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Shadow Work


Cycling down to the rock bottom of lessons - so before I even explain the process, I have to explain why we do shadow work and why it’s not a bad thing.

Every lesson you go through is an ego death - and all an ego death means is a change of identity.

  How to do shadow work

💠 How to face your dark, shadow or ego 💠

So the ego cycle goes:

launch desire ➡ work towards ➡ achieve the desire OR give it up ➡ anticlimax and ego death (change in identity) ➡ launch new desire

We call it an ego death when we don’t like the immediate short-term result, e.g. ex-spouse or ex-homeowner or ex-employee.

We think of it as an Ascension surge when we like the immediate result, e.g. getting married, finding a job, starting a business, achieving success. Then we become, according to our current standards, spouse, employee, business owner, successful.

But, regardless of the content or outcome, the process is actually always the same.

So if the outcome is the same, why would you want to cycle down to the bottom of a lesson?

Why not wait for the Ascension surge?

There are a number of reasons for choosing a rock bottom cycle down:

We live on a contrast plane of duality. So everything has to be experienced in isolation (across time), and the dualities need to be known in order to have a complete experience.

So if you’d never known night, would day mean anything to you? No. It would just be light and that’s the way it is. You know what darkness is because the sun disappears.

That’s a contrast experience.

At the same time, happiness is a contrast experience. You feel happiness after you’ve reached the bottom of a low - in contrast to what you were feeling before.

At the same time, not all lessons are lessons of light - and usually lessons alternate between contrasting aspects.

So if you’ve had a positive lesson of faith, then the next logical please to go with that set of lessons is to a negative lesson of faith - say doubt or anxiety or worry.

First off this means you experience each lesson experience in isolation in time, so you experience them more fully when you are inside the lesson.

The second reason is again lessons of contrast. You’ll feel the contrast of doubt more if it lies next to an experience of faith.

Basically, the low of the doubt and the height of the faith are more intensely experienced because they are next to each other - contrasted against each other.

This contrast experience is also one of the things that makes a down-and-out cycle so powerful...

When you cycle all the way down to the bottom of the lesson and finally hit the lowest point, you are usually rewarded with a contrast surge of joy that actually is a better joy experience than straightforward joy surges.

The contrast makes it feel better.

When to go down to the bottom of a cycle

The idea that you have to wait until the emotional period is over and you have time, or that you have to wait until you’re better equipped to deal with something? Nonsense. You deal with things straight away.

When things are at their highest expression, they are most ready to release.

That means, for example, when you are the most suicidal, you are the most ready to release the energy of suicide permanently.

The very fact that you are feeling this emotion means that it is ready to be released.

And anyway… what are you putting it off for?

You’re just going to sit around and think about it anyway! This at least is constructive thinking.

And be honest…. this ‘time’ you’re taking to be ready and settled…. most of it will be dedicated to thinking about this endlessly. This way at least you have a chance to stop thinking about it if the process works.

The BIG argument against cycling down

The big argument most people have against cycling down is that you are working with negative statements.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that a negative statement means that you are affirming that reality for yourself, and creating it going forward.

In truth, you are owning what exists inside you and no longer rejecting it.

And since this presupposition is based on affirmations anyway, ask yourself - how long do you have to keep manifesting something to see it realize? Usually weeks and months ongoing.

You have to consistently, multiple times a day, apply new layers of thought until the desire manifests into reality.

So even if you cycled through these statements for a few hours, or a day…. do you really think that you manifest everything you think about for a few hours? It would take a lot longer to manifest this permanently.

And the truth is you’re already carrying it inside you - it’s already a part of what you’re manifesting. A few hours or days spent focusing on it will bring it to the surface and remove it permanently.

It’s really worth the potential risk - and once you’ve done it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before.

How to go down to the bottom of a cycle

Okay the simplest tool to do this is like all simple tools…. simple but not easy to do.

Basically you’re going to create a list of your greatest possible fears and doubts in the situation.

