ALDG Acceptance Post 1 of 2

Part 2 of 3 of the Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group Introduction & Acceptance Criteria Posts

The ALDG undertook a massive clean up in December 2017, and expelled 98% of our members.

Our group is small, tight knit, and we grow together. These three posts will tell you what is expected on joining, and the questions you will be required to answer publicly, in order to remain in the group past your trial period.

There are no exceptions to these requirements.

ALDG can be found at

Read Part 1 ( ), Part 2 ( ) and Part 3 ( ) of this series of posts. In total, they're about two chapters of a book. Maybe a little more.

Advanced Lightworkers Discussion Group Acceptance Post 1 of 2

Deadline for leaving the group is 31 December 2017, after which you will be deleted if we haven’t heard from you. You are required to comment your answers on this post.

Approx 7,269 words, Grade 6 reading, takes about 10 minutes. You can put in the time.


Read this pinned post carefully. It is long. It will explain everything.

Once you have read the post, comment on the MAIN PINNED POST ON THE MAIN ALDG PAGE.

On 31 December 2017, anyone who has not yet commented on this MAIN PINNED POST ON THE MAIN ALDG PAGE will be deleted from the group immediately.

If you are new to ALDG, you are expected to comment on this within one week or your membership will be withdrawn.

When responding in comments, please answer all the questions listed at the bottom of the post.

If 3 or more ALDG members, each of more than six months membership in the group, disagree strongly with your answers, you will be removed from the group.

The admin and moderators' decision is final in all deletions and no correspondence will be entered into.

ALDG is a PRIVATE group run and owned by Chemory Gunko. Belonging to ALDG is a privilege and all rights of admission are reserved.

Grammar and Writing Requirements in Group

ALDG has a REQUIREMENT that ALL group members use proper punctuation, grammar and spelling, If you are English second language, we will help you.

When you write badly it is because you are hiding the messaging you are getting from God because you are ashamed. There is no place for shame in ALDG - especially not of Source.

We force you to write properly to overcome your ego barriers. This is the very first test to see where you are on the ego journey.

You will be asked to edit your posts and fix them, create line breaks, fix grammar and spelling. You will receive one warning before you are blocked.

You’re an advanced journeyer - your writing and communication will show that.

We deal with advanced topics; we do NOT make it more difficult by using bad writing and spelling.

There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

The advanced spiritual journey is fraught with danger and peril - if you don’t get this stuff right, you will actually go insane. That’s the dividing line.

Spiritual people get depressed, suicidal and have nervous and mental breakdowns because this work is all about dancing on the edge of insanity.

So no, not everyone gets a free ticket for entry into ALDG, because not everyone is cut out to complete this journey.

The requirements and standards of the group are more to protect you than anyone else inside the group, or “politics”. LOL once you’re inside you’ll see that I don’t tolerate “politics’.


In this group we discuss controversial topics that you can’t discuss elsewhere, ranging from shadow work to dark nights of the soul to Christ Consciousness to religion to Satan to healing to energy, to metaphysics, flat earth and so much more.

By entering this group, you agree that you are aware of the topics of discussion, and agree to participate in these by free will. At no point will you be offended by a topic, including sexuality, LGBTQ, religion, race, societal issues, and controversial spiritual topics and content.

We are dedicated to moving past the basics in this group, and you are expected to have a working knowledge of things spiritual and healing related. You are expected to understand chakras and energy, have a basic understanding of mirrors and how they work, be getting lessons, know what statements are, what shifting is etc.

If you have basic questions like “what is a chakra?” or even “what are heart chakra issues?”, then you don’t belong in ALDG. If you want to stick around and learn, then you are expected to do that basic catching up in your own time and gather the info for yourself.

Basic questions and stupid arguments only serve to keep clouding the teaching that could happen in group.

But there’s no such thing as a stupid argument or question! Sure - if you’re teaching beginners.

ADVANCED discussion group. ADVANCED. Get it?

