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When you're answering Mirrors of Relationship questions, you shift through stuff pretty quickly, and you tend to encounter situations where you may need extra help to move past an aspect you've identified.

In this section we've included tools for basic system support while you are shifting, as well as extras to help you deal with shock, stress and forgiveness.

  How To Instructional Guide for Life Coach In Your Pocket

We've limited the reading as much as possible, but we do ask you to give everything a once-over before you begin using the tool for the first time.

When you are releasing, or 'shifting,' thoughts and emotions, it's a way bigger job than you'd like to think.

At first, because of the way it works, it feels like you only have to reach one thought to find relief - and the others that happen in between are just random. This could not be further from the truth though.

Even though you only felt relief when thinking that one thought, or airing that one belief, all the other thoughts that were linked to it, that were those 'random thoughts,' are actually the belief SYSTEM of thoughts that led to why you feel the way you do about what you are facing.

Think of a belief system as being a school of a million fish in a pond, with each fish in the school being one thought or belief. A million is a good number to start with, because it gives you a real feel for how many thoughts make up a belief system.

When you're looking at a million fish, it's really hard to notice and keep track of every single fish, because there are too many and they are moving too fast. So you focus on 'the school', instead of each single fish.

A belief system is no different - there are too many thoughts making up that system for you to process each one individually, and so you feel the whole 'school' together as one 'emotion.' So, in a nutshell, every emotion you feel is actually a belief system made up of millions of thoughts, all moving together and at once.

Just think about that... think about your relationship with your parent, an ex lover or a friend.

How long did that take? About a second hey? And what happened? Right - you felt something about the person.

Even thought your relationship with them is made of a million memories, experiences, events, thoughts, emotions, fights, agreements, chats, arguments, and so much more, it all boiled down to a one-second fleeting emotion, which is usually summed up in the words: I like this person or I don't like this person.

Life Coach in Your Pocket is a question generator tool that is designed to help you find any and all of the thoughts that make up any belief system you have to tackle. So let's start with seeing how many thoughts you have piled up during your time on Earth.

It's pretty fair to say that we think at a rate of one thought per second.

Below you will see a calculator, and we're going to use it to work out how many conscious thoughts, statements or aha moments you have accrued in your life, and how many you would need to shift in order to really make an impact on your healing.

The calculator takes your age in years, and subtracts the average amount of hours you've slept, and works out roughly how many seconds you have been awake in your life. This gives you an estimate of the MINIMUM amount of conscious thoughts you have to release from the belief systems that you carry.

Your Age in Years:

Hours You Sleep a Night:



You have processed at least

conscious thoughts in your lifetime

A note on the number formats... the easy way to read such big numbers is to count the commas that are separating the decimal places.

If there are TWO commas, the number is MILLIONS, so 300-million for example. This is written 300,000,000.

If there are THREE commas, the number reflects BILLIONS, so 1-billion, for example. So this would be written 1,000,000,000.

Even a two-year-old, sleeping 16 hours a day, has 21-MILLION (21,024,000) thoughts already - do the calculation for yourself to see.

Based on the original Essene Mirrors of Relationship, the Mirrors of Relationship healing framework enables you to take a comprehensive look at ANY belief system - no matter where it stems from - because the questions are designed to unpack the CAUSE behind any belief or belief system.

However, as we've seen above, because there is so much to get through, it feels like REALLY slow going at first!

This is not abnormal by any means, and is actually the way all healing, therapy and coaching works: you have healing work done so that YOU can reach the THOUGHT of relief and have peace in your own mind.

If you've had healing before you will have experienced this - you often only feel better a few DAYS after a healing or coaching session, when you have had time to process it and it all makes sense.

To understand the idea that everything is a thought a little better, think back to a time where you had pain, when you 'forgot' about the pain in a moment. Maybe you were laughing or distracted, maybe in a good conversation or really focused on your work that you were doing, but while you were otherwise occupied and 'forgot' about the pain, it did not exist.

It only EXISTS when you remember (have a thought) about it. Everything is thought.

Other healing modalities do the work for you, or have you process on the subconscious emotional level, while Mirrors of Relationship is different - brings it all to your consciousness.

So, even though it may FEEL like you are going slowly with Mirrors, you're actually going to go four or five times faster than you would with with any other healing modality. You just have to get used to working with this on the conscious level.

