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Welcome to the Mirrors of Relationship.

Based on the original Essene Mirrors of Relationship, and aligned to the Human Consciousness Scale, the Mirrors of Relationship will help you unpack your thinking and belief systems so that you can reach aha moments of awareness - effortlessly and without someone else there to guide you.

The questions are designed to help you unpack in layers, so this is unbelievably effective if you start at the Mirror of People and work your way through to the Mirror of the Cosmos at the end.


The process is really about the questions.

As you answer them, your system will begin to change energetically, because the Holy Grail of any kind of therapy, coaching or healing is the aha moment of awareness - that's what causes the change in you.

So simply go through to the mirror that appeals to you, and use your tool of choice to structure your own questions.

Tailor your own session

Regardless of which tool you use, you have the option to tailor it to your specific needs - even when you don't know where to start!

Simply use the dropdowns to change the structure of your question until you find the question that hits home for you. Then you can go on and answer another configuration, and another configuration, and another configuration.

There are so many configurations that you could probably use the question set 300 or 400 times and have it be different every single time.

Watch these quick videos please

Where to start

Look at the blocks on the right and follow those instructions.

There are simple tools to use before you start, during Q&A sessions while you release & after you're done, so that your energetic system can process what you've processed and released.

From there, you simply go into the mirror of your choice and start answering questions.

It's really that easy!

The structure and unpacking is built into the questions for you already!

Once you see the question configuration that your system resonates with, the answer will be self evident - and you will feel the change in your system.

After a period of integration, usually about three weeks, you will begin to see changes in your life and reality where you have had awarenesses.

A complete healing & diagnostic tool

This is a complete healing and diagnostic tool that you can safely use on your own, to sort out your mind and create real change in your life.

If you need help moving - or believing you've moved - the energies though, you can always take the belief system you've unapcked to a coach or healing practitioner.

Modalities like Resonance Repatterning and BodyTalk lend themselves very well to the introduction of belief system statements at the start of a session.

Over time though, you really will come to see that ALL you need is the aha thought of awareness in order to create effective and permanent change in any area of your life.




The Butterfly Release will help your system get unstuck and process emotions and awarenesses more quickly.

Doing it before mirrors will help you loosen anything that is stuck, and help you process more quickly during the session.

Do this first


This simple tapping technique is an easy to remember resource when you're answering mirrors question sets.

Simply tap on your head while saying "fix this, release this", and then on your sternum to store the change.

During Q&A Sessions


Sometimes when we answer questions like this, we uncover shocks and traumas from the past that we haven't dealt with.

In addition, the very revelation of the information can be shocking.

This simple two-minute process is all you need to do to stop the stress hormones from coursing through your system, and help your body recover from the shock.

During Q&A Sessions


Finishing sessions with a Butterfly Release will once again help your system process what you have shifted, and ensure that your system does not get overwhelmed.

The Butterfly Release also helps a huge amount when you are feeling stuck in your life.

Do a Butterfly Release every day for 3 to 6 minutes for maximum effect!

When you're finished

Your Interactive Mirrors of Relationship Question Tools

Use these interactive tools to generate questions and answer them there on the page.

Simply use the dropdowns to configure your question, and then use the text below it to answer your question.

Once you hit the button to generate your answers, it will refresh the page and show you the questions and answers you've completed.

Then you can either let it go and start again, or you can copy paste to another document, or you can simply save the html. It's that easy.

Or you can download the Interactive Micorosft Word documents to complete.

If you have Microsoft Word, the interactivity works the same.

Use the dropdowns to generate your questions, and the text area to complete your answers.

You can reuse the same document multiple times, or save multiple copies.

And it's locked, so you can't mess it up or break it - you can only configure the questions and fill it in like a form.

1. The Mirror of People

What does this lesson come to show me about myself and the other people around me? What don't I want to see or acknowledge?

Mirror of People

2. The Mirror of Ego

Where do I feel inferior or superior to people or in situations around me? What do I judge, fear, doubt, envy or feel shame about in my present or past?

Mirror of eGO

3. The Mirror of Expectation & Desire

What do I expect of myself, the people around me, life and my Higher Power? What do the people around me expect of me? Do I live to expectations?

Mirror of expectation

4. The Mirror of Loss & Sacrifice

What have I lost, sacrificed, given up, had stolen, or had taken away from me? Where have I not released or forgiven that loss?

Mirror of loss

5. The Mirror of Programming

What beliefs, belief systems, habits, patterns, traditions, ideals, principles and ethics have I adopted - and which are really me?

Mirror of programming

6. The Mirror of Balance

How do I find balance and meaning in my relationships? Where do I experience conflict or being out of balance?

Mirror of balance

7. The Mirror of the Soul

What lessons does my soul want to teach me? Is there anything here related to karma, my mission programming, purpose or vision?

Mirror of the soul

8. The Mirror of the Dark

What lessons and orientation do I need from the dark? Am I experiencing a trial by fire or in a dark night of the soul?

Mirror of the dark

9. The Mirror of the Cosmos

What lessons am I learning from the Cosmos, my Higher Power, God, the Universe or Source, and in the Golden Age of Aquarius?

Mirror of the cosmos