She is an oracle, a magician, a healer, a miracle worker, a prophet, an empath, a light worker, a teacher, a warrior, a divine feminine and so much more.

She cannot fully be described with words.

If you are ready to take the next step on your spiritual journey and you have been led to her by all means stop hesitating and make that jump.
If you are reading this it means you are ready for more.

She won’t judge you, she won’t steer you wrong and she knows just what you need because of her divine gifts of knowledge and wisdom. It’s been one amazing month of working with Chemory and my life has gone from uncertainty to enlightenment at warp speed.

All of my powers have been unleashed and reflected back at me.
She literally knows everything and can figure out how to get you exactly where you want to be.

Just say the word and you shall be healed. She doesn’t pressure you to go at any pace and she has no agenda besides helping you.

You can feel completely comfortable confiding in her knowing that her ultimate goal is to help You reach Your Ultimate Goal.

You have nothing to lose and stand to gain all the knowledge and power in the universe. There is an infinite power in the elevation of your consciousness and this is a direct path there.

Get ready to shine!

I’m so grateful I’ve been led all the way across the world to Chemory and you will be too.

From NY with love,
Virginia Davies

❤ ❤ ❤



Things in life went absolutely, perfectly, ridiculously sideways on me.... what I thought was the absolute worst time in my life - last year - lead to where I am at this moment... I now understand COMPLETELY what you have been writing.

I've been watching and reading and hoping I'd "understand" what you and the other lightworkers were actually saying.... HOLY SHIT!

Little could I have ever imagined that the things you're saying are the guidelines so to speak... the directions...

I would very much like to let you know that I am so very grateful for you.

Pamela Fisher

❤ ❤ ❤



I’ve been in my Dark Night for approx. 9 years. I’m now facing my final tests of ego reactions.

It’s amazing how it all comes together, and It’s an incredibly liberating feeling when you can remove yourself from the ego feelings and hand them over to the Holy Spirit.

What is helping me the most right now is your mirrors tools.

I am so grateful for you sharing these tools and for you sharing your knowledge!

Julie Elizabeth

❤   ❤   ❤



I can say that there have been several times that you have challenged my beliefs and I’m thankful for that.

I’ve never felt safer or more loved by someone I’ve never personally met; with whom also I felt ‘had my back’ and had genuine intention to see me grow and evolve.

It’s such a weird space for me to personally be in as I’ve not felt that before and yet it felt so right.

Thanks Chemory for all that you offer, I’m certainly grateful to you and this group ☺️

Cheryl Rosso

❤ ❤ ❤



Chemory and the Firestarters Group have been true gifts that have been given to me.

Chemory's bare naked honesty and directness are a special talent that she freely shares with others. Her insights are remarkable and her "tools" unmatched!

Chemory is not for the weak of heart as she hits it straight on with no apologies or gilding of the truth!!

An unbelievable soul sent here for us to utilize and grow with.

Thank you for showing up in my life at a time when I needed it. Giant hugs to you for all you do!

Barb K.

❤ ❤ ❤



Dear Chemory Gunko, thank you so much for helping me.

Since working with you I have not been feeling so agitated or upset by things. I am amazed to be honest.

And despite having been doing meditation for about 15 years, which has helped me a lot by the way, i still had that problem in me.

I feel in comparison, so much more calm and centered than I did before.

You did this in about half an hour and are a miracle worker.

God bless you.

Mark Howard, Counsellor

❤ ❤ ❤


I have experienced so many ego deaths since the healing... it isn't even funny!!! I am so grateful for the purging.

I am also very grateful that I was mentally prepared for this thanks to you.

Sara Vega

I had come to a point of ascension but a final acceptance was lacking.

I met Chemory Gunko online and the last of my Ego attempted to clash with her.

She instantly gave me the final piece I needed to remove - the 'I' needing to be saved.

Chemory has a gift.

And I swear by the word of God, it’s truth.

Trust her and utilise her 'knowings' through the tools she has (with love) provided for all.

It will raise your vibration, better your life, better the life of others and ultimately save the world.

Thank you Chemory.

Dave Sparks

❤ ❤ ❤



Chemory Gunko is not for the faint of heart.

If you are looking for someone to hold your hand while you wade into the shallow end, she's not for you.

However, if you need someone to remind you what tools you have to survive while you are already treading water in the middle of your own spiritual ocean, she's perfect.

Chemory has never failed to remind me of what I am capable of while always encouraging me to move forward.