Also, at the point where you start working with a modality like this, you will not get as many ascension and joy surges as you would like. The problem with those surges is that they delay you - you get stuck on one thought that gives you relief and stay in that energetic resonance for a period of time.

It's like hitting a dieting plateau, and is one of the ways that your ego traps and delays you when you really start making progress.

This is a real bitch of a trap, because it makes sense to us to feel good. That's how we know something is working, right?

When you're in control of your shifting, with a process like Mirrors, you're going to shift so fast that there isn't time to plateau in between. In addition, you will learn that joy is only a contrast experience to pain - you usually experience it right after you've had pain.

As you drop the pain and drama in your life, you are not going to be able to to create the contrast that makes you 'feel' joy - and so you will go numb. The more questions you answer, the faster this process is going to take place.

Please read the 'About Shifting' section so that you can understand the process of shifting, and how it will impact your body and system in the weeks after you have answered the questions, and the changes are coming to fruition in your life.

Please also read the 'Frequently Asked Questions' section to gain a complete understanding of how we've structured the tool to protect your privacy and security, while giving you portability - even when you don't have Internet access.

  How To Guide Overview

This healing modality and self-coaching tool utilizes the Mirrors of Relationship framework.

Dualities for this general question set are defined using the Ego Layers of Separation framework.

Click on the images below to save them at full size so that you can read the text. Once it's saved to your device, you will be able to zoom in and read the fine print easily.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox
Ego Layers of Separation by Life Coaches Toolbox


  From Beginner to Advanced

If you're new to shifting & only want to take small bites, or if you prefer to glut yourself on new tools & resources, Life Coach in Your Pocket caters to you.

With basic, simple & advanced question sets, with a wide range of ares covered, you can use the tool for five minutes at a time, or spend hours unpacking a complete belief system in minute detail - and never run out of fresh questions and ways to approach the theme or challenge!

Random Question Generator

Using this option, a question per page is generated at random, from a large number of variables, so there is very little chance you will get the same question twice.

This also means the Universe has a way to present you with the best question you need for real healing at that time.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Use the 'Random' option on the question pages menu to generate a completely new question format at random.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Use the 'Generate New' option when you are on the page to generate questions from that set at random.

Every now and then, prepositions (those little words like in and of and because and AND!) will make a question generate weirdly - but this is pretty rare.

If it does happen to you, and the question looks odd, the just hit 'Generate New' button and a brand new question will appear for you to use.

If it keeps happening to you, then you have to ask yourself what you don't want to hear, know, or discover.

A quick and easy workaround for this is to ask your guides, or the Holy Spirit (whichever you prefer), to help you use this a growth experience for you, or to choose the correct thoughts for you.

Answer One Quick Question

The Question Generator tool is divided into three types - basic, easy & in depth.

'Basic' offers one question, pulled at random from the entire question set, while 'Easy' offers a simple question per each of the 9 Mirrors of Relationship categories.

'In Depth' allows for more complex unpacking, with multiple question formats and variations in each of the 9 Mirrors categories.

Regardless of the format of question you choose, you can use any of the question generator tools to just answer ONE quick question, at random - trusting the Universe to bring you the question that you most need at that time for healing.

Healing with Mirrors Questions is not about finding time time to spend hours with the tool - it's about answering a volume of questions.

Answering a question here, and another there, when you have five minutes to spare - like when waiting, on the train, or even on the loo! - quickly adds up.

Answer one quick question whenever you get the chance & you'll quickly start to see results.

Unpack an Entire Belief System

An important feature, when building Life Coach in Your Pocket, was that it enabled you to stop whenever you wanted to & not have to go through long lists of questions, but that it could also go on infinitely if you wanted.

Basically we wanted to make sure that Life Coach in Your Pocket catered to both beginners & those at an advanced level. Also, that you could take the tool with you as you progressed & advanced.

Healing anything requires you to find a range of complex & intertwined thoughts - a system of thoughts, known as a belief system.

Used beginning to end, in either the simple or complex question formats, the question set will let you look at every major area in which you have beliefs related to this challenge, person or theme.

In short, the question set, end-to-end, is designed to take care of the direction & 'where to begin, or look,' problems, by giving you a structure to focus on.

