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Reshimot (singular: reshimo), are those HUGE insights where you feel like a totally different person afterwards - like you know you have completely changed and will be totally different from now on.



A reshimot is pulling down, or completing, a spiritual lifetime.

Reshimot (singular: reshimo), are those HUGE insights where you feel like a totally different person afterwards - like you know you have completely changed and will be totally different from now on.

In the natural order of things, each lifetime is assigned to one reshimo, so most people get at least one in a lifetime.

For spiritual seekers like us though, we tend to do multiple reshimot a year. Why does this matter and what does have to do with waiting I hear you ask?

If you can recall a reshimo or two in your life, one of the things you’ll notice is that there is a clear division and separation between life before the reshimo and life after - like you’ve lived multiple distinct lives.

In a way this is actually what’s happened - completing the reshimot means that you have completed the minimum amount of growth of learning you were meant to achieve in this lifetime, and now you’re onto the next lifetime.

When you start this "new life”, there’s always at least a slight sense of “I haven’t lived before” or “Nothing has ever happened for or to me”.

And actually, this is true too - because your soul sees the experiences that happened prior to the reshimo as having had happened in another lifetime.

One of the ways you’ll notice this is if you’ve previously shifted something huge, like a trauma of some sort, including stuff like abuse and rape, and someone speaks about something similar and you think: “Oh yes that happened to me in the past too.”

LOL - if you hadn’t had a release at that level, I promise you it’s possible. In fact it’s easily doable. You can honestly release stuff to a point where you COMPLETELY FORGET that that ever happened to you.

When you look back at an event like that there’s a sense of distance that you feel from the event - almost like “it didn’t happen to me”. With some of them you’ll look back and go “Wow - did that really happen to ME? Was I really THAT person?”

We tend to notice this with shock and trauma events, because we remember them in such detail, and it seems unlikely we’ll get past that pain and trauma.

However, what you tend to glass over and not notice is that this happens with normal events too.

Try this out: think back on your life in 2012 - your normal day to day life. For me, I owned a marketing company and was VERY focused on making money and building business success. I was a workaholic.

Fast forward five years later, and I’m a hippie - living a completely different life. Different clothes, different lifestyle, different appearance…. and I could never imagine going back to that life at all. It seems so weird to think that I was one of those people in fact.

And with the amount of reshimot I get (which is a lot), for me it only really feels like my life started around end May this year… well actually more like somewhere in August. Remembering stuff prior to August is a strain - like I can barely remember the house I lived in for ten years until May of this year.

Whether or not you’re aware of it, this is happening to you too - it happens to all of us when we cross a reshimo barrier.

It’s worth being aware of, because it is one of the big reasons that you’re feeling so frustrated at the moment…. since this “life” started (since your last reshimo), very little has happened to you - if anything at all.

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