The Mirrors of Relationship is a complete diagnostic and healing tool that lightworkers can utilize to transition into the new 5D reality we're entering in the Age of Aquarius.

This channeled and divinely-inspired tool has been sent to help lightworkers, lightwarriors, twinflames, angels, archangels, Pleaidians, Sirians and other star beings to transition their host bodies from the 3D to 5D reality.

What is the Age of Aquarius?

One of the key understandings that explorations into kinesiology has revealed is that we are surrounded by and connected to a energetic network of information known as the Morphic or Holographic Field.

This field contains all the knowledge of everything that has ever been in the human experience, as well as all new ideas, flow and inspiration. When information comes to you intuitively, it travels via the Morphic Field.

In a nutshell, what the Age of Aquarius means is that the vibration of this Morphic Field has raised to the 5th dimensional level, and new ideas, inspiration, ways of thinking and beliefs have been opened up and made accessible to the people of Gaia.

These new levels of thinking and understanding will enable us to do a number of things, including further our technology, expand our spirituality and access previously rare or inaccessible abilities, like psychic abilities, intuition and more.

What are the Mirrors of Relationship?

The original Mirrors of Relationship process was designed by the Essenes - a religious group dating back to the birth of Christ.

As we're seeing now with all the light beings showing themselves, a group was also sent around the time of Christ to raise the Morphic Field and support the work that Jesus was doing. Each of those lightworkers also had their own purpose, and among the Essenes were a group who created the original Mirrors of Relationship. I incarnated among that group and helped develop the original set of mirrors. 

One of my main missions and purpose this time around was to expand and finish the Mirrors of Relationship and reduce it down to a simple healing tool that people can use on the mental level (3D), utliizing the tools they've naturally developed in the technological and information age. 

A bridging tool for the Age of Aquarius

The Mirrors of Relationship will allow you to understand the information that you've skipped on the spiritual (4D) level in this lifetime, and bridge to the new 5D reality. 

  • Obtain mental, emotional, spiritual and psychic relief in almost any situation
  • Quickly and easily clear old patterns that are holding you back
  • Clear long-standing forgiveness, resentment and anger issues
  • Easily unpack entire belief systems
  • Create guaranteed a-ha moments of insight and understanding
  • Rapidly expand your consciousness and feel yourself getting lighter and smarter and operating with better clarity everyday
  • Easily adapt to the change in the Holographic Field vibration
  • Learn how to work on your own within a short time, so that you can facilitate clearing and healing within yourself while the current vibration allows for big shifts

A self-perpetuating healing and growth tool

When it comes to diagnostics and figuring out what's actually going on in your world, Mirrors is the only tool you'll need.

Designed according to the Human Consciousness Scale, the questions and understanding naturally unfold as you reach each new mirror, enabling you to continue your own growth cycle without relying on a practitioner to assist you.

View the Human Consciousness Scale >>>

Easy to learn and use, Mirrors incorporates kinesiology self-testing where required, as well as simple tapping-based release mechanisms for light beings to use.

In addition, the program is supported by a number of additional healing tools where needed, and techniques are incorporated to help your body cope with the massive amounts of release that will take place. This ensures that you don't go into a shifting crisis or overload and collapse from the strain.

In time, Mirrors will sink into your understanding, allowing you to identify your responses as they happen in the moment, allowing you the conscious control you need to change your actions and behavior over the long term, as well as easily navigate any challenge life throws at you.

The Basic Mirrors of Relationship

Mirrors of the Present

Which aspects are currently playing out in my life?

  1. The Mirror of People
    • What does this show me about myself and the other people around me?
  2. The Mirror of Ego
    • Where does this make me feel inferior or superior to someone else?
    • Which ego-based reactions am I having?
  3. The Mirror of Expectation & Desire
    • What is expected of me and of others?

Mirrors of the Past

What has happened in the past to shape me?

  1. The Mirror of Sacrifice & Loss
    • What have I sacrificed or lost?
  2. The Mirror of Programming
    • What has been programmed into me?
  3. The Mirror of Balance
    • Finding balance and equality in my relationships and thinking.

Mirrors of the Future

What am I becoming? What is the grand scheme of my life?

  1. The Mirror of The Soul
    • What does my soul want to teach me?
  2. The Mirror of The Dark
    • What lessons and balance do I need from the dark?
    • Am I in a Dark Night of the Soul? Am I being prepared?
  3. The Mirror of The Cosmos
    • Lessons of the Cosmos
    • Lessons of the Age of Aquarius

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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