Why you feel like you can't forget your ex Twin Flame

Why can't you forget your ex - or do you feel like you shouldn't forget him or her?

Hi Beautiful Souls

Disclaimer upfront: when I share these revelations it’s about the patterns and core beliefs behind patterns and recursions.

Another way to think of recursions is the Cosmos playing out it’s karma to reconcile the original I AM. We play out parts for the Cosmos, otherwise known as empath load.

Yes, karma applies, but what I’m sharing in these revelations applies to ALL OF US - regardless of the individual karma involved.

The karma just distracts you and personalizes (ego) the issue. The core beliefs are where you find aha moment releases and reshimot - those shifts where you feel like a whole new person afterwards.

So onto it…

Why can't you forget your ex - or do you feel like you shouldn't forget him or her?

To say that this shift has been backwards on many levels is the understatement of the era LOL.

For the past two weeks I have received the most contradictory and conflicting instructions to what I’m used to, starting with: I was told NOT to forgive and forget immediately. I was instructed to hold anger.

Now if you know me, I’m a teddy bear, and my default is forgiveness. I have rules in relationship like if you don’t know what to say and you want to say something to fill the space, you say: I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

My first port of call, therefore, in any difficult situation is forgiveness mantra first, stay calm, walk away and forgive and forget. Me and the Holy Spirit have this non-stop forgiveness line open.

And if I’m honest, holding anger when I can go to the place of forgiveness so easily is just horrible for me.

So yes - the instruction to not forgive immediately came as a massive surprise - and for those of you in the same position, it’s still standing. The main anger has dissipated though.

However, when the REASON for that instruction arrived this morning, well I nearly fell of my unicorn. LOL :)

There’s, for many of us, this impending feeling that the relationship is not over, that you don’t get to walk away and forget. Like you’re almost stuck with this person for the rest of your life. Sound familiar?

That feeling is making it difficult to pull away, because every time you do, or you go into the logical reality and anger of the situation, it draws you back in, saying this is not over yet.

It's about the history?

Every time I went into this, I kept getting shown history. Somehow history is important.

That alone didn’t seem to make sense. This is a twit flame for me, or would be for most, but I kinda volunteered myself for bigger lessons. What was I thinking lol?

Either way, you get two types of Twin Flames - creating love flames and expressing love flames. It’s all in the words there: creating love means you need to fix it to build a relationship together and is usually more exciting, and expressing love is just easy and simple - and for many of us problem solvers, well it’s just a little boring too lol :)

Read more about Twin Flames at http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/twin-flame-basics

So it stands to reason that if this creating love Twin Flame collapsed, that it could be replaced by an expressing love Twin Flame. But no - they kept showing me the history of the past four years.

Then they kept pairing it with the messages of:

  • you can’t forget this (that’s why you couldn’t forgive immediately)
  • this will be with you forever
  • you cannot escape this relationship
  • you have to go forward with this

And to be honest all of that was making no sense at all…. until the teaching penny dropped.

It's about the teaching!!!!

Most of us have spent years looking for a mentor, someone who can teach us. Most of us also realized that wouldn’t happen, and so we learned to learn by teaching others, by sharing our experience.

If you have studied A Course in Miracles (ACIM), you’ll know this already. Even the mainstream version contains a manual for teachers, because past a point on your spiritual journey, the only way you can continue to grow the ideas you have is to teach. It’s a natural evolution.

So you are becoming a teacher, if you aren’t already... and this last four years of preparation? This is your teaching story.

This is why you can’t forget the story or details and you will need to keep remembering them.

This is why forgiveness is delayed…. we tend to block out the detail and information when we gloss over and forgive.

Why? Because forgiveness recognizes that what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred.


Recursions are repeats of the patterns that the universe or Cosmos is playing out to balance its own karmic load - the original ‘sin’ (thought/mistake) of I AM that lead to all of creation.

According to your mental and spiritual strength, you will be asked to carry an empath load of the recursion. According to where you are, an ever growing percentage of your life is spent playing out Cosmic karma vs your own karma. Once you finish your karma you will ONLY carry Cosmic and empath karmic load. We’re here to clean the MORPHIC FIELD remember.

For someone like me who teaches publicly, I carry the whole recursion load of having to share details of my story with others. And it’s in the details that the help lives, because it’s often one statement or sentence that gives a person relief, then they have to integrate before they come back for the next part.

If you carry a smaller load because you don’t jump in as quickly as the rest of us (wise choice maybe lol!), then this becomes your STORY that you tell others. It will eventually be teaching - but maybe only once or twice in your life as you share something that helps someone in a similar circumstance.

At it’s most core level, this is a lesson of privacy. Breaking privacy.

Why do we break privacy? Because one of the places we’re heading in the Age of Aquarius is telepathic connection and communication, so we have to teach people it’s okay to have their innermost private experiences and thoughts made public.

As long as the fear of privacy exists, or the fear of secrets coming out exists, we can never get to a place of telepathic connection. The connection will always be limited.

That being said… I did mange to build an amazing telepathic connection with my twit flame even though he hid himself behind a lie. This again leads back to the narcissist/empath Twin Flame bond, which I’m starting to think might be the creating love twin flame recursion many of us will have to play out.

Shame, embarrassment & privacy

At the ego level this is all about shame - what will others think of me if they found out this happened to me? I feel humiliated. How will others react if they know I did this? I feel guilty.

Whatever the load is though, best you start making peace with it.

For better or worse the past four years is now the teaching story that you will use to lift the next level of light workers who are beginning their trials.

You chose this person, you kept committing to them, even when the signs showed you differently. Now, whether or not they are part of your life, you will have forever with them, because you will always be teaching from this story.

That’s the commitment you made and what you asked for. Luckily… this has also been the biggest adventure of your life!

Overcome the ego

Take the first step today and tell someone what happened to you - break privacy. Tell the whole story.

The way to overcome the shame, fear and doubt is to face it and realize it cannot and will not harm you.

Yes people will be shocked and there will be judgement… but what better way to learn to overcome massive amounts of ego!?!?!?

Here’s a prayer to help you :)

Today I make no decisions for myself. I ask only for the day that is given me.

Holy Spirit, I cannot do this alone, and I do not know what to do. But I trust you and I know you will help me.

Holy Spirit I give you these thoughts of ego identification, and I trust you to please take care of all the details for me.

I surrender my day to God. I choose to let go. I choose to let God.

Hand over those ego identifications and become so much more of the shining light you are.

The time is now - no more waiting. Stand up and shine. It has begun.

Love & light always
Chemory xo

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