That structure also contains all the questions you don't remember to ask when you're unpacking & your mind suddenly goes blank.


  Ways to Use the Generator

Explore alternative ways to use the question generator in various areas of your life.

Answer in Your Head or Out Loud

The first obvious way to use the Question Generator Tool is on your own - waiting for appointments, on the train or public transport, when you're bored or lonely or sad & there's no one around - and really importantly - at 2AM in the morning when the problems are hitting hard & you actually need the help straight away.

There's no way you HAVE TO do this for it to work - we really wanted to make it as simple as just answering well-crafted questions that will always make you think.

The truth is that it is MORE THAN ENOUGH just to SEE the question and have the answer FLASH across your conscious mind for a minute.

In fact, that's all you really need to do to heal anything - bring it to your conscious awareness. This is why we talk of a-ha moments of realization: this is when the thought comes to your conscious awareness.

However, if this feels too easy for you, to simply answer questions on your own in your head, then you can say the answers out loud, type or write them in your journal or the space provided, or take them to a healer or coach to share or work further on.

PDFs & Worksheets

If you would like to make sure that you get the statements out of your system, it's a REALLY good practice to type out your answers to the questions, either in the text area provided, or by pasting the questions you've chosen into a notes or documents app on your device or phone, and answering them there.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

If you use the text area provided on the Question Generator, you will be able to save your questions & answers to PDF format, using the 'Save to PDF' option.

This means that any work you do inside the Mirrors of Relationship tool will then become a series of PDFs you can use as a journal reference, or record of your shifting.

In addition, you can use the tool to generate lists of questions or even printable worksheets, that you or others can use. Just hit return a few times between each question you paste and you'll have spaces to answer when the PDF prints or saves.

When the 'MAKE PDF' function is used, your device gives you a choice to print or save the document.

As a back up for when the PDF function is limited, we've included a 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD' function.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Once you've done all your edits and want to save your answers, or worksheet, somewhere else, simply use 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD' & then hit 'PASTE' in your chosen Notes or Word Processing Program.

Work With Someone Else in a Conversation

Use the Question Generator Tool with a coach or healer, with your partner, a friend or family member, or even a colleague or staff member.

You can also use the tool with someone you are coaching or counseling.

Having an infinite Question Generator Tool on hand will ensure that you are never again faced with the problem of not knowing where to begin with unpacking, whether for yourself or someone else.

There are also other ways you can apply the tool, including to get to know someone or build intimacy with a partner, family member or friend.

One way to do this is to generate questions that you discuss, or take turns answering. Or you could each answer the question and then discuss your answers.

Not only can this open, or improve lines of communication, but can also be useful when you are building or rebuilding trust in a relationship.

It is amazing how connected you become to someone when you truly see all of them, and come to understand what makes them tick.


  Work on a Variety of Areas

One tool for any challenge, issue or theme you are unpacking - even if that's a person.

Specify a Person, Emotion or Theme

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

The Mirrors of relationship healing Question framework does a brilliant job of helping you to look at the challenge or theme from every angle, but sometimes you want to get really specific.

And let's not kid ourselves, when a question uses the words of what the problem is, or names the person by name, it just packs that much more punch than when it says something generic, like 'my boss,' or 'my partner,' or 'my child'.

So while the question framework can get you very close to perfect questions, we've given you the option to be able to perfect those questions, by making every question slider field editable when you click on it.

So if a question is almost-perfect, and you just need to change or delete one word, and you know what that word is, then just click on that field and delete what is there, and replace it with your own word.

This includes all the silly preposition words like why, when, where, because, and more.

The sliders will still work, even if you have edited a field.

Understand Yourself

Mirrors of the Present

Current influences at play

Mirror of People

What does this tell me about myself and others?

Mirror of Ego

Where does this create hierarchy?

Where do I feel inferior or superior?

Who or what is trying to be in control here?

Mirror of Expectation & Desire

What is expected of me and others?

Covers wants, needs, hopes & dreams

Mirrors of the Past

Things in the past that have shaped this identity

Mirror of Loss & Sacrifice

What has been lost, sacrificed or taken away?

What have I given up, let go of or surrendered to?

Mirror of Programming

What has been programmed into me, by myself or others?

