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As if Data Privacy wasn't already a huge issue, our tools are designed to help you unpack your deepest, darkest, most shameful secrets - so that you can REALLY heal.

Understand how Life Coaches Toolbox has built apps that always put your data privacy first - while still giving you real tools to heal yourself with.

  Life Coaches Toolbox puts YOUR Data Privacy FIRST

Learn more about Life Coaches Toolbox healing resources, and how they've been designed to safeguard your data privacy - abvove all else.

Introduction to Data Privacy

Data Privacy has become an important issue over the past few years, especially as people come to understand the risks of it more.

And it's a real risk… as marketers become smarter, they look for technology driven ways to reach potential customers more easily – because the main driver is usually profit.

What is the Data Privacy risk?

Most of the time, when you're using a website or app, you input information.

This is then sent back to the server for that website or app, where it is processed and then displayed to you.

This is the moment the security risk for you occurs – when you are sending data to the server to perform a function.

Two Levels of Data Privacy Risk

There are two levels of risk for you in this process.

The first risk is when the information is travelling between the server and your device.

The second risk is that the information is usually stored on the server, linked to your account.

This means that a hacker can find that information on the server – years after you've already processed – and forgotten about – it.

Life Coaches Toolbox's Apps are different

Life Coaches Toolbox Apps & Tools are very different.

For a start – and most importantly – we've catered to the security of your data privacy at every step along the way.

Why did we do this?

Why did we do this? For three reasons.

First, we truly believe in everyone's right to free will & data privacy.

Secondly, we believe in the sanctity & confidentiality of your healing experience.

Confidentiality in healing always applies; even when you're using an online tool.

Thirdly, we understand that one of the biggest barriers to entry for people seeking healing help, is the shame they feel around the 'stuff' they carry.

This is why we focus on creating DIY healing resources & tools that anyone, at any level of development, can use.

Whether you're new to this, or an old hand, Life Coaches Toolbox Apps will help you to get properly started on a journey of personal growth - without the need for ongoing external practitioner help.

How Life Coaches Toolbox Apps are different

How we guarantee your data privacy is all about the way we've built the apps.

For a start, you never send any information back to a Life Coaches Toolbox server.

In fact you don't even have a Life Coaches Toolbox login to use the apps.

You can simply go online and use the free versions with ads, or you can buy and download an ad-free version of any of our apps, from our website, or the app stores.

That's right, there's no login to use the free versions either.

All our apps, barring a couple, are designed to work WITHOUT Internet access; but only once you've bought an ad-free version.

So, by simply turning the Internet access on your device off, while using your purchased Life Coaches Toolbox app, you can make DOUBLY sure that no one ever discovers your secrets… AND you can use the app when you don't have any Internet access.

How We Ensure Your Data Privacy

Instead of sending your information back to a server, Life Coaches Toolbox sends the functions to your device.

When you open a page and start generating and answering questions, everything is happening on the device in front of you, and it never leaves your device or reaches our servers.

So even if a hacker had to try and break in to our servers, all they'd find is the same tools you're using, because we never see any of your information in the first place.

The downside of this is that we can never recover any information, or work that you've lost, for you – because we don't store any of it to begin with.

Life Coaches Toolbox's Online App functions work the same as paid apps

Our free and online apps work in the same way as our paid apps.

With online apps you will require an active Internet connection for some functionality, like watching videos, or certain meditation tools.

You will also require active Internet access to use any of the functionality in any of our free app versions.

Your Online Safety, Data Privacy & Peace of Mind

Even if you are using a free version online, Life Coaches Toolbox Apps are still all designed to the same strict data privacy principles.

Accordingly, you will always be warned when content is being fed to you from online in our apps.

We really understand how hard it is for you to face your 'stuff' – let alone take the risk that someone else might discover deeply personal, and often deeply shameful, information about you.

Rest Assured with Lfe Coaches Toolbox Apps

You can rest assured that Life Coaches Toolbox has your back when it comes to data privacy.

When you purchase an original tool from Life Coaches Toolbox, you can set store by this guarantee.

You're always welcome to contact us if you have any more questions.

And you can rest assured that we'll never sell your details to a marketing list either – because we won't even collect them at all.

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