What is a stupid question?

Anything that is baseline knowledge, like chakras and auras, healing basics, what an aha moment is, if God (a Higher Power) is real, what karma is, etc, etc.

This is why we said ADVANCED - when we waste time rehashing and explaining these to beginners, then we can’t discuss what we are here to discuss. It gets lost in the mix.

A stupid argument is anything that has (and is) been discussed to death in other groups… does God exist, is shadow work allowed, it’s all about your special personal journey and God picked you and one day, in a flash, all your knowledge will just arrive…. in ALDG we have different conversations:

  • Does God exist becomes… the Nature of God/Higher Power
  • Should you do shadow work becomes…. HOW to do shadow work
  • Is Satan real becomes…. what to do when you run into a demon for the first time
  • My personal story where life’s all about me becomes… seeing global patterns and big picture lessons and themes
  • Achieving forgiveness becomes… reconciling within the self
  • Manifestation and Law of Attraction (God as your servant) becomes… I am a servant of God
  • Does heaven/hell exist becomes… what are they and how does it fit into the big picture
  • God is all-aloving becomes…. God is ALL THAT IS including the dark
  • Are Jesus/Buddha/Krishna/Mohammed legit becomes… what can we learn from all of them and how are they connected
  • We should say God/Buddha/Krishna/Mohammed/Jesus so that no one gets offended becomes… God and He because you’re fucking ADVANCED and you can make the mental substitution for yourself

These stupid arguments that you’re having over and over and over on every post just serve to waste time - and we don’t have them here anymore.

And these stupid arguments and discussions are happening in all the groups - along with a ton of spiritual bypassing. So we open the door here to let you glimpse - and we tell you upfront so that you can choose to stay away.

This is happening behind closed doors. In a private group. That you are asking to join. No one is forcing you to be here. Think about that.

And REALLY think about that…. you are RESPONSIBLE for your own journey. That’s what advanced means.

It means you come here, ask a question, share a teaching, get some feedback and then MAKE YOUR OWN CHOICE ABOUT YOUR OWN LIFE AND JOURNEY.

No one, especially me (Chemory) is sitting here monitoring you or even caring how far you are getting. Unless you shove something in front of my nose I’m not even gonna look at it.

Shocked? Think about when last I commented on anything of yours that you didn’t tag me in? I NEVER do it with ANYONE. This is a Chemory thing.

You are responsible for your journey, choices, decisions, beliefs and what you take on. I, and anyone else in here, is ONLY offering you our learnings to help you.

Each of us brings our own piece of the puzzle - the journey to Ascension is the same, but after that you specialize. But there are still commonalities that can be shared - and it’s all always the journey back to God in the end.

I treat you as if you are here by free will choice and as if you were my equal - I put out posts at my level of learning, following the current thread, expecting you to understand them.

I have more faith in most of you than you do. I talk to you as if you have the capacity to understand what I’m sharing already. So I reject the arguments of followers…. that is exactly what I don’t want.

I treat you as equals and I expect you treat each other as equals too…. and now I have the same equally high standards for this group that I have for my life. See? Equal.

I expect my life to be a fast-paced, jam-packed spiritual adventure… and it is. And the point of creating this group was to share that…. but large numbers and spiritual bypassing means that we get sidetracked by stupid arguments, and delayed by having to keep explaining the basics over and over and over again.


And I am very comfortable with being UNCOMFORTABLE. I live to push the envelope and explore new territory.

And I want to be allowed to go faster now - and take those that are ready with me. So we’re getting rid of the delay-fish.

So we’re going to lay out EXACTLY the distinctions we’re creating to draw our line in the sand for what we mean by advanced discussion.

You can be at this point of development, or starting to reach there, but by staying you are saying you are willing to explore it. End of story.

This is where you are forfeiting your right to argue that something is nullified because you don’t believe it exists.

A Godview of all-loving is NOT acceptable - Godview is ALL THAT IS

The problem with all-loving is that it excludes the dark of God, which you learn in your dark night of the soul.

