1. Depression & Suicide Inner Voice Reprogramming

    In the first part of this exercise, you are going to go to each of the people youʼve identified and ask them to make an audio recording of positive things they have to say about you.

    Once youʼve collected enough audio tracks, youʼll do one yourself and then youʼll either merge it into one track that you can listen to non-stop or on loop, or put all the tracks into a separate playlist and loop through the whole playlist when you listen to the audio at night.

    The 33-day challenge

    The listening at night - thatʼs the 33-day challenge part. Youʼre going to listen to this audio over and over and over until a new dialogue for your inner voice is brainwashed into you.

    Please feel free to go for longer than 33 days if you can, and if you find that the audio gets repetitive, then find new people to go to to record new audio tracks.

    Your new dialogue should also empower you with the self confidence to find another five people to ask.

    Who do you ask?

    Identify at least five people whose ideas and opinions impact you now or have been a major influence in the past.

    Think of people like mentors, bosses, parents, grandparents, siblings, partners, lovers, close friends - people that have influenced your life or currently hold influence over your life.

    You do want a close personal relationship with this person, because you want to be sure they will help you and will hold what you are trying to achieve sacred.

    Speak to them beforehand, get their buy in and then ask them to compile a list of positive statements that they want to make about you - it can all be delivered as one liners, a speech is not important.

    Gathering the tracks

    Meet with them at a specified time and record their entire audio, putting the track aside into a special folder of tracks.

    The audio can include anything and really, simple unrelated one liners will work better, because they really are much more like the disjointed thoughts that go on in your head. So itʼs okay for the person to go something like:

    I really like Sarah, sheʼs a cool person. Sheʼs confident and carefree and I wish I had her hair. Sheʼs so lucky to have the job she has, I wish i was her. And her house - damn I would be jealous if she wasnʼt my friend :)

    Just let it flow naturally, asking the person to speak for as long as they are comfortable - most will only manage 30 to 60 seconds.

    Your nightly routine

    Once you have assembled your audio tracks and have recorded one yourself, you can either edit them into one long track or you can put them into a dedicated playlist that you play back to yourself.

    Each night do a confidence or happiness building technique, such as the Quick Coherence Technique from HeartMath. You can also use BodyTalk Cortices Tapping to make you more open to the process.

    Now listen to all the tracks, beginning to end, intending that this is your new baseline for your inner voice.

    This becomes very powerful when you include people like parents because so much of our negative inner voice stems from them. Over time this counters that.

    Scared to ask for help?

    If asking people is really a major concern for you, then offer to trade do it for them when you tell them about the exercise.

    Chances are good that if they are important enough for you to ask, you are important enough for them to ask in return.

    Still scared? Use this tool to do it for you!

    Alternatively, use this tool below to send a predefined email asking for help.

    If you're worried about what the email will say, then send a test email to yourself first so that you can see what it looks like.

    You can relax though - the email makes no mention of the type of course you're doing, it simply asks the person to assist you with an Inner Voice Reprogramming Tool, because they're someone you trust and respect.

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