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Thoughts Create Reality


The idea that "everything is energy and thought" is one of the more difficult and abstract concepts to understand on the journey.

But, understanding it REALLY changes your perspective, and so it’s a lesson worth chasing, regardless of its seeming complexity.

  A simple analogy to explain how thoughts create reality


The basic premise of this article is the idea that “two or more layers of thought in agreement, create reality”.

So, you agree that I have a body, and I agree that I have a body, and we both agree that you have a body, so when we see each other we both see the respective bodies.

But some layers of agreement - like the idea that we have a body, or that tables, chairs, homes and houses exist, are default agreements in the morphic field already. This is why society spends so much time teaching these words and concepts to us as kids.

Have you ever noticed how much early school work focuses on concepts like children, what children do and are like, and family structures?

The argument is made that this is what the kids are exposed to and can relate to, and while this is true, the repeated attention to the content serves to indoctrinate and brainwash young kids into thinking that this is how life is.

This is one of the many big ways they indoctrinate (brainwash) you into accepting society, and where you start getting your first contrast knowledge with which to decide that your parents are not up to par.

The Purpose of Vision & Sight in Human Experience

One of the most important functions of sight is that it creates the environment and the reality you’re participating in.

What do I mean?

You know when you’re in a dream and it feels real, and how we admire people who can actually KNOW they’re dreaming and control it?

The moment you saw that dream world, it became your reality. Until you wake up, for most of us, that dream felt completely like reality.

Yes there are people who can see past that, but it’s either an inherent talent or years of spiritual focus to get there.

There are always exceptions to the rule, but for most part people’s reality is created by what you see - or what you THINK YOU SEE. This concept gets important in a minute!

This is further confirmed when you have one of those really REAL dreams… even though you wake up to your life, it feels like you could go back there if you wanted. Even though you know it’s a dream and dream reality, you saw it and it felt real. More real than the world you actually live in, in many cases, which is why you want to get back there.

This dream reality confusion gets aided by the fact that most of our dreams are from our first person perspective as well.

So, the general gist is that when you see something, that creates the reality of where you are.

The advanced ability is to see past this illusion, but these are exceptions to the rule, usually a learned skill and not the default M.O. of the Earth plane.

The Analogy for Understanding How Layers of Thought Create Reality

So…. remember back to when you were a kid, and you noticed that if you held your hand a certain distance from your face, so that it was partly obscuring an object, it looked like you could see through it?

Try that again now.

If you’ve never done it, then hold your hand about ten centimeters, or four inches from your face, and keep both eyes open. You’ll notice that it looks like you’re looking through your hand, and that you have two hands - one solid, and one see-through or transparent.

Got it? Great.

Now, try closing one eye and then the other, and notice how the perspective of what you are seeing changes.

Each eye is getting a completely different point of view or picture… a different perspective.

So the visual information that is reaching the brain is different… each eye is triggering a different THOUGHT of what the view looks like, when the thought happens inside your brain.

The two THOUGHTS are in conflict and so you see an overlap - two different pictures becoming one, with both of them looking surreal and unreal, because they are out of alignment.

If you simply straighten your arm, then the view (thought interpreted by your brain when you see the element in front of you) experienced by both eyes is the same… so the reality comes into focus.

If you then bend your elbow and bring your hand back towards your nose, then the thoughts arriving in your brain are conflicting again, and the reality is out of alignment.

When you alternate between closing one eye and then the other, even though you are only receiving thoughts of what you’re seeing from one input (one eye), there is no other thought to conflict it, and so that becomes your reality.

A Practical Example

Think about how this plays out in your life, with the example of a relationship.

When you feel secure in the relationship, then you know the other person is also committed to the relationship. Your thoughts about the relationship are in agreement.

If however, you woke up one morning, and you felt that your partner’s thoughts were no longer in the same place, then you would start questioning the relationship. Become suspicious.

What you’ve reacted to and felt - even though there is no “proof” - is a change in the content of the thought agreement coming from them.

So if they’re cheating, for example, then they see a different perspective of a relationship - because there is a relationship with another person happening that gives them experience to draw on that you are not exposed to.

If the other person didn’t exist, then there would be no conflicting perspective - you’d both be looking at the same relationship. And you’d be drawing on the same experiences to make your decisions about relationships - the experiences you share together.

But in the case of cheating, the cheater sees the perspective of another relationship which causes a conflict in the agreement of thought.

This is why you’ll often see guilty cheaters try to introduce things that worked in their affair, into the main relationship, e.g. if the affair is sexually spicy, they will introduce the same activities they’re enjoying there into the marriage.

It’s an attempt to try and change the perspective (thought of what is being seen) of the current relationship to match the view of the affair.

They’re hoping that by changing that perspective of the marriage, and bringing their partner’s thoughts into alignment, they can single-mindedly focus on the marriage relationship again.

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