You can use this technique at any time, in any place, to help you feel calmer, think more clearly, manage your emotional state better, cope with tiredness, exhaustion or pain, and even to clear the symptoms of illness or addiction cravings.

If you're on a spiritual journey, you can even use this technique as a forgiveness process or to assist with shifting on all other levels.

There is no risk that you can overuse this technique and you cannot interfere with other healing work or traditional medicine.

Because the process relies on your body's own innate ability to heal itself, your system will only take on and allow what it is capable of shifting at any given time.


The BodyTalk Cortices Self Application Process

Process Overview

Please read the whole instruction series through once carefully before you begin tapping.

The cortices tapping process is easy to do and easy to remember, once you've run through it a few times. It can also safely be taught to children who need a coping mechanism.

In a nutshell, the aim of the process is to cover your whole head by holding your hand in various positions, while tapping on your head to reconnect or 'fix' the two hemispheres of your brain. You then repeat the tapping process on your heart to 'store' the fix. Each tap lasts for the duration of two breathing cycles.

Tapping itself should be light and should not hurt the area you're tapping or your fingertips. If they feel sensitive, tap more lightly.

There are six hand positions in total, with a tapping round (head then heart) for each hand position. In total, it takes about a minute to run the process.

It doesn't matter which hand you use for tapping and which you use for holding - do whatever feels comfortable for you.



What is a breathing cycle?

A breathing cycle is breathing in once deeply, holding for a moment and then releasing your breath in a steady flow.

The brain uses the breath to scan the body, so breathing in and out completely allows ample time for the system to be scanned completely.

If you are working with a partner, and they are able, ask them to breathe deeply through their nose for the full time you are tapping.

You'll see the icon to the right on the graphic showing the hand positions to remind you to tap for two full breath cycles.


Tapping to FIX ITFix it

  • Take your tapping arm and put the crook of your elbow in front of your nose. Your middle fingertip should rest lightly in the middle of your head, with two fingers on either side.
  • Now visualize the two parts of your brain reconnecting - see lights going on, pathways coming to life and set the intention that you want the two halves to reconnect to each other.
  • If you find it difficult to visualise, as many people do, then just set the intention for the two hemispheres in your brain to reconnect by saying it out loud or silently in your head.
  • Now tap lightly on your head for two full breathing cycles while saying quietly to yourself: "Fix it."
  • The icon on the right will remind you tap on your head for two full breath cycles while saying fix it in the hand positions graphic below.


Tapping to STORE ITStore it

  • Now move your tapping arm down to the middle of your chest so that you're tapping lightly on your sternum - your chest bone.
  • Tap for two full breath cycles while saying quietly to yourself: "Store it."
  • The icon on the right will remind you tap on your heart for two full breath cycles while saying store it in the hand positions graphic below.


The Hand Positions

Each of the six hand positions is illustrated in the full graphic below, and in the downloadable PDF.

  1. Place your holding hand flat on the back of your head so that your palm is resting on the area where your skull meets your neck >> fix it >> store it.
  2. Now move your holding hand up one hand width so that it is lying flush against the rounder part of your skull >> fix it >> store it.
  3. Slide your hand up onto the crown of your head so that it's lying flat on the area you've been tapping. >> fix it >> store it.
  4. Place your hand on your forehead >> fix it >> store it.
  5. Put both your hands on either side of your head and press releasing one hand to tap >> fix it >> store it.
  6. Put both your hands on either side of your head and press releasing the alternate hand to tap >> fix it >> store it.





Learn more about BodyTalk

All the information on BodyTalk is kindly provided by Irene Graupner, a senior BodyTalk Practitioner who does amazing distance sessions for clients all over the world.

To learn more about BodyTalk and Irene's services, please visit


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