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Where Mirrors Started


When the process of channeling Mirrors started happening for me, I had a detailed past life memory of being involved in the creation of the original Mirrors question set, and I came to understand one of my soul purposes was to bring the updated version of Mirrors during the Age of Aquarius.

The process of downloading and refining Mirrors was pretty lengthy – I worked on this daily, for about two years. At the end though, what I landed up with was an easy-to-use process that anyone can apply to himself or herself; possibly too easy lol ;)

  The Mirrors of Relationships


The original Mirrors question set alone is pretty awesome to begin with; I’m not going to lie. It basically boils down to the following seven ideas:

  1. Who we are
  2. What we judge
  3. What has been lost, sacrificed or taken away
  4. Forgotten love – what we’ve left behind
  5. Father/Mother which translates into God
  6. Dark Night of the Soul
  7. How we perceive ourselves and how others treat us accordingly

So the general idea is that you’d use those seven concepts to identify a lesson or “mirror” in one of the categories. But to be honest, it’s pretty vague and not always easy to do if you haven’t had years of exposure to this kind of stuff.

Let’s try it… let’s start with “feeling judged” as a base point statement.

So, statements in each category could then be:

  1. I am someone people judge
  2. I judge myself
  3. I judge myself for my past failures
  4. I’ve lost love because of being judged or judging myself
  5. My parents judge me… God judges me (you always replace parents or mom or dad with God)
  6. I always feel like I’m being challenged and my life is a trial
  7. People judge me because I judge myself

There’s definitely a small layer of relief there, because “feeling judged” has a root of “judging myself” – you have control to stop judging yourself.

So some relief…. but not quite enough is it?

I thought so too… so I expanded it, and the result of four years of refinement has led to the tool you have in your hands right now.

This version of the Mirrors of Relationship developed over two years of hours a day spent working on my own stuff and client’s stuff, using only this process. And then a couple more years spent using the process as a tool.

The results are amazing – in my own life and in the lives of others.

You see the answers immediately when you’ve been using the process for a while, and it becomes a part of your inner voice and the way you approach everything you do. Eventually you’re only going to remember the nine main categories, and the detailed questions will become self-evident.

This version of Mirrors is expanded to include ALL the aspects of healing that big gun modalities, like Resonance Repatterning and Reiki, cover. So it is designed to help you dig out Active Memories, Generational Patterns, Karma, Soul Purpose, New Information, and even cope with your Dark Night of the Soul.

The way to use the Mirrors of Relationship process is just to answer the questions every single day, for an hour or two a day, for about six months. The rest takes care of itself and unfolds naturally for you – it’s incredible to watch it happen to people.

The REASON that Mirrors of Relationship will help you – simply by answering questions – is that each question will help you bring one of the thoughts contributing to the BELIEF SYSTEM at play, to your CONSCIOUS AWARENESS. In a nutshell, conscious awareness means you have seen, said, heard, and registered the statement with the active part of you that you think of as being ‘you’. The statement is NO LONGER a subconscious thought anymore.

Think of it like this…

Imagine a pool of water that contains a million fish. There are so many fish zipping around that pool of water that you can’t actually focus on a single fish, and the water is incredibly choppy.

Now imagine each fish is a subconscious thought – a statement you can ‘bring to the light’.

So, as you answer the questions for the Mirrors tool, and bring each statement to your conscious awareness, you are effectively lifting one fish out of that pool of fish. When you keep going, over time you are going to lift enough fish out of the pool that it will become easier to focus on a single fish, and the water (your emotional state) will be way less choppy and disturbed.

But, when you’ve only lifted a few fish out of the water, there are still a few hundred thousand fish to go, and you probably have to remove at least a hundred fish before you really start “feeling” results that you recognize.

This is true of all healing – it’s slow going at first. And it’s why so many people give up on spiritual growth and personal development so quickly… it takes time and repeated application before you start seeing tangible results that you recognize as results.

I often recommend that when people commit to trying a healing modality, they commit to at least ten sessions. As someone who got early exposure to healers, I would go for healing daily – never less than weekly, and I got to experience firsthand the enormous benefits of the long term investment and long term journey.

The only way you can find out if I’m right or wrong is to try it for yourself – and six months is a small investment if it turns out I’m right and this really is a framework that can help you heal anything.

This new Mirrors of Relationship is modern, and thinks in our modern terms, because that is the role of a messenger like me, to present information in a way that is usable by the current generation.

This is what Mirrors is – a modern tool that you can use to heal yourself on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, simply by continuing to answer the questions.

And it really is that easy to use Mirrors… just answer the questions one by one by one.

You can pick a theme or think about something that is bothering you, or you can just climb in and answer the questions. And that seems too simple for many; too easy to do… but really, it’s hard enough to answer the questions honestly without your ego resistance getting in the way. You want the tool to be as simple as possible.

Healing takes time because an emotion is MANY THOUGHTS all happening at once. What do I mean?

Think about your relationship with your spouse or parents… Done? How long did that take? Less than a second? But surely your relationship lasted longer than that?

When we have a lot of thoughts that all happen at the same time, such as memories, ideas, expectations, beliefs, resistance, etc., etc., it all sort of blends together into a general “feeling” about the person or experience we’re thinking about. It’s way more efficient to feel one feeling in a second than it is to have to spend a few hours or days remembering ALL the past memories, fights, good times, laughter, sadness, etc., etc., every time you think about the person.

So it all gets compressed down into a feeling.

The Mirrors of Relationship process is going to let you unpack ALL the thoughts that make up every “feeling’ you have about anything in your life, whether it’s a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual challenge that you face. Once you’ve unpacked all the thoughts – or at least enough of them – the “feeling” will dissipate, and the need for that energy or experience to be in your life will disappear.

Yes, this will even work for physical ailments and problems.

For example, finding out that you have anger at someone can release the liver problems you’ve been experiencing, and even cure your cancer. Releasing the core of your anger will mean that those illnesses will not need to manifest for you again at all. The Mirrors of Relationship is your perfect 2am healing tool – because all you need to do is pull out the question set and start answering questions.

Although, you might find yourself sleeping better because you’re finally processing all your thoughts and your gall bladder and liver meridians don’t have to wake you at night to do the work for you LOL.

The trick with this though, is to KEEP GOING!

Even though it feels slow and ineffectual at first for some people – like it isn’t enough to JUST ANSWER the questions repeatedly – when you do start seeing results over the coming weeks and months, those results will be HUGE. Life changing. You’ll begin to understand things in ways you never did before, think more clearly, understand what the issue is in situations, see the patterns, and drop personalization.

You will get smarter in every sphere, your language use and ability will improve and you will begin to experience a peace and security that you’ve only ever previously dreamed of.

  Get Help

Once you start working with a tool like Mirrors of Relationship, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

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