Includes habits, patterns, active memories & generational patterns

Mirror of the Soul

Which soul influences shaped me?

What does my soul want to teach me?

Includes soul programming, karmic influences, soul contracts, purpose, mission & vision

Explore Spiritual Understanding

One of the challenges when defining the Mirrors of Relationship Question framework, was to find a way to incorporate all the upper-level healing stuff, posing the questions in a way that enables people to look back on their own lives & patterns, and without training, to be able to identify high level healing & soul-related stuff, on their own, using only the questions.

The Mirrors framework takes into account advanced levels of knowledge, such as would be obtained with advanced healing modalities that enable you to unpack entire belief systems.

Mirrors of the Future

Covers the Golden Age of Aquarius

Mirror of Duality & Balance

What does this show me about balance, equality & relationships?

Where am I expected to hold conflicting ideas or information?

Mirror of the Dark

How have I been stripped bare to be born anew?

How am being prepared for a new life stage or experience?

Covers Dark Nights of the Soul & Trials by Fire

Mirror of the Cosmos

Which completely new information am I learning?

Covers Cosmic Roles & Purpose


  Features & Benefits

What makes Life Coach in Your Pocket the perfect resource for you?

I Don't Know Where to Start

When it comes to healing & forgiveness & spirituality, everyone starts with NOT knowing where to start. So take heart, you're in good company!

Personal development & growth are difficult topics, and in most cases, it takes decades (as in multiple), before people can confidently find their own way around these topics.

The point of a tool like Life Coach in Your Pocket is that it doesn't matter where you start - it really is as simple as answering questions.

The framework of the way the tool is built allows the Universe to generate the right question for you - questions you would never normally think to ask on your own.

This work is hard enough to do - breaking shame on the questions, and answering for yourself - well, that feels almost impossible at first.

So we've kept the mechanism as simple as possible - simply open the tool & answer questions. The rest of the stuff is just designed to help & support you as you heal.

Try to answer as many questions as you can, but at first, ONLY focus on the questions that jump out at you.

The rest will take care of itself.

The questions only serve to guide you in the beginning - after a few months, you will have absorbed the structure & the questions you need will just pop into your mind.

Thousands of Questions

When I first started building this app, I had an idea in my head that we could pack TEN THOUSAND questions into it - and I thought to myself, how is anyone ever going to believe that we managed that? The number just seems way too huge, doesn't it?

And then one day, because that's just the kind of person I am, I decided to multiply the variables on one bigger question page, just to see how many questions were on that page. Out of curiosity.

I redid that sum a few times... and then I went and asked other people if my thinking was right to calculate the amount of questions.

The answer kept coming back the same though - over 10,000 questions. On one page. I was gobsmacked too.

While the idea that we've packed thousands of questions into this tiny little tool is quite amazing, I'll bet you're also thinking, "Over 10,000 questions?! Why do we need so many?"

With me, you will always get honesty, and the truth is that you will need that many questions if you are REALLY going to uncover everything & shift all the issues in your life.

We're complex beings, each of whom processes BILLIONS of thoughts in our lifetime - to build a framework that covers that, you need THOUSANDS of questions.

What's even better is that we made sure they're accessible offline - so no Internet access required once you've downloaded the app.

Automatic Journaling

Use the 'MAKE PDF' function on each page to save a PDF of the questions you've generated and answered.

Most PDFs will save with the date and time, thereby becoming a log of your shifting statements that you can go back and reference. It also means that your journal is now on your phone, and so easily accessible.

Just be sure to store the PDFs in a safe place where no one will find them, if you don't want to share them, or don't want them to be found.

It's important to clarify that it is NOT necessary to save your questions & answers - simply answering the questions in your head is enough.

The option exists so that you can further break privacy by writing your answers done, and then, if you want to , save them for the purposes of journaling

In order to secure your privacy - and cognizant of the sensitivity of the inner demons this resource will help you uncover - we chose NOT to store your results inside the app. This also ensures no one can hack your device, or accidentally open the app, and find your darkest secrets.

The option to 'Save to PDF' exists for those who enjoy keeping journals on their journey, and for those who wish to use written worksheet formats.

You'll actually be doing yourself a massive favor if you use the writing function, but then delete it & trust that the energy has been released.