All of this can be seen on the human consciousness scale:

A god view of all-loving happens around 500… then the dark night of the soul, and then the enlightenment and ascension level.

The god view of all-loving is what people have mistakenly thought ascension is forever…. we deal with and face the dark here and know God as ALL THAT IS.


Your inner child when viewed from Ego is all about your happiness…. which is how you got to the manifestation and Law of Attraction and God as your servant nonsense.

Kids are actually mostly horrible - all about themselves and balls of Ego. This whole inner child nonsense is all an Ego trap - and we see through it here.

Here we do the shadow work, face our dark and go through our dark nights of the soul.

This does not mean becoming dark practitioners or being Satanists… I can’t even believe I had to type that SMH

Shadow and dark work is understanding your Ego and how it’s all inside you and how it shows in things like OFFENSE, and how you have control over it.

Satan is the hive mind we call Ego, the collective living in the morphic field. Lucifer is the angel that carries that load for God, so that God doesn’t have to.

And yes this is in the bible, Kabbalah and biblical texts. You should read them. I have.

In ALDG we offer a space for people to speak openly, without fear of judgement or ridicule - where we’ve culled out the lower vibration souls that just deny, deny, deny, and we make space so that a human-body bound soul, like all of us, have a space to speak up when we do ascend, or meet an angel, or discover a whole new fascinating piece of the puzzle.

There are hundreds of groups that will tell you you’re an idiot if you do it out loud - ALDG is meant to be the group that doesn’t.

You know what I hear most often in my practice?

You’re the only one I can tell. You’re the only person that will believe me. I knew you’d understand.

These journeys are real, and MANY are having huge extraordinary experiences but we can’t share them because the bulk of the group can’t believe it’s real.

I don’t want to spend a whole weight loss post arguing if you can lose weight using your mind - I just want to share the techniques.

I don’t want to argue whether someone can come off medication - I want someone who already believes that they can heal themselves, even if they haven’t gotten it right yet. Because with just that belief, I can show you the HOW.

  • We don’t do the work of faith FOR people - people must have their own faith already.
  • We don’t sell someone to join - we make it difficult. They must show us they want to be here.
  • We don’t motivate them to do work or to stay or to join - they must motivate themselves.
  • We don’t convince or coerce people to join us or to stay…. we kick the fence sitters out - and make them work thrice as hard when they come back again.

You should ONLY be here if it is 100% your free will conscious choice.

Faith is given BY YOU TO GOD. Your faith is rewarded by God. You TRUST the information you get by knowing how to separate your personal stuff - this takes years.

You HAVE TO chose faith yourself - that’s what free will means.

And it’s a constant recommitment - to God.

This isn’t a promise to the group or to me, it’s between you and God, however you view that Higher Power.

This is about cutting through the bullshit and creating sanctuary for the REAL SEEKERS - and there may be less than 100 of us. Honestly.

This is not just NOT for everyone, it’s hardly for anyone at all. It takes fucking huge cojones to do this kind of spiritual growth. Most of you will flake out along the way.

“All are called. Few choose to listen. Of those who listen, fewer stay the course.” (Holy Spirit ACIM - paraphrased)

And as it says in ACIM, in the very first line of the text….

"This is a required course . Free will means only that you select the time in which you choose to take the course - not that you define the content."

I don’t define the content I teach - God does. I simply share what has been happening in my journey. This is why it’s not up for discussion.

By the time I have posted and verbalized, I have already BEEN THROUGH that learning and it is past tense for me.

So I get very confused when you come along telling me I must change it to suit you…. why are you following me? I don’t want followers.

You’re supposed to take your learning and apply it to your own journey that you have taken responsibility for.

Why are you following my journey and then telling me to change mine because you disagree?

God defines the content of my journey - and this is the same reason I do not want anyone on group to give me advice.

I share what I have learned; if I want advice, I will specifically ask for it.

