What are the Mirrors of Relationship?

The Mirrors of Relationship is a diagnostic and healing tool that will enable you to actively grow your level of consciousness, on your own or with the help of a coach or practitioner.

Created by Chemory Gunko and based on the original Essene Mirrors of Relationship, Mirrors incorporates kinesiology testing and tapping-based release mechanisms, and working with Mirrors calibrates at a level of 500 according Sir David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force consciousness scale.

View the Human Consciousness Scale

An easy-to-use diagnostic and healing tool

The true beauty of the Mirrors process is that it is a one-size-fits all tool that you can apply to any area of your life to understand why that aspect causes psychic distress or emotional pain for you.

Paired with kinesiology testing and easy-to-learn and use release modalities, the Mirrors process allows you to diagnose and eliminate challenges in your life.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users

Designed to create effective change for anyone, at any level of healing and personal development, the tool becomes simpler to use and more effective as you continue using it.

Beginners will work off a question set structure to guide and assist them in understanding the Mirrors they’re working with, and over time the questions for Mirrors will become self evident as your consciousness and awareness increases.

Working with your natural mechanisms

Another key feature of the Mirrors process is that it works with your natural mechanisms – so it allows you to focus on yourself and your own world in order to grow consciousness.

The very nature of the Mirror process is that it allows you to unpack your personal world and all the problems in it and achieve insight and breakthroughs that are partnered with real, palpable mental and emotional relief. And the results are replicable, regardless of the problem you start with.

A self-perpetuating healing process

As you progress and use Mirrors more often, a few things will begin to happen.

Your increased awareness will unlock more advanced questions and understanding for each Mirror through the growth you have achieved.

At this point, you’ll be able to run Mirrors in your head and identify situations as they arise, enabling to make different conscious choices in the actual moment.

Once you reach a certain level of growth, you will be able to effect change more quickly by using the Mirrors process alone than what you will be able to with a practitioner.

Solving common healing problems

The Mirrors process is designed to solve a number of common personal development and healing problems.

1. A diagnostic and healing modality that you can use alone

This means you can avoid the shame of working with a practitioner and sharing your secrets.

You can also keep going when you’re facing money issues and can’t afford to see a practitioner – which is often when you most desperately need it!

2. A mental start

With a guided question set you can work through in the beginning, you have a fixed structure to work through that will help you reach the next level of questioning on your own.

As your consciousness grows, your intelligence will automatically grow, and the next level of questioning becomes totally self-evident – common sense in fact.

3. Rapidly grow your consciousness

At a certain point, this process will enable you to take a surge in consciousness that will allow you to unpack the secrets of the Universe.

You’ll come to see how the universal patterns play out in your life and be able to project that knowledge onto understanding the Cosmos.

4. Grow as quickly as you want to

You are not limited in how much or how often you can use this process – the speed of your growth lies entirely in your hands.

And the process doesn’t get boring to use. You will unpack realizations and moments of insight every time you run the process.

5. Easy to learn

Most people who identify as thinkers and those on spiritual journeys will quickly be able to adopt the process after seeing it facilitated a few times.

6. An effective diagnostic for any coach, psychologist or practitioner

Many of the Mirrors are self-evident once you see them and the process will quickly become common sense for you, making this a process that most healing practitioners will easily be able to adopt and incorporate to help their clients.

7. A structured process that can truly be taught to coaches and psychologists

Many coaching processes do not offer coaches and psychologists a real tool to diagnose and unpack what is happening for clients, or a route to lead them to true aha moments.

The Mirrors does exactly that – clients reach insights quickly, and are able to have multiple realizations per Mirrors session, often blasting through belief systems in the space of hours.

8. A true relationship saver

As you become aware of your Mirrors, the process becomes a natural part of how you process the world and the way you interact with things.

This will roll over into your relationships, enabling you to make more conscious and positive behavior choices in the moment. It will also introduce a new level of understanding and honesty into your relationship – even if only one of you is using Mirrors to work on their stuff.


The Basic Mirrors of Relationship

View the Human Consciousness Scale

Mirrors of the Present

Which aspects are currently playing out in my life?

  1. The Mirror of People
    • What does this show me about myself and the other people around me?
  2. The Mirror of Ego
    • Where does this make me feel inferior or superior to someone else?
    • Which ego-based reactions am I having?
  3. The Mirror of Expectation & Desire
    • What is expected of me and of others?

Mirrors of the Past

What has happened in the past to shape me?

  1. The Mirror of Sacrifice & Loss
    • What have I sacrificed or lost?
  2. The Mirror of Programming
    • What has been programmed into me?
  3. The Mirror of Balance
    • Finding balance and equality in my relationships and thinking.

Mirrors of the Future

What am I becoming? What is the grand scheme of my life?

  1. The Mirror of The Soul
    • What does my soul want to teach me?
  2. The Mirror of The Dark
    • What lessons and balance do I need from the dark?
    • Am I in a Dark Night of the Soul? Am I being prepared?
  3. The Mirror of The Cosmos
    • Lessons of the Cosmos
    • Lessons of the Age of Aquarius

Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

Chemory GunkoThe author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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