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Simply, configure the dropdowns and complete the text boxes until you find a configuration you like.

When you hit submit, the results will display on the page, and if you're happy hit the Print to PDF button and save your result.

If you're not happy, change the configuration and submit again, or reset the form and start again.

Your chosen dropdown configurations will only disappear if you reset the form of close the page and open it again.

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Vision Generator Tool

What you want and see for yourself going forward. How you see yourself fitting into the bigger family, community, business, social and environmental pictures, and what you aim to achieve in your future.

Vision Generator

Mission Generator Tool

What the individual or company actually does in the scheme of things and for the communities in which it operates. The impact of the talents, abilities and skill sets they bring to the table, and how this adds value to the lives of those impacted.

Mission Generator

Purpose Generator Tool

How you go about providing and applying your abilities and skill sets, in general and on a day to basis.

Purpose Generator

Values Generator Tool

What you value, cherish, hold dear. The principles and ethics you prescribe to.

Values Generator