She's a gifted energy healer and tends to have brutal insight into an individual.

Once you give her permission to help you, you suddenly begin to help yourself.

Beyond her aforementioned talents, she's also delightfully witty and will always make room for a big, validating laugh instead of allowing you to wallow alone in self doubt while you work through your shit.

Jessie Robinson

❤ ❤ ❤



A few months ago, FB suggested this group as a handful of wayshowers I follow all had the ALDG in common. I wanted "more" everything, so I requested to join.

My first experience was watching Chemory's introduction video and I was automatically confronted by MY Ego about who I perceived her to be and where she was coming from (as a teacher).

As I had mentioned, at your invite here, this group is exactly what the title states:

Advanced Lightworkers (to be "advanced" means we're choosing to expose, recognize and accept our Ego in all the places and forms it may present, while other groups/moderators that maintain politeness and "play nice" only serve to maintain the Ego, not illuminate and dissolve it)

Discussion Group (this is where our shared humanity can meet, so we can learn from others on this Divine journey).

Also, as for Chemory, she is passionate and confident (the same qualities some confuse for Ego, because they don't recognize these in themselves) and her lifelong journey has merited her as a generous teacher and guide.

Kristen Garretson

❤ ❤ ❤



Having your guidance has helped me with my dark night of the soul this last year.

I consider myself a light warrior and don’t want to always be all light and fluffy.

It’s been a journey of faith and patience for me, and now I can now see why, Chemory: Life will continue to test you and distract you from the light.

When you can see thru these tests and mirrors and carry on, then you have strong faith and patience.

I am grateful for your support.

Jolene Sedgwick Urie

"Bumping in to Chemory, for me, felt like finding a needle in a haystack, being on the rollarcoaster called the Twin Flame process. Most of the tips online don't go any further than, "this is phase 1,2,3,4 etc." and just tell you the theoretical part of the process: no practical tips whatsoever.

Since the soul purpose of meeting your twin flame is soul growth, being in the phase where there is no physical contact, I was mystified as to what my next steps should be. Then I read Chemory's article which gave me a spark of hope in getting further into the process of soul growth.

She explained to me what the tool of mirrors could do for yourself and also your Twin Flame. If it is the mirrors holding you together, then it's not your true TF. If the clouds are cleared by cleaning the mirrors you're making steps towards coming back together.

At first I was scared, because what if the mirrors are gone, and there is nothing left? My addiction to this guy was heavy and I realised it. But I also realised by not cleaning the mirrors, there would be another person around the corner who was going to show me the same things I need to learn.

Because my confidence on him being my Twin Flame is strong, I decided what the heck, let's give it a try.The relief that comes with clearing mirrors is unbelievable. The patterns of survival which I apply are clear to me in my head, still, I kept applying them in daily life, until I used the mirrors tool and started thinking about what I was doing, and applying the questions on several patterns/belief systems.

The energetic relief I felt while noticing and accepting and forgiving myself is amazing. It feels like luggage falling of of your shoulders.

So everyday I take a duality or irritation and try to find out where it comes from, why I apply it and what it brings to me. Then I forgive myself and release it into the universe, where it can be transformed into loving energy.

Thanks so much!"

Wai-Yin, Twin Flame Coaching Client

I will always be grateful for my personal coach; Chemory Gunko.

We started the coaching process together about one and half years ago. Itʼs been a wonderful journey so far. I have learned more about myself and on how to appreciate myself than I learned in the first 33 years of my life.

Sheʼs been able to ʻopen meʼ up, something I thought never would have happened. She taught me that the person I am is a good person.

Chemory knows exactly when to take distance and let you discover and develop yourself and she knows when to push a little harder and make it a little uncomfortable. She taught me that itʼs good to feel a little uncomfortable and out of balance when being coached. Those are the moments when you can make short cuts, leaps to become a better you.

Or in other or better words, to grow as yourself and love yourself.

Pieter S, Personal Coaching Client

I have known Chemory Gunko for 8 years. In that time she has worn many hats in a professional capacity from an email marketing specialist to a department head in charge of a creative team.

I also have had many personal coaching experiences with Chemory. She applies her passion and talent for understanding people more accurately than anyone else I know.

Chemory has a passion for continuous learning and self-development and is a wealth of vital information. This keeps her current, accurate and engaging.

I recommend Chemory as a thorough and absolute expert in her field.