I don’t change the content of God’s curriculum. I never will.

If you don’t like the content, please feel free to leave the group, stop reading my posts or just ignore me.

But AT NO POINT will I change the content of what I teach unless God dictates it. My journey and teaching posts are separate entities to the group administration.

You have a FREE WILL choice to leave the group. You have a FREE WILL choice to ignore my posts. You have a FREE WILL choice to whatever you choose for your journey…

This is not a religion and we are not followers… we are simply a group that shares higher level knowledge so that there is somewhere safe to do it.

Choice really is a big one with this…. and it came to light when a group member said: “I didn’t realize I had a choice to NOT be offended.”

This is really the crux of this whole issue…. you have a FREE WILL CHOICE about everything here.

Including a CHOICE to NOT get offended.

Okay you’re hungry and craving a chocolate? You can still CHOOSE to say no, to eat a carrot instead, to drink water, to go hungry.

You’re angry? Well choose to be happy. Choose to focus on something else.

Choose, choose, choose.

It’s all about free will choice…. and the core miscommunication that the group has operated on until this point is about free will:

I assumed you guys understand what free will is, how it gets applied, and that you are all here by free will choice.

I came to my senses when one of the group members said she had been doing healing work on me whenever she remembers…. and I nearly got sick to my stomach.

EVERY SINGLE TIME you work on someone, you are meant to obtain their free will conscious agreement, so that the healing is their choice.

This is like the rule number one of all healing and spiritual work.

If you wanna heal someone or you see something to release, you have to stop and ask them if it’s okay.

At our level of ADVANCED development, that permission should be written or spoken.

As far as I am concerned, you are all here by your free will choice, participating in a discussion forum, but somehow I inadvertently became the leader that was telling everyone which direction to go.

UM FUCKING NO THANK YOU….. and let me tell you why.

When I leave Earth plane, like Buddha, I become a traveller, and I have NO DESIRE to have hundreds of thousands of human souls praying to me and tying me to this plane when there is a whole cosmos to explore.

Look Earth is nice and all, but I’m just stopping through. Your Messiah will be along shortly - I’m a traveller and a prophet.

Secondly…. as part of my journey, I got to hear a portion of the prayers and cries coming from “believers” on Earth - and I have never been so scared and overwhelmed in my entire life. It is NOT pretty to experience.

I have no desire to be tied to Earth - and that’s all that having so many “followers” would achieve.

Please don’t follow me….. I’m just sharing my journey, that’s all.

It is important that you distinctly understand where Chemory the healer starts and where ALDG ends. These are not one and the same.

So, on the subject of seeing you as equals…. I’m assuming (paradigm blindness) that you are also operating from the idea that you have a CHOICE in your feelings.

This is my key message all the time… you have a choice to not be offended.

Because I believe that ADVANCED level souls get that - you have choice over what you feel. So you can take criticism and feedback and process it quickly.

And let’s take a minute to distinguish criticism and feedback from trolling here….

Criticism and feedback is: “I disagree with what you are saying and I think there is something you haven’t considered. Can I share some information with you?” or even “I can see that you still believe that and I’ve since gained knowledge, but I can also see that you won’t understand it yet. I can try and explain but your system may reject it.” or even “you might no tike hearing this, but the problem here is you."

Trolling is: “Your ideas are stupid and everyone knows that God doesn’t exist and you are an idiot for thinking it. I won’t talk to you - I have better stuff to do with my time.”

Do you see the difference there?

And even in the feedback I said “your system may reject it” which I expect you to know means that you will have an Ego based emotional response to it. Because you’re advanced - you understand the basics of the emotional layers.

So if someone says “you’re an idiot” that is unacceptable - even if it’s couched nicely. If someone points out your pattern and says that you are also being dramatic…. then that’s what we do here. It’s par for the course.

We cut through the crap and bullshit and save time and get efficient and are honest…. because it saves time and everyone gets to shift quicker.

