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Sacral Chakra


The Sacral or Second Chakra governs creativity & fertility.

  Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral Chakra is located just behind and below your belly button and responds to the color orange.

You can stimulate this chakra manually by rubbing the area just below your belly button or your lower back.

Your Sacral Chakra life cycle years begin on your 7th birthday and continue until your 14th birthday.

The Sacral Chakra governs creativity on all levels.

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Understanding Chakras - Sacral Chakra

Your chakras are seven rotating points of energy on your body. The energy field given off by these seven points collectively makes up your aura.

Your second or sacral chakra is located just behind and below your belly button. You can stimulate it manually by rubbing the area just below your belly button or rubbing on your lower back.

The color associated to this chakra is orange and the symbol associated to this chakra looks like this.

The planet for this chakra is the moon, which also governs emotions, as is the element water and tidal movement on earth is also driven by the moon.

Additional astrological references include the planets Venus and Pluto and the signs of Libra, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Trauma and abuses that may affect this chakra include sexual and emotional abuse such as neglect, rejection, manipulation, and dealing with alcoholic families, denial of feeling, and inherited issues such as incest and other family related sexual issues.

Your second or sacral chakra governs issues to do with sexuality, emotions, finances, creativity, relationships, and self-worth.

Goals that will be impacted by this chakra include things like pleasure, healthy sexuality, having balanced feelings and emotions, and issues to do with self gratification.

You will also find that you may have to confront and overcome negative one-on-one control patterns in your relationships.

Organs that are impacted by the second or sacral chakra include the sexual organs, the large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, kidneys, appendix, bladder, prostate, hip area, lymphatic system, and all the body fluids.

Affirmations that will be effective with the second chakra include ideas such as, "it is safe for me to express my sexuality in a loving way", "My life is filled with healthy pleasure", "I am in touch with all my feelings", "I express my creative talents without fear of judgment."

The years governed by your second chakra begin on your seventh birthday.

In this year, many of us start school and are faced with the question of where do we fit in in?

In the next year we get more creative and begin to explore our creativity in our relationships that we have established.

By year 9 we're looking at the personal power we have within our creativity and relationships.

By year 10 we get to the heart of and our connection to our own sense of creativity and relationships and how we feel about ourselves within relationships.

By the time we come to the voice and expression of creativity in relationships, we become interested in the opposite sex - and this helps us set our future vision for romantic relationships and what we expect of those relationships going forward.

In the final soul and essence year of creativity and relationships, we again piece together all the information that we've learned and gathered over the preceding seven years and this becomes our future framework.

An imbalanced sacral chakra can lead to a number of emotional issues like excessive sensitivity and strong emotion, obsessive attachment, and emotional dependency.

You may also find you have poor social skills, a lack of passion and excitement, denial of pleasure, fear of change, and rigidity in your attitudes.

You may experience sexual dysfunctions, OBGYN problems, dysfunctions of the reproductive organs such as infertility, spleen and urinary system issues, as well as a loss of appetite for food, sex, life, and chronic lower back pain.

When your sacral chakra is balanced you will move gracefully and easily.

You will have good emotional intelligence and be able to show compassion to those around you. You will have the ability to experience pleasure, nurturing yourself and others around you.

You will have a healthy propensity for change. You will be able to set healthy boundaries and you will experience healthy attitudes towards sex as well as healthy levels of sexual activity.

The chant sounds associated to this chakra are VAM, then OH, and the laughter sound is HOH-HOH.

Crystals known to be effective for the second chakra include Amber, Citrine, Topaz, Moonstone, Fire Agate, Orange Spinel, and Fire Opal.

Aromatherapy and essential oils commonly used for this chakra are Rosemary, Juniper, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose, and Ylang-Ylang.

There are a number of ways to support your second chakra and these include movement, emotional release, inner child, and boundary work, assigning healthy pleasures, and working with your senses to develop and enhance them.

Answer the questions below to further explore your Sacral Chakra.

Where in my life do I want to be more creative?

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Which creative abilities and talents do I need to spend more time on?

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Which healthy pleasure can I nurture in myself?

