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Base Chakra Healing


Easily heal imbalances in your Base Chakra.

  Base Chakra Healing

A video tool, along with exercises, and interactive resources, that you can use to heal your Base Chakra imbalances.

Answer the questions below to further explore your Base Chakra.

Where do I feel safe?

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Where do I not feel safe?

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Who or what am I pretending makes me feel safe or what makes me feel unsafe that I don't want to acknowledge?

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Where do I judge myself when it comes to survival issues?

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What doubts do I have when it comes to survival issues?

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Who or what in my life makes me feel vulnerable?

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Do I feel ashamed, embarrassed, or humiliated about my security or survival in some way?

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What are my unmet expectations when it comes to my security and survival?

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What have I lost or sacrificed that I have not made peace with?

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Am I afraid that I will or will not be like my family when it comes to security and stability?

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Do I feel like I'm living up to my own expectations about stability and security?

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What were the circumstances of my birth and early childhood?

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Do I have a foundation for security and stability?

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Who or what makes me feel powerless when it comes to stability and security?

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What feels like it is outside of my control when it comes to stability and security?

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What actions can I take right now to feel more secure immediately?

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Concentrate on the indicated area of your body when working with a particular chakra.

Simply look at the symbol to help stimulate or calm this chakra.


Base Chakra Color: Red

exciting, energizing, sexy, passionate, hot, dynamic, stimulating, provocative, dramatic, powerful, courageous, magnetic, assertive, impulsive, adventurous, demanding, stirring, spontaneous, motivating, earthy, warm, strong, sturdy, established, rich, elegant, refined, tasty, expensive, mature, sumptuous, luxurious, robust, aggressive, violent, warlike, temperamental, antagonistic, danger

Stimulate & speed up your energy
Feel better & more energized


Red Jasper
Black Tourmaline
Smokey Quartz
Red Coral


Red or Brown Foods
Root Vegetables
Meat & Tofu


Laughter Sound


Black Pepper

Base Chakra Location

Base of spine or Tailbone

Your base or root chakra is located at the tip of your spine

If you wanted to stimulate it, you would work the perineum; the fleshy area between the genitals & anus

Planets & Signs



Yoga Pose or Movement

Knee to Chest Pose
Bridge Pose
Half & Full Locust Pose
Head to Knee Pose
Deep Relaxation
Grounding Stance

Jumping Up & Down


I have

Centered & calm

Trusting & safe

Anchored & grounded

Still, solid, & clear

Safety, security, stability


Earth Element
Soil, Rock & Wood

Foundational Matters
Survival Issues
Manifestation of consciousness in its final form

Solid & Tangible
Physical Reality

Base Chakra Governs

Physical matters of survival; safety & security

Issues related to money & survival

Staying alive & vitality


Acceptance of limitations


Matter, the material expression of existence, and the physical body

How we manage our physical world

Self-preservation, acceptance, fear, safety

Stability, grounding, physical health, prosperity and trust

Immune system, base of spine, legs, bones & bone marrow, feet & rectum

Base Chakra Imbalances

Sluggish, Lazy, Tired
Spaced Out, Depression
Lack of Energy or Vitality

Bored, Restless
Lack of Discipline
Chronic Disorganization

Eating Disorders
Overeating, Obesity
Weight Problems

Hoarding, Materialism, Greed
Money Issues, Financial Difficulties
Focused on Materialism & Money

Fear of Change
Anxiety about Security
Fearful, Anxious, Ungrounded

Frequent illness
Hemorrhoids, Constipation
Sciatica, Joints, Degenerative Arthritis
Knee Troubles

Base Chakra Affirmations

All my needs are catered for

It is safe for me to be myself

My life is rich with abundance

I live fully supported & grounded within the material world

The universe supports me & wants me to do well

I am a divine being of light & I am peaceful, protected & secure

I laugh freely & easily to remind myself that I am safe, at peace & feeling secure

Healing Approaches

Admit & Face Your Fears

Do Some Yoga
Get Some Exercise
Go for a Walk

Give Someone a Hug
Get a Massage

Ground Yourself
Feel your energy connected to the earth below your feet
Unwind by letting your body do any movement it feels like doing

Accept Reality & "What Is"

  Get Help

Once you start working with healing tools, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

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