Mirrors of Relationship

Find the answers to your most pressing life questions!

You know how you can have one single thought and suddenly everything makes sense? Like you just didn’t get it before… but now you totally do?

What if I told you that you can get to that thought, guaranteed, every time you have a problem… just by answering a few questions? And you could do it alone, without someone else to help you, or having to share your private stuff?

It sounds to good to be true doesn’t it…? It isn’t.

The Mirrors of Relationship is a system that will help you unpack your thinking on any issue.

And to it make even easier for you, it’s already grouped into handy themes, like, Why do I have Cancer? or Why can’t I get over my break up or divorce?

How does it work?

Based on the original Essene Mirrors of Relationship and aligned to the Human Consciousness Scale, Mirrors offers a structured set of simply-phrased coaching questions that will elicit your belief system and thinking from every possible nook and cranny of your mind… past, present and future.

But isn’t that a lot of questions?

You bet!

So the question framework is built into a highly configurable web app that allows you to build your own coaching session. That means that the questions will hit home, regardless of how many times you use the question set.

Try a question set and see…

When you purchase the tool, it will be advertising free.

Mirrors of Relationship for Lightworkers


Features of Mirrors of Relationship Tools

Run from a DVD or downloaded and installed on your local machine, the interactive web app uses your browser but requires no Internet access to run, and all the answers are ONLY stored on your local machine.

In addition, there are interactive Microsoft Word tools for you to use that contain the same set of questions, if you feel more comfortable working in Word.

So this tool is perfect for when you really actually need a coach or healing help… like between 12am and 3am, when your gall bladder and liver meridians are driving you crazy with thinking about and rehashing everything that is wrong with your world.

These tools bring healing, awareness and release to the mental and emotional levels and make them accessible to anyone who can answer simply phrased questions.

The interactive tools and healing techniques are easy to use, and the healing techniques easy to remember. The web app incorporates complete video instructions (for everything), timers where needed, forgiveness resources and additional healing resources for any potential roadblocks.

And nobody but you will ever know… it's not sent to or stored on any server. In fact, you can use it with the Internet turned OFF - everything will still work.

What's more you don't even have to save your results - just type your answer and clear the forms if you want to. The magic lies in seeing and answering the question anyway! This way your absolute privacy is guaranteed.

Not a problem… because you don't need it! The tools do all the thinking work for you. Simply play with the question dropdowns until you 'see' a question that fits for you. Then type your answer, generate the results, and if you really want to, print to PDF and save for review later.

There are only 6 to 10 visible questions per page, and 9 pages of questions per tool, so you won't get overwhelmed at all. But… each question is highly configurable, so those simple 6 to 10 questions can easily become a 1000 or 2000 different questions… maybe more.

The Mirrors framework of coaching questions will elicit information on:

  • you, your character and behavior
  • your relationships
  • people around you: past present and future
  • ego and ego responses
  • expectations and desires
  • sacrifice and loss
  • belief systems, habits, patterns, strategies, values, traditions
  • generational patterns
  • active memories
  • karma, soul contracts and soul programming
  • mission, vision, purpose and values
  • forgiveness
  • life trials and life stages
  • trials by fire and dark nights of the soul
  • Higher Powers or divinity
  • recursions
  • dualities and balance
  • and more!

And that's before we get to the dualities list.

Luckily the questions look and are simple, like 'what do I accept about heartbreak in myself?' or 'where do I feel totally at ease about chaos in my partner?'

In a nutshell, dualities are all the aspects at play in the theme you're working on.

Each course aligns the Mirrors framework to a set of dualities that will ensure you cover all the potential areas of influence in a theme - and can really unpack what is going on in your life.

So you will never run out of questions and ways to unpack that theme, and each time you use the tool you'll have aha moments of awareness and insight - guaranteed.

How are the dualities compiled?

Dualities are compiled by drawing on various aspects, like the common metaphysical causes for illnesses, life themes or challenges. In addition, the more common themes are aggregated into the list as well.

Each duality list of approximately 25 areas will give you a big picture overview of the aspects at play in your life, and ensures that you can unpack the stuff you're still blind to on your own, by simply choosing your question and answering it.

It really is that simple.

Even better: after you've answered it, you will feel relief and release. Aha moments of awareness are the Holy Grail of therapy, coaching and healing after all.

There are tough questions contained in these question sets, because if you want to heal, really heal, you often have to go the dark places you've been avoiding.

Dualities are compiled by drawing on various aspects, like the common metaphysical causes for illnesses, life themes or challenges. In addition, the more common themes are aggregated into the list as well.

In addition, the courses tackle the hard questions and areas that you can't always admit to, like do I have a death wish, or why do I want to be sick?

Facing your shadow or dark is not easy, so luckily the information does not leave your machine. It's worth facing if you really want to heal though.

  • You will feel lighter.
  • You will feel less confused.
  • You will be able to think more clearly.
  • With repeated use, you will get noticeably smarter, regardless of what area you're working on.
  • Sometimes you will laugh or cry as you release and process emotion, and sometimes you will feel shocked at a realization. There are tools to help you deal with all of that.
  • If you are very body conscious, you will often feel energetic release as you answer.
  • Over time, and with integration, your life and circumstances will begin to change.

All the interactive and additional tools come with full instructions, including video instructions, incorporated.

  • The Butterfly Tapping Technique is an easy tapping process you can use to help your body release and store changes from answering the questions.
  • The Butterfly Release will stop your system getting stuck, will stop you feeling stuck, will help you process emotion more quickly and can be used to combat headaches.
  • The Go Ape technique can be used when or if you feel shocked, and will turn off the shock and stress hormones in your body.

Each of the above listed tools also doubles up as an on-the-go stress management tool you can use daily - and none of the tools can hurt you if you use them too much. There are no side effects - only benefits.

Lastly, the built in interactive forgiveness tool gives you a visual and audio aid to assist you with forgiveness release. You can even upload a picture of the person you want to forgive. It makes it easier - we're visual beings after all.

Simply download the file, unzip it and double click on the file that says double click to start.

The rest looks EXACTLY like the example you tested above.

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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