  Secure, Safe, Private & Confidential

Of all the influences we considered when developing our apps, your privacy, confidentiality & peace of mind took center stage!

Completely Private

After years of coaching & healing people, not to mention working in the world of tech, I've come to understand EXACTLY how seriously people take their privacy & data security.

Life Coaches Toolbox apps & resources are always designed with your privacy & peace of mind as the most important element.

We are going to be unearthing stuff together that is the most shameful, humiliating, embarrassing & uncomfortable stuff in your world - stuff so uncomfortable, you've even hidden the truth from yourself.

Before we can get you comfortable with 'Breaking Privacy' with other people, and living your life & 'authentic self' out loud, we need to help you break your layers of privacy on your own.

Life Coach in Your Pocket is designed to take away the shame of what you're dealing with, by giving you the ability to be able to deal with your stuff on your own - even if you have no prior training.

The tool is built in such a way, that if you are careful with HOW & WHERE you store your PDFs from the system, no one should ever see anything you share in the app - UNLESS YOU CHOOSE to share it with them.

Even if you use a version of this tool that is stored online, and not locally on your phone, the tool still works in such a way that YOUR PERSONAL DATA & SECRETS stay absolutely private & confidential.

It is safe for you to unpack & share ANYTHING when working with this tool - it is incapable of sharing your secrets.

We probably could have made a lot more money if we stored the tool - and your data - on our servers.

But our integrity & your healing results matter way more to us than lining our pockets ever will.

A better world happens because of the way we do EVERYTHING - including the way we do business. Be the change you want to see.

Uses No Internet

Even though Internet access is pretty widespread - well wider than what it used to be - the truth is that not everyone has Internet access, or Internet access all the time, or even access to a reliable Internet connection.

Also, good, reliable Internet connectivity is still a lot more of a privilege than a right on our planet, and Internet access can get costly at times.

We thought about this when we were developing - all the different places that you could want to use this tool, and the fact that when you need help like this, it often goes hand-in-hand with being broke.

So we made decisions to cater to that - like the app uses & needs NO Internet connectivity to operate, if you've purchased a downloadable version. If you;re using a free version of this tool, then you will require Internet access to use it.

Everything that you need to heal yourself is also contained inside the app. And then we spent extra time making sure that the download package you had to download and then store, is also very small for what it offers.

So once you've used the Internet to download the (small) app package, then you can truly switch your data off, and every function contained within the app will work perfectly - and at lightning speed.

Everything that the app does in terms of functionality takes place on your device - and nothing crosses the Internet. Even if you are using an online access version!

In addition the app is packed with a Coaching Toolbox that will allow you take care of all the basics and most common roadblocks you will run into along the way - stuff like forgiveness & overloading your system.

On top of that, there is a small library of articles that will help you further understand the process of shifting, as well as the Mirrors of Relationship as a tool for healing.

So, if you are using an online version of this tool & would like to purchase an offline version, please visit lifecoachestoolbox.com

Mobile & desktop apps are available.

No Servers Involved

If you are not a technical person, then a server is a big computer that performs complex functions, like handles & routes email, creates a network, or stores a coding language that enables all the cool gimmicks and interactivity you've come to expect from apps & the Internet.

We store this kind of functionality on a server so that you don't have to spend money buying & maintaining expensive & finicky software, but can still enjoy the benefits.

If you are a technical person however, we're going to say that 'the app uses no server side functionality' & tell you that you can probably skip reading the rest of this particular block of information.

In order to give you the peace of mind, security & confidentiality that is so important when it comes to your private & inner demons, we made the development decision to exclude any functionality that requires YOUR PERSONAL DATA to travel to our servers, and/or be stored on our servers.

For you, as the end user, this decision has one big consequence, which some may see as a drawback - we can't give you a history of your results and the work you've done on the tool in the past.

So, if your device glitches, or you navigate to another page, the work you did on the previous page will disappear into the ether.

On certain devices, if you hit the 'Back' button, you MIGHT see the questions & answers you did on that page, but this will happen rarely.

So if you've lost questions & answers because you closed the app too quickly, or your power died, then those are gone I'm afraid. No one can help you restore them.