We choose honesty over offense.

We choose to get and stay uncomfortable, and be on the leading edge of new information because there are still thousands of years of journey left ahead of us after this…. there is still SO MUCH TO LEARN.

Personally, I know I have like 8000 years after I leave Earth plane…. so no I do not accept your argument that I don’t want to learn from others.

I just don’t see the point of relearning the same things over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again - and never making any progress or moving onto the exciting new info that is being learned and made available to us.

Aren’t you tired of having the same bullshit arguments over and over ad infinitum? There is so much more to learn!

Duality lessons of all that is, Messianic Lessons, Cosmic Lessons, God Level Lessons…. there are even more than that.

So we embrace Christ Consciousness and religious ideas and teachings, from every religion…. and we see how it forms one coherent thread into ALL THAT IS.

And we see how it all fits together, and how the dark fits in, and how it is truly ALL THAT IS… because even kinesiology, which is so secular, lists a Godview of all-loving at 500.

And we tackle stuff head on, because it saves time….

And we save even more time by breaking through your Ego barriers of:

  • PRIVACY - if it’s too private to share in group then you need to shift your boundaries of privacy. We break privacy here.
  • PERSONALISATION - it’s happening to all of us, not just you. Even losing everything, being homeless and bankrupt. Yes even the drug problems. Yes to the sexual abuse. Yes to the abandonment and con artists. Yes to murder attempts and horrible atrocities. You just keep looking for reasons why whatever you’re feeling is related to this lifetime, this identity. Many of us in group have had SIGNIFICANTLY worse 3D lives than many of you.
  • DRAMA - pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Yes you have crap, so do all of us. What’s the pattern, the thread common to all of us, the recursion, the theme…. how does shifting this impact the lightworker mission, alleviate suffering in the world, lighten the load of the morphic field to make it more conducive to heaven on earth?
  • OFFENSE - it always hurts everyone in the beginning when your faults and flaws are pointed out. So if you do it lots then you get used to it…. and when you can do it lots then you can get through 100-plus insights a day. You waste time being offended…. just accept it straight away.
  • SPECIAL - Ego and society makes everything about being special and personally happy - even God. You are only valuable to God if you are completely expendable. What do I mean? If you won’t publish that article or say that thing because you can’t risk losing your job because you have to feed your kids…. that makes you less of an asset to God. God wants soldiers that when he says jump, we say how high? Look what He made Jesus do. Just think about what He asked of Jesus - there was no miracle to STOP the death. The death had to happen for the miracle to happen. You’re only special to God if you think you don’t matter at all. So we knock some sense into you quickly on this one.
  • COMFORT & COMFORTABLE - you WILL NOT be comfortable in this group. And if you are getting comfortable, tag me, and I’ll fix that. I will agitate, push, annoy, piss off, upset and drag you kicking and screaming if you keep yourself near me - because I don’t slow down for fuck all. If you get on my roller coaster you are in my playpen, and I don’t slow down or give a continental flying fuck about comfort - I want to know everything I can about God - and if you get in my way, complaining about how you aren’t comfortable, I’m gonna push you over the side of my boat.

Consider yourself warned.

There is a distinction between group and me for a reason. My journey is intense - and we’re not building a religion here.

The only two people who get a vote on my journey and my direction and my speed are me and God. My journey and the teachings I share from what I have learned are not public property.

You follow my journey at your own peril - and FUCK YOUR COMFORT.

You play in my playpen and I will make you go at my speed. And I don’t ever leave my playpen, that’s how I know we’re on my side of the fence.

I won’t change the content or tone or speed of my posts or teaching as these are about me and my journey - group is a place I facilitate for all of us to have a safe space to speak.

We clear?

I teach what I know works, because I’ve been through it. I share freely cos God told me to. I listen when God says do something. I don’t edit. I just do.

This journey does not look what you’d expect - it certainly didn’t for me… but I was so willing to roll with it. My average time to accept a major belief change is like 24 hours.