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Which healthy practices do I judge in myself and others?

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What doubts do I have about my creative ability?

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Do I envy or feel like I have to compete with someone else?

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What do I fear I cannot create?

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Is there a humiliating or shameful incident from my past that makes me afraid to express myself creatively?

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Does it make me feel vulnerable to show my creative talents?

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What are my unmet expectations about my creative ability?

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Which failed creation have I not forgotten or let go of?

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Do I live up to my partner's expectations of me sexually?

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Am I happy with my sex life and sexuality?

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Does my life feel like a fertile ground for new opportunities and growth?

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Have I fully embraced my creative power?

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Do I strongly resist change and new ideas?

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Concentrate on the indicated area of your body when working with a particular chakra.

Simply look at the symbol to help stimulate or calm this chakra.


Sacral Chakra Color: Orange

nurturing, soft, fuzzy, tactile, delicious, fruity, sweet, inviting, warm, physical contact, intimate, modest, embracing, life force, energizing, flexibility, desire, vital, juicy, fun, whimsical, childlike, happy, glowing, sunset, hot, energizing, active, gregarious, friendly, good-natured, expansive, spontaneous, optimistic, communicative, jovial, sociable, self-assured, persuasive, animated, spicy, flavourful, exotic, earthy, country, wholesome, welcoming, abundance, loud, raucous, frivolous

Linked to the second or Sacral Chakra, which governs creativity, fertility and sexuality

Use this to increase feelings of sexuality and sensuality, as well stimulate creativity and fertility


Orange Moonstone
Fire Agate
Orange Spinel
Fire Opal
Orange Calcite
Tiger's Eye


Liquids such as Water, Juices, Herbal Teas
Orange Colored Food, Soy Products, Fish and Seafood, Tropical Foods, Nuts & Seeds, Fish & Oils, Eggs





Laughter Sounds

Planets & Signs

Moon, Venus and Pluto

Libra, Cancer & Scorpio

Sacral Chakra Location

Your second or sacral chakra is located just below and behind your belly button. You can stimulate by rubbing just below your belly button, or on the lower back.


Water Element
Rivers, Ocean
Lakes, Pools
Rain, Storms
Bathing, Showering

Emotional Matters
Movement & Change
Flow & Lack of Flow
Creativity & Creation
Fecundity & Abundance


I feel

I flow easily with change

Passionate, Creative & Inspired

Fulfilled &
Good Natured

Playful & Fun

Yoga Pose or Movement

Goddess Pose
Butterfly Pose

Pelvic Tilt
Hip Circles
Leg Scissor Kicks

Unwinding (allowing any movement the body wants) helps creative expression

Sacral Chakra Governs

Sexuality, Sexual Organs

Emotions, Relationships, Romance

Finances, Money Flow

Creativity, Creative Blocks, Writers Block, Lack of Creativity

Capacity to Handle Change, Flow, Being Stuck

Self Worth, Codes of Honor, Principles & Ethics

Large Intestine, Lower Vertebrae, Pelvis, Kidneys, Appendix, Bladder, Prostate, Hips, Lymphatic System, & all Body Fluids

Sacral Chakra Imbalances

Sexual Addiction, Frigidity, Fear of Sex, Lack of Desire, Passion, Excitement

Pleasure Addiction, Denial of Pleasure

Excess Sensitivity, Strong Emotions, Obsessive Attachment, Emotional Dependency, Trouble Expressing Emotions

Invasion of Others, Manipulation, Poor Social Skills

Fear of Change, Rigid Attitudes

Lack of Creativity, Infertility

Bladder, Lower Back, Abdominal Issues

Sacral Chakra Affirmations

I am in touch with all my feelings

My life is filled with healthy pleasure

It is safe for me to express my sexuality in a loving way

I express my creative talents without fear of judgments

I am radiant, beautiful and strong, and enjoy a healthy and passionate life

Healing Approaches

Dance and sing
Paint or draw
Do some yoga
Have a cry
Watch comedy and laugh
Talk to your inner child
Set some boundaries
Eat something new
Have a hot bath or shower

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