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Competitor Values Comparison


If you've ever wondered what makes another company tick, or why they perform better than you, then this tool will help you zero in on they "why".

  Competitor Values Comparison & Analysis

When you look at somebody you envy, compete with or admire, it's often difficult to see the elements you have in common - and those that differentiate you.

But - if we can nail those specifics down, then we know where to begin looking at ourselves, so that we can improve ourselves.

This tool will allow you to compare the two parties, based the High & Low Energy Power Patterns list. This comprehensive list will give you an holistic view of where you stand in relation to the other party.

Simply complete the name fields below, and when you click through to the next page, follow the instructions you find there.

  Get Help

Once you start working with healing tools, it can get addictive quickly - especially as you begin to see results, and changes in the way you think and feel.

So, you might suddenly realize you want to go even further, and probably faster, or you've hit a major stumbling block that you need help clearing, or you are in shifting overload and experiencing physical, emotional and mental symptoms you need help with. That's what this section is for!

Simply pop us a message - or reach out via one of the message services listed below - and we'll have a coach or healer get back to you to assist you. This is a paid for service.