You have to be WILLING…. this has to be a conscious FREE WILL choice.

And it will be damn hard work and you’ll want to hate me… especially when I remind you that you have chosen to be here. That we’ve already agreed that I CAN cut the bullshit and offend you straight out….. because you respect my time and that I can say stuff straight out so that I have time to get to the 200 other comments that I need to see that day.

We’re gonna be advanced big girls and boys about this now - and adults.

Because that kinda feels like the barrier to entry for an ADVANCED group, doesn’t it?

The Free WIll Issue

As I write this first draft, it is early December of 2017, and we are busy with a group clean up process to cull our numbers and rid ourselves of those who delay our development by being lazy and not putting in the effort.

So this process is born of necessity, first of all.

As part of this process, a series of rather interesting posts have happened on group, and these have raised a number of issues, which have been addressed in this post.

The last of these issues is a massive one that made me take careful stock - and it deserves its own place and point of focus here. Especially because I want to ensure that we never have this lack in the group again.

I got into healing and spirituality early - and I was asking big questions early. I am really not exaggerating when I say I started at the age of 4. I’ve been doing this, pretty much at this pace, for the past 36 years.

By the time I was twenty (20), I was having healing work done by healers and shamans on an almost DAILY basis. This is not an exaggeration - and it went on for years and years and years. I am now 39, so this has been two decades (20 years) of my life at this spiritual speed.

So for me, the concept of free will came early. And I knew it was important.

By the time I was 14 I could verbalize the idea that “we inherently know that we have the right to make our own decisions”. It was a few years before I used the term free will.

But even as a kid and teen I knew it was important… and this side of the learning curve, now I wish I had studied it more, focused on it more. Instead I focused on forgiveness and faith.

Combine this with early access to healers and shamans and wicca, and a very open mind, and the concept of free will in power and healing was just obvious to me…

You never do anything on or for somebody unless you have their free will permission.

Even in healing circles, this is known…. I’ve never met a healer who doesn’t require the person to make direct contact so that they can be sure of their free will buy in.

You have to get someone’s free will permission to do any work on them at all, even if your intentions are good.

The whole “you must wait on the sidelines until they want your help” is NOT a suggestion - it’s the natural LAW. A cosmic law.

Free will has to be honored above all else - and this is what distinguishes dark from light.

When you have the person’s free will consent, then your work is light, and democratic.

When you have not asked permission, it is against their free will choice, and a violation of their inherent rights as a fellow God.

You are enforcing your beliefs and choices onto someone else when you choose to heal them without permission - and at OUR ADVANCED level of development, the permission should not be ALLOWED to be obtained energetically.

So no, it is NOT enough to obtain energetic permission when working with a higher level being. You must obtain clear VERBAL or WRITTEN agreement - and you should additionally confirm that.

In my case, I do it by making sure I stick to my posts. I don’t comment on many posts, unless I’m tagged or asked to. Ongoing clients - think to yourself how rarely I ever initiate contact. Anyone who has messaged with me - go back and look and check: every single time it was you that started the conversation.

This is a rule for how I run my life - that’s how I make sure.

So I create the first barrier of free will engagement by making sure you have approached me. So I am sure I am being asked for help or a question.

The second thing I do is I ask the person: can we talk about this? Are you okay to share this? Can I share a link? Can I add you to the group? Are you happy to talk about this here? Or the killer… can I be honest?

So I use verbal agreement to get specific agreement again about working on that issue specifically.

I am very sure about free will before I climb in.

In fact, if I doubt the person, I will tell them that I don’t think they want the healing or are ready. This gives them a chance to sway me if I’m reading it wrong.

I make doubly, triply sure - and then I keep checking along the way. Coaching calls it “permission”.

So I stay on my side of the fence and I do not ever come over to you to check what is going on - unless you call on me and ask for help.

I want to make this distinction very clearly.

I will assign a resource but I have no investment in whether or not you do it. My involvement ends when the conversation ends.

