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How-To information on using the Mirrors of Relationship Coaching Question Sets found in Life Coach In Your Pocket.

  How To Use Life Coach In Your Pocket - Video Instructions

Here you will find the video instructions, along with accompanying text of the narration, for Life Coach In Your Pocket, using the Mirrors of Relationship, from lifecoachestoolbox.com.

Life Coach In Your Pocket is a coaching and healing question generator tool that lets you coach yourself WHERE you want to, WHEN you want to, without any risks to your privacy.

Random or Targeted Questions

To start, simply select a question completely at random – or you can get targeted and jump to a specific area of focus.

Refine to Find the Perfect Question

Use the sliders to navigate through the available options already populated into the various fields.

This way, you can refine the question to match your unique situation and individual needs.

To further refine – and really find the perfect question: you can click or tap on the slider fields, and type to replace the text inside those fields.

Choose a Question & Use It

Now, hit the USE QUESTION button to register your question.

This will generate the first fresh perspective of the question you've created.

Answers Questions or Create a Worksheet

Once you've created a question you're happy with, scroll down and use the PASTE IN TEXTAREA button to use your question.

A single line space will be included, to separate each question.

You can use this as a worksheet space, or as an answer field.

If you're creating a worksheet to print, or to use outside the app, you can insert additional line spaces by using the INSERT ANSWER FIELD button.

Make As Many Notes As You Want

This second view of the question is also a great place for you to type out any first round answers to the questions you've created.

You can also include any notes you'd like, such as dates and names.

The things you'll want to know if you look back on these notes in future.

Once you've created as many questions, answers and notes as you'd like to, scroll a bit further down and hit the CREATE Q&As button to generate the Results view.

See Your Answers in a Fresh Perspective

This is s a THIRD fresh perspective of your questions and answers.

All the text generated in this Results view is also editable.

Now, you can click and type anywhere, to add any further notes and insights that may come to you, about what you've already unpacked.

You are also free to edit and correct any errors you spot.

This useful if you're creating a worksheet or want to keep these as journal notes for reference later on.

Save Your Journal Notes

Once you're happy with all your edits, select MAKE PDF to save your results.

You can also use this Results view as an additional fresh perspective on your answers and thoughts.

Here you can add any notes and insights that might be triggered by this fresh view.

Once you're done with this round of editing, trigger the PRINT function on your device and Save as a PDF.

If you're asked anything about the extension, just select PDF.

Make Further Edits

On most devices, including phones, tablets, laptops and desktops, the work you've just done should still be there when you navigate back to the previous page.

This enables you to go back and make more extensive edits – useful when you're creating a worksheet, for example.

Hitting the GET NEW button will generate a new question for you; from the category the page covers.

As before, you can edit the question using the sliders, or by typing into the slider fields.

When your question is perfect, hit the USE QUESTION button to register your new question.

Keep Editing As Much As You Need To

Notice how the textarea still contains the old set of questions and answers we just created.

Now, when you PASTE IN TEXTAREA, like you did before, the textarea will contain your old questions, as well as the new ones you've created.

In other words, this means you can create an unlimited amount of questions per view.

As we saw previously, you can use the INSERT ANSWER FIELD button to create additional line spaces for answer fields and worksheets.

Now, when you hit CREATE Q&As, the Results view will contain the old questions and notes, as well as the new content you've just generated.

Once again, any edits you make to the results view will be saved for you.

Multiple Fresh Perspectives & Views

The multiple fresh perspectives give you a chance to 'see' the information in a new view – triggering further insights and aha moments.

Once you're done editing, hit MAKE PDF, and the next fresh perspective of the question and answer session will be generated for you.

Once again, you're free to make notes and edit as much as you feel you need to.

When you are ready, trigger the PRINT function on your device, and save the journal notes or worksheet to PDF, or print them if you really want to.

Copy To Clipboard & Store Somewhere SAFE

Some mobile devices may unfortunately not support the MAKE PDF function.

If this is the case for you, then once you're happy with your edits, use COPY RESULTS TO CLIPBOARD, and the Results view will be copied for you.

Make sure you paste this information – and store your PDFs – somewhere safe!

You don't want your private journal information to accidentally be read by somebody else.

  Get Help

Once you start working with a tool like Mirrors of Relationship, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

Simply pop us a message - or reach out via one of the message services listed below - and we'll have a coach or healer get back to you to assist you. This is a paid for service.