently I handled having this power to how other people handle it. I didn’t think about myself or money lol, I thought about humanity. For me it was a lesson of responsibility = power.

As all of this came to my awareness, I began to realise how many of the incredible souls on the group would’ve done a similar thing – thought of others first.

I also saw the true value of the ego mitigation work we’ve been doing, and the hard financial struggle so many of us have had.

Do you realise how special we are that we care more for others than ourselves?

Do you see how free we are because we’ve stepped away from ego and money?

Each and every one of you is on a special journey and now, I know unequivocally, that all of you can achieve ascension in this lifetime. I got shown that too.

I have a path, and I have shortcuts. I can’t promise it will be easy – I know my path was not even slightly easy. It’s going to be hell – full of ego deaths and personal pain and when you break through and look back, you are going to be so grateful for every second of it.

Your presence, our presence, fills the world with light and hope and love, and fulfills our role in the cosmos.

I can’t wait til you get to enjoy your ascension journey and see what’s on the other side :)

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