In the choice between having permanent records of your private data & secrets floating around, and having no record of those answers, we chose to COMPLETELY secure your data privacy, by ensuring that those answers are never kept in the first place - unless you manually save them to PDF, or copy and paste the text results somewhere & store those yourself.

  How To Use The Question Generator Tool

Watch the video for an overview of how to use the question tool, as well as the additional coaching toolbox tools.

As with all the videos, they are linked online on YouTube and you will need Internet access to view them.

To read, or follow along with, the text of the video narration, click on the button below:


Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox
Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox
Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox
Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox


Step 1 - The
Butterfly Release

Start & end every question session with a Butterfly release to help your physical, mental, emotional and energy systems to cope with the changes you are creating.

Managing this basic of basics ensures that you don't get sick or have a mental & emotional breakdown.


Step 2 - Generate a Coaching Question

As you open the page, the generator will formulate a question for you from the available options.

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

If the question doesn't make sense, it's not for you, so just use the 'GET NEW' button to load a new question at random from the populated variables.

Random questions means that the Universe can choose the right question for you. We're trusting the process.

If you keep getting questions that don't make sense, ask yourself what you are trying to hide? What don't you want to see?

Step 3 - Refine & Tailor Your Question

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

If the generated question is almost perfect & you just want to change a word or two, then use the arrows on each field to navigate through the prepopulated options.

The generator is a tool that is designed to get you closer to a question - and almost perfect is great place to be when you didn't even know where to start!

Take some time to play with this function, because it's really cool when you suddenly configure the perfect question and a major penny drops for you! Expect realizations & a-ha moments a-plenty! Big & small ;)


Step 4 - Get Content & Person Specific

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

If you want to get really specific, say target a person or theme, you can click on any question field and edit it to create the PERFECT question!

The Mirrors of relationship question set lets you focus in on a situation, person, aspect, theme, or any other point of view.

The tool guides you to a question - perfect it and you will find the answer of release.

The answer is ALWAYS obvious when you find the right question.

It's finding the right question that's usually hard - along with knowing where to even begin!

Step 5 - Select Your Perfect Question

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

The questions are often from & about your day-to-day life. This is where all these thoughts originated from, after all.

If these normal questions appeal, then answer them. We've made it that simple so that you can work with what you know & have.

When you're happy with the question, hit the 'use Question' button to let it generate to the field above the button.

This function also copies the question you have selected to your clipboard, so you can paste it somewhere to answer at your leisure.

Step 6 - Answer the Question... HONESTLY!

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Paste the question/s you've selected into the text box provided & type your answers out.

It's more than enough to answer the questions in your head, or verbally. You can also discuss them with a coach, healer or friend.

Writing them down is just an extra tool to help you.


Step 7 - Coaching Toolbox & Healing Support

Life Coach in Your Pocket comes equipped with a toolbox of coaching basics, that cover day-to-day maintenance & 'plumbing' for your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual systems.

In addition, you have support tools to help you with forgiveness, & deal with shock & trauma, and on-the-go support tools to help you reduce stress and speed up the shifting process.


There are also a wide range of additional free resources, available on the lifecoachestoolbox.com website.

All Free Resources

Forgiveness Resources

Surrender Resources

Suicide & Depression

Shifting & Healing

Step 8 - Create Your Q&As and Get a Fresh Perspective

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Once you think you've answered the question, or series of questions, hit 'Generate Q&As' & your questions & answers will show in the block marked 'Your Results'.

Take a second here to READ the questions & answers out loud again, maybe looking at yourself in a mirror, or you can share them with a confidant.

You can also use any of the other 'Breaking Privacy' options listed here.

You can read more about 'Breaking Privacy' here.

Step 9 - Automatic Journaling or Create Worksheets

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Use the 'MAKE PDF' button to generate a PDF that you can save for automatic journaling, if you're the kind of person who likes to go back & review.

The 'COPY TO CLIBOARD' function serves as a backup in case the browser or device you're using doesn't support a PDF creation function.

Simply press the 'COPY TO CLIPBOARD' button, and then navigate to the Word Processing or Notes program of your choice, and hit 'PASTE'.

Alternatively, by leaving spaces between each question, and using the 'INSERT ANSWER FIELD' button to insert extra lines for answering, you can create a worksheet that you can print & complete by hand - or give to a client to use.