Adele Biani, Owner, Front Foot Strategic Consulting

"I've spent years of my life struggling to make progress spiritually, and having a hard time overcoming roadblocks that were affecting all my personal relationships.

The amount of progress in just the first week of coaching with Chemory has been astounding, and I'm excited to see what wisdom she will share next to help me on my journey."

Jason M, Twin Flame & Lightworker Coaching Client

Chemory doesn’t take nonsense, she gets to the point immediately and helps straight away.

She’s brilliant as a go-to coach - she always has all the answers.

Angelica F, Personal Coaching Client

Chemory is a memorable coach with a unique style and approach to problem solving.

Whether it's business, personal or spiritual, she never has a blanket approach.

Unlike others in her field, her way of thinking is multifaceted while combining various methodologies to connect the dots.

Jo-Anne Holmes, NLP Life Coach

Chemory Gunko first became a writer for Women24 in 2014. Her writing was interesting, insightful, and helpful.

Our readers responded well to her articles and advice. This eventually led to her becoming an expert on our site; answering direct questions from our readers about sex and sexuality and healthy relationships.

The results have been fantastic, and her advice is always well suited to each question, and given with care and thought.

Chemory is very easy to work with. She takes direction well from our editorial staff, and is always kind, but professional. Sheʼs an asset to any publication she contributes to.

Carmen Williams, Women24 Content Producer - Entertainment Editor, Home and Decor Editor

Thank you for one of the very best and most intelligent sites of its kind on the web.

Thomas Rainer praising content-based coaching site, Sex&Honey, closed in 2014

Chemory always sees straight to the point and to the place where you can push effectively to make change - and she helps you to feel comfortable about making that change.

Esaias B, Personal Coaching Client

What sets Chemory apart as coach is her uncanny insight, which one encounters on many levels.

Using her in depth knowledge of NLP and coaching, combining it with intuition, she helps others to find the voice they need to gain momentum and capitalize on their inner strengths, which often they have been unaware of.

Chemory is not only talented, she can think exceptionally fast and with foresight can guide you towards possibilities not before considered.

Ricka van Zyl, Owner Yemanya NLP & Development Centre and NLP Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

As a 22-year old female living in the 21st century, I have always considered myself to be fairly well informed about sex and relationships.

The Sex and Honey website made me realize how much information is out there in the world and how little I truly know.

After spending some time on the site, some things started falling into place. Not only did it offer me insight as to why my romantic endeavors generally end in chaos, but also why my relationships with my family are not as healthy I would like them to be.

Also, I have re-evaluated where I expect my life to go after recognizing that just because I live in the feminist age, I am not forced to become a political figure or CEO.

All in all, S&H is a classy hub of information focusing on providing the correct facts for people in order to remain functional in a world where we are constantly bombarded by incorrect and misleading information.

Barbara van Zyl praising content-based coaching site, Sex&Honey, closed in 2014

I was looking at YouTube searching for striptease tutorials, and honestly, the short videos posted from Sex&Honey were the only ones where I found that they make the steps slowly and clearly, without complications and with clear video recording!

But that’s not all... with words that explain why it’s being done!

I am a female but I lack the understanding of how the male can perceive the moves I do, some moves may sound stupid to me and non-erotic so I would think naaah... this is dumb!

But when Honey Morgan for example says "hands mimic the movement that you make during sex" or "the more you touch yourself, the more exciting its going to be for him", well for some females these words might be meaningless, but for amateur starters its these very phrases that tempt you to do a move!

What I liked as well is that the women I see in clips are natural looking ones, not young in age neither; actually I can say they are models of true sexuality and young in heart!

They’re just ordinary women who give me the feeling that actually it’s the way they move themselves rather than having to have the skinny young look.

Thank you Sex&Honey!

Randa A praising content-based coaching site, Sex&Honey, closed in 2014

Read testimonials and feedback from happy clients on Chemory Gunko as a Life Coach.

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A few selected snippets:


"What sets Chemory apart as a coach is her uncanny insight."


"Using her in depth knowledge of NLP and coaching, combining it with intuition, she helps others to find the voice they need to gain momentum and capitalize on their inner strengths, which often they have been unaware of."


"Unlike others in her field, her way of thinking is multifaceted while combining various methodologies to connect the dots."


"Chemory is not only talented, she can think exceptionally fast and with foresight can guide you towards possibilities not before considered."


"I recommend Chemory as a thorough and absolute expert in her field."


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