A Twin Flame that’s been betrayed, for example, could have a list like:

  • My Twin Flame never loved me.
  • My Twin Flame is happy without me.
  • My Twin Flame loves someone else instead of me.
  • None of my dreams of love will ever come true.
  • My Twin Flame rejected me.
  • My Twin Flame chose someone else instead of me.
  • My Twin Flame doesn’t want me.
  • I will never find love.

Someone with money issues could have a list like:

  • I will lose all my money.
  • I will lose my house and be homeless.
  • I won’t be able to feed my children.
  • My dreams will never come true.
  • I have to retrench my staff.

Someone with health issues in themselves could have a list like:

  • I will die and my children will have to fend for themselves.
  • I will be in constant pain for the rest of my life.
  • I cannot afford my medication and will die.
  • I cannot work while I’m sick.
  • I’m all alone and no one cares what happens to me.

Someone depressed or suicidal could have a list like:

  • No one cares if I live or die.
  • I will never make a difference in the world or in any one’s life.
  • I do not matter to anyone.
  • God doesn’t care that I exist.
  • Everyone else is happy except me.

The process of cycling down

So once you have your list, even if it’s a single statement, you just start reading the list OUT LOUD over and over and over again.

OUT LOUD is important - you are breaking privacy (shame) and putting it out into the morphic field. You are owning it.

At first it might be easy to say and get harder, or it might be hard to say and get easier.

Either way, just keep repeating it and repeating it, over and over.

Usually, after you’ve said it like ten or twenty times, you will suddenly reach a new statement.

If it’s a negative statement, start reciting that statement (writing it down usually helps too - like writing lines at school lol)!!!

Sometimes you’ll cycle through a few layers of negative statements, but usually the energy will dissipate around what you’re saying - or you’ll suddenly reach a positive statement.

I usually push myself to keep going until I reach a positive statement - even if I have to come back three or four times.

This can also trigger a domino of lessons…. lessons where a whole bunch of statements come at once. Write them down.

If you’re stuck, go back and read over the statements you got stuck at.

If any statement brings up an ego emotion (fear, doubt, resistance, anger, shame, humiliation, embarrassment, anxiety, jealousy, worry, competitiveness, or inferiority in general), then start repeating that statement.

Sometimes - especially at first - you have to push hard and for a long time in order to get to the breakthrough.

You don’t want to, because you’re usually low and depressed and you can’t see the sense of making yourself more depressed.

What you have to realize about these down-and-through lessons is that they are meant to take you to rock bottom, so the only way to get out of them is to go through the rock bottom experience.

These are not fun or easy lessons to live through, but they are always among the most powerful lessons - and they teach you on so many levels.

In truth, these lessons are infinitely more valuable than ascension and joy surges, which is why spiritual journeyers are often plagued with such hard lives. You learn and gain so much from that negative experience.

You will look back one day and realize that your shadow lessons are the most powerful you will ever have - and when you look back, you will come to treasure them above all others.

My most powerful two rock bottom lessons were:

I have no value. I bring nothing of value. Nothing I do or say will ever make a difference in the world. I can only try to help the people nearest by me.

I will never achieve any of my worldly dreams. I will lose everything I have ever worked for and there is nothing I can do to stop it. I will never achieve anything I have set my mind to and all the wealth I have built will be lost.

At the time both of these were bitter pills to swallow…. and I count them among my greatest treasures now. These two lessons set me free on so many levels.

When you face your shadow you become stronger, more powerful. You see all of yourself and the power and good that is contained in all parts of you.

The lesson is to see God in everything and all things in God…. including ego, wrath, anger, vengeance, doubt, concern, jealousy and so much more.

Everything is of God. EVERY SINGLE THING is made of God originally - that’s the only building block we had to work with.

If you are going to ascend you have to accept all the parts - and that’s why shadow work is crucial.

You have nothing to lose - and a world to gain.

Take the leap - it will be one you are forever grateful for having had taken.

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