Step 10 - Lather, Rinse & Repeat

Mirrors of Relationship by Life Coaches Toolbox

Once you're done with a question & have answered it the way you want to, you can move onto a new question page & generate a new category question.

Because of the way we've built this, most devices should keep anything you paste in the text field, as long as you stay on that page & use the 'GET NEW' option to generate additional questions.

If you're done with a page, you can also jump to another page, with another category question, and if you'd like a range of questions in the same category, you stay on a single page.

You have a choice of moving through the formats at 'RANDOM', or in order, if you use the 'NEXT' option.

Step 11 - Secure Your Journals & PDFs

If you've chosen to save your notes for journaling purposes, the make sure that you have put them away somewhere safely.

You don't want to have vented about your partner or boss & they accidentally find it!

Step 12 - Clear Your Cache

By the same token, go into your phone or device settings and clear your browser history and cache to be doubly sure that nothing has stored locally on your machine.

We've gone to great lengths to ensure your privacy with the app. Clearing your cache after using the tool is just double security for your benefit.

Video Overview

Your browser does not support the video tag.

Watch this short video of the question tool being used to see it all together in action.

You may be tempted to JUST watch this video - please don't.

The content has all been designed to answer the obvious questions you will have when first using the Mirrors of Relationship Question tool.

  The hardest part & where you'll get stuck at first

I guess the obvious question here is WHY would you get stuck? Why are we even addressing this? Isn't this just looking at & answering questions after all?

You know, I thought that too when I first created the first Mirrors of Relationship tools, but it turns out that it was TOO SIMPLE - it didn't feel like enough work for people to just bring the thought to conscious awareness at first.

If you're new to questions and consciousness, this one will probably trip you up as well.

The best advice here is just keep going everyday, for a few weeks - and SEE the results for yourself. If you don't SEE results in six to eight weeks of daily application, then what have you lost except for a little time?

However, if you DO see results in that time, then you will have your hands on a tool that can shift you faster than almost anything else - without needing someone else's help.

By that reckoning, you really have nothing to lose by giving this a go for a few weeks!

The second place where you're going to get stuck with Mirrors questions is Breaking Privacy.

Breaking Privacy will be a new term to most people, but what it boils down to is exactly what it sounds like - making sure that something is no longer private or hidden.

If you think about therapy, coaching & healing, it's all about something is upsetting your system, resulting in an emotional or physical symptom, or an unwanted experience in your life somewhere. This usually manifests as a psychic tension we call 'pain,' as well as the mental process of worry and over-thinking.

The problem is that the information of what is upsetting your balance is subconscious - held separate or private from you. It is hidden and needs to be brought to the light.

So, by bringing these hidden & private thoughts, that blend together to create what we call an emotion, to the surface, we break privacy around them.

We stop them from being hidden from us, reveal the truth, gain understanding ... whatever you call it, the thought was previously hidden or private from you, and now you have access to it. Privacy has been broken.

By that understanding, it's also easy to grasp that how the whole of healing and therapy is actually a process of breaking privacy - or revealing what was previously hidden.

We can extend this ability as well, as it is a powerful, and easy, way to further our healing.

How do you do it? Simple - you break privacy even further, by writing it down, typing it out, saying it out loud, telling it to God or your Guides, or even a confidant. Maybe you will even need to make amends, apologize or ask for forgiveness.

Your Coaching Toolbox has resources to help you with some of these, and you can find more free resources on the lifecoachestoolbox.com website.

Privacy is a big deal for another reason though... privacy is one of the biggest reasons that people do not want to face their stuff, or deal with a therapist, coach or healer.

This aspect of privacy will actually be one of the hardest challenges you will face when answering questions - dealing with the shame, humiliation, embarrassment, guilt, doubt, lack of self worth and inferiority you feel while revealing these secret and hidden parts of yourself.

So first off, you will be glad to know that we thought carefully about that when building this app, and have made sure that nothing leaves your device while you're working on the app. This means that if you do NOT save your questions and answers to PDF, no one will ever see them. You just need to make sure you put them in a safe place if you do keep them.

By the same token, none of your data needs to go to a server. The downside of this is that we don't store results for you - the upside is that is is completely safe to go as in depth as you want to - no one will ever be able to intercept your results or see your personal data.

