1. Step 7: Feel Welcomed

    Releasing depression at its source

    Depression and suicidal thoughts are rarely things that happen on the spur of the moment. Often the causes behind depression are deep seated, ranging back to childhood.

    There are usually similarities though, and one of the common similarities I’ve seen is that people don’t feel connected: they don’t feel like they matter or belong. This coaching tool is designed to take that feeling of disconnect away at the source, reprogramming a new reality into you.

    What you’ll need

    In a nutshell, what you’ll need is yourself, another person and the statement below.

    Simply put, the exercise is that the other party is going to read the statement out loud to you.

    Here’s where it gets a little complicated though.

    The statement being read to you is a statement welcoming you to Earth and your life, and so it is going to be most effective if you can have one or both your parents read this to you.

    If you are in touch with a parent and can have them facilitate this, then this will be very healing for both of you. They get to say what they always meant to say, and you get to hear them say it. It can also obviously lead to an emotional release and purge between you.

    If you are not in touch with your parents then it’s not lost. You can go to any family member you know that will help you, or you can choose to go to a friend. The important thing is that you hear the statement and that your unmet need for acceptance is now filled.

    What to do

    Sit down together in a warm, comfortable room. It gets cold in the holographic when you’re shifting emotions – it would not be uncommon for you to be cold during this experience.

    Ensure you have adequate privacy and won’t be interrupted for at least an hour. This allows for time to calm down in cases of an emotional purge. If possible do it on a quiet day where you have time let it all out if the flood of emotion starts.

    Like any coaching process, sometimes you have to let the pain and emotion out with your natural mechanisms. As with any reconciliation or forgiveness process though, it will be with the lightness of connection and awareness.

    Sit facing each other so that you can look into each other’s eyes.

    Have the reader read the statement, using the recipient’s first name where indicated. Reading should be natural and the reader should look up into the recipient’s eyes, meeting their gaze intermittently.

    Please give the reader a chance to read the statement before you agree to do the exercise, so that they have a chance to say if they’re not ready for it.

    It will be very damaging in the moment if you get to the exercise and the reader is not comfortable expressing the language.

    The Welcoming Statement

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