You are following that ADVICE by your own free will choice. You read the teachings by your own free will choice.

Which brings us to the next part…. my free will choice.

This free will issue came to light when a group member said they repay me for what I give by “doing healing on me whenever they’re doing work”.

I had to go lie down for a while. I felt invaded, spiritually raped. No offense meant - I’m just sharing honestly. I was so surprised that this person didn’t know this basic.

For months I have been battling two issues - first that I keep getting drawn back into personalized human experiences, and second that something keeps glitching with and interfering with my energy.

This was my friend’s help to heal me without permission causing these issues.

Her intention was good - she wanted to repay the energetic exchange for what I give to her, but all it did was actually make my life more difficult.

For a start, I don’t personalize lessons at all anymore - I only see Messianic up. So it was torture to keep getting pulled down into human levels.

So instead of redressing the balance, the “helpful healing” was actually creating a bigger problem for me - one that I couldn’t pinpoint to fix permanently.

So let me address this now - at no point is anyone ever welcome to do healing work on me, unless I have given you my direct express permission. That permission will be for the aspect discussed only. There are no exceptions to this. Permission will never come via anyone but myself or my daughter.

If you feel that you need to do an energy exchange for what I have given, a donation will help, thank you.

Doing any energy work on me is not a valid acceptable form of currency for what I give and I am stating that boundary very clearly. Not least because I have the right to pick my healers, and what I am working on. I have a right to know what is going with my healing, because I put a lot of time and effort into my journey.

There is no excuse for this - and make sure you mention this in your answers because knowing this is a requirement - that you cannot heal ANYONE on group without their express permission, verbally or written. Energetic permission is not acceptable on ALDG unless the person is somehow completely unreachable and it’s an emergency - like they’re being tortured to death kind of emergency. And you are SURE it’s happening.

Chemory’s involvement in group vs Chemory the Admin

I administrate and facilitate the group, keeping it free of BS posts and marketing.

BS posts include “poor me” sob stories, please heal me posts, I’ll do a free reading or healing posts.

Marketing posts are mostly pure marketing or you can see that it’s just written for PR purposes.

I was a serious marketing expert in my former life - I know what these look like.

96% of the posts submitted to group are only marketing or BS posts.

If I did not admin the posts, we’d be drowning in junk again like we were a while back when I decided to vet posts, because there was too much junk when people could just post without approval needed.

As long as a post meets the above requirements and has enough TEXT WRITTEN to explain why we must visit the post link or video, I will approve it.

If you watch me carefully you will notice I never comment on any posts but to answer comments on my posts. Chances are high I will not comment on, or interfere with yours, unless you’ve tagged me.

I see being an admin as separate to my posts.

I moderate posts to maintain our standards and I use the dragon persona to make sure that this stays a safe place for big souls to discuss controversial content.

That’s where Chemory the admin ends.

Now we have Chemory the group member.

I post insights and lessons and learnings I have gained along my journey, in order to help others who are on the same threads, to shortcut by verbalizing it for them.

This serves a double purpose of acting as articles that attract clients working in my areas of spirituality.

I make my living by healing, coaching, mentoring and teaching people one on one, because the big spiritual media and social media presence means that the secular world does not like to do business with me.

So I run the group for all of us.

My posts and teaching and healing are separate. And these are paid for services. If you message me for a friendly chat where I just help you quick, that’s my business. I will tell you to pay for an appointment.

I hardly ever comment on other people’s posts and this won’t change. If you comment on my post, you are stepping into my world, my playpen, asking for my help or advice.

My posts are posted by the time I’ve verbalized it and are shared to help others - they are not open to interpretation. I will definitely not engage in the stupid discussions, as that is only designed to take us off topic.

If you comment on a post, or ask a question, I will help you - but my involvement ends there.

I will be brutal most likely, because I cut to the point. If you were paying for that coaching time then you’d want me to be brutal so that you learned as much as possible. I am efficient with my time, please respect that.

If your issues are too private to share in group, then you MUST BOOK A PAID FOR SESSION if you want my help.

Any and all “friendly chats” anyone wants to have with me must take place in group. If you Private Message me, I will assume you are a paying client and bill you accordingly.

And as for these “friendly” 8-plus hour chats you want to have… I’ve had a few and they all end the same.

Have you considered that this efficient, no-nonsense style is my personality? I was a businesswoman - quite a serious one. I’m a business writer and a top notch columnist and marketing person by trade.

I am efficient, brisk and no-nonsense, and when I walk into this group I founded, I expect to be able to be free to be myself, with all the distance and aloofness that the spiritual journey creates.

This distance and aloofness is a NATURAL PART of the spiritual evolution for most of us - it’s why you’ve battled with people and been on the outside for so many years.

Don’t destroy the one safe space we have to come together as a community with politics and bickering and small mindedness - then it’s not worth my time to facilitate this and make resources available.

I am here to share my path so that yours will be easier to navigate - please afford my generous gift the respect it deserves.

I offer a donations facility for clients who cannot afford full rates, and I am grateful for donations to cover my time and costs in group.

I also make my PERSONALLY OWNED coaching resources available to group members, and host the content on my website.

I appreciate any donations to help me cover these costs and my time spent.


Intelligence and spirituality

It is a side effect of spiritual growth that you get smarter as you grow. Per insight in other words, because you begin to access more info in the morphic field, along with more abilities.

If you are ADVANCED your knowledge and intelligence will show - there are natural markers.

So show your intelligence. Pay careful attention to these questions and answer them properly.

Remember that your access to this group is a privilege that can and will be revoked if necessary.

  1. Do you understand that you are playing with issues that will impact your mental health and worldview dramatically?
  2. Do you understand you run the risk of suicide, depression and/or a mental breakdown?
  3. Do you take full responsibility for your own personal spiritual journey and mental health, knowing the potential risks?
  4. Do you agree that no one is the group is liable for your journey and choices except you?
  5. Do you agree that you are participating in this group and all its content completely by your conscious free will choice?
  6. Do you agree to adhere the grammar and writing requirements for the group? What are these as you understand them?
  7. What’s the deal with Chemory?
  8. Abbreviate what you understand from this post. Yes, the entire post. You've read it and you’re advanced - we want to know you understand this.

Why do we limit access?

This piece of writing, from Amorah Quan Yin, sums it up perfectly:

Sacred protocol for spiritual students, seekers, and initiates involves never giving the initiates anything that they have not been properly prepared to handle.

For example, in the ancient Egyptian temples, a prospective initiate must have already been living in harmlessness and integrity prior to the being accepted into the mystery school.

The priests and priestesses would speak with members of the person's family and community in order to learn whether or not the applicant was indeed known to be a "good person".

Then the applicant would be evaluated, or read, energetically to determine whether he or she was sincere and genuinely ready to begin the mystery school practice.

If the prospective initiate was deemed acceptable, he or she was first taught simple techniques for healthy boundaries and transcendence of Ego identification.

These teachings were complete prior to beginning the activations and clearings in the Ka Temples.


Because it can actually be dangerous to open your higher-dimensional connections if your identity is not aligned with spirit's truth, as opposed to ego's truth.

If an initiate has dark astral affiliations, from early life or past lives, and cannot secure his or her auric field safely, from these influences, higher and multidimensional work can exacerbate this problem.

If the initiate is still identified with such karmic behaviors such as shame, blame, control, judgement, lust, greed, fear and hatred, he or she will be much more susceptible to influence and possession by dark entities such as the Annunaki control lords and astral parasites.

This does imply that you must be totally free of faults before the entering the initiatic path. It does mean that you need to be able to take responsibility for clearing and transforming these energies as they arise - as opposed to indulging in them and believing they are real.

The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ba by Amorah Quan Yin

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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