Even if someone picks up the tool and opens the app, when it generates a question page, that question page will be new, and anything you may have typed in their previously will be gone. To be safe, you can always go into your settings and clear your browser history after using the tool.

It isn't working!

Has it been six weeks since you shifted the statement, or answered the question in other words? Are you allowing enough time to see results or do you need to be more patient?

Have you answered a million questions? Have you done enough work to warrant seeing actual real-life results?

Have you answered a significant number of questions in proportion to the amount of thoughts you have had in your life? Say 39 million? Have you done enough to make a real impact?

Have you taken escalating steps to break privacy to see results?

Have you checked your Coaching Toolbox for resources to help you? Have you used the tapping process and been doing your Butterfly Releases?

Have you checked on the lifecoachestoolbox.com website for additional resources?

Have you answered too many questions, or done too much work, in too-short a time period?

Have you overloaded your system and are you in shifting overload? Are you remembering your daily basics?

Have You Broken Privacy?

Have you said it out loud?

Have you said it out loud while looking at yourself in a mirror?

Have you said it to Source / God / your Guides / the Holy Spirit?

Have you typed your answers down?

Have you written them down by hand?

Have you read it once again on the generated question & answer format?

Have you read it out loud from the generated question & answer format?

Have you said it to a friend or confidante, coach or healer?

Have you apologized to, or asked for absolution from, the other parties involved?

Do you need to make amends at a community, societal or global level?

Do you need help to break privacy on this issue? Should you reach out to a healer or person of faith?

Do you need to look to avenues such as charity or volunteer work to make amends?

Do you need to forgive yourself?

Are You Resisting?

Why am I ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed?

Why should I be ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed?

Who am I scared will find out about this? Who will judge me?

How do I think people will treat me if they find out?

What do I stand to lose?

Who do I stand to lose?

How am I responsible for creating this?

What can I do differently to change this?

How can I turn this around?

Where have I seen someone successfully turn something around in the past?

Will I feel relief if this is finally revealed?

What is the absolute worst thing that could happen in this situation?

What is the absolute best thing that could happen in this situation?

Is my fear valid?

  How To Guide Articles

Where Mirrors Started


When the process of channeling Mirrors started, I had a detailed past life memory of being involved in the creation of the original question set.

I realized one of my soul purposes was to bring the updated version of Mirrors during the Age of Aquarius.


What Are Mirrors


The mirrors of relationship work on issues large and small, and cover the entire spectrum of relationships, not just romantic relationships.

The process and understanding can also be applied to non-twin flame relationships, including platonic relationships, professional relationships.


What Are Emotions


The easiest way to think about an emotion, is that it is SO MANY thousands of thoughts happening at the same time, that you don’t have enough time to think each thought.

These thoughts all merge to become an emotion that you 'feel' instead.


Instant Gratification


We often talk of having an instant gratification society, but what does this really mean and how does your impatience get in the way of the desires you'd like to manifest?

As well as what is the ego cycle and how does it fit into this?


What Is Ego


Today we’re looking at the basics of how ego works.

We speak a lot about ego reactions, responses and emotions, but they key point that everyone misses for the longest while, is the following - ego is the mechanism of separation & crucial to creation.


The Ego Cycle


Around the world, people are depressed. Current international suicide rates stand at 16 people per 100,000 population, in other words: around the world someone commits suicide every 40 seconds.

So, between starting to read this article and reaching this point, two people have died by suicide already.


Looking Into The Mirror


In coaching and development work you often hear talk of mirrors, and the fact that situations and experiences come to teach you a lesson and show you an aspect of yourself.

How do you recognize these lessons when looking into the mirror of a situation?


Thoughts Create Reality


The idea that "everything is energy and thought" is one of the more difficult and abstract concepts to understand on the journey.

But, understanding it REALLY changes your perspective, and so it's a lesson worth chasing, regardless of its seeming complexity.


Understanding Dualities


The common mistake people make when working with mirrors, is to assume that what they see in front of them is exactly what is reflected within them.

But in truth, a mirror actually provides a reversed image and view. Energetic mirrors are no different.


  Get Help

Once you start working with a tool like Mirrors of Relationship, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

Simply pop us a message - or reach out via one of the message services listed below - and we'll have a coach or healer get back to you to assist you. This is a paid for service.