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How to change the world: an economy of love

Around the world we’re talking about changing the world, but many of us just don’t know what to do or where to begin.

What could an economy of love look like, and what are the changes you can start implementing in your business right now to make a difference?

Money is our God

We can’t talk about the economy without talking about how we idolize money. Even in the spiritual and coaching communities, the main drive is often towards how much wealth you can create and accumulate.

Being able to earn an unlimited amount of money means that money effectively becomes a bigger and bigger God for you to serve and please. The solution that will stabilize pricing? Put a maximum income cap on what anybody can earn.

Look you can make this amount high, say USD 1 Million a month, but what’s important is that the cap stays standard.

One of the very big problems we have in the world is people earning too much – once you’re past a certain point of earning, all you can really do is invest your money. That’s one of our biggest problems right now: too many people have tied their money up into investments and the money can’t move. The money hasn’t gone anywhere: it’s just stuck and can’t move. We don’t pay aliens – currency does not leave the planet.

By capping the maximum amount anyone can earn and pushing the balance back into the fiscus, you ensure stable pricing around the world because the elite will never tolerate not being able to live elite lives.

By simply keeping the maximum income cap static you’ll create a situation where people will not be willing to pay more than a certain value per item, and it will be based on the maximum amount they can earn. This will stop the nonstop spiraling of prices that we’re seeing. It will also make more money available to the rest of the world, creating a wider market of people that can afford goods.

The second major thing that capping income levels will do is that it will force people to look for a way to fulfill themselves that is not money. Once the rising stars have reached their maximum income cap, they will still need fulfillment and a sense of achievement – they just won’t be able to get that from money.

This way we actually make time and create a momentum that pushes our best minds towards working on other issues and causes, because when you’re a person that achieves, you need to keep achieving. We’ve just allowed people to make money the only goal.

5% More

Speaking of money moving, I remember a fantastic metaphor sent out on an NLP Comprehensive newsletter by Tom Hoobyar a few years back.

In a nutshell, the metaphor is:

A gentleman traveller books into a hotel in a quieter town for the night. As he arrives at the check-in desk, he decides to pay upfront, and after checking in goes up to his room.

The hotelier is thrilled and runs off to pay his overdue grocery account so that he can buy more food for his establishment. The grocer is thrilled to receive the payment and runs off after the hotelier has left to pay the local lady of the night, whom he owes money to.

The local lady of the night is out like a shot when she receives the money, running off to pay her account at the local hotel. Ever grateful to receive two payments in a day, the hotelier happily shrugs it off when the guest comes back downstairs and asks for a refund because he won’t be using the room for the night anymore.

Our solution to the financial situation right now is to get the money we have