The Mirrors of Unemployment & Joblessness unpacks the themes and challenges around why you cannot find or sustain work.

Use this tool to understand the reasons that you are experiencing this present life challenge, and find the thought that can help release you from the anguish and turmoil you feel.

  • Why am I not suitable?
  • Where do I benefit from being unemployed?
  • Why do I want to be unemployed?
  • What makes me excited?
  • Where am I bored?
  • Am I an asset or a liability?

The themes you'll be working with for the Mirrors of Unemployment & Joblessness are employable, suitable, able, willing, skilled, talented, qualified, experienced, practical, useful, lacking, deficient, eager to learn, lacking knowledge, redundant, unsuccessful, successful, bored, stimulated, excited, avoiding, holding on, abdicating or giving up, responsible, value, compensation, happy to unemployed and benefiting from unemployment.

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There are very hard and brutal questions in here, like where do I carry a death wish, or how do I benefit from being ill?

If you want to heal, we have to go dig out that tough stuff that you don’t want to face – you’ll understand why in the moment you’ve released it.

Please take time to read the duality statements before you begin – understanding them is core to the course really working for you.

But… they are also vague and colloquial on purpose. So please use your understanding of the terms as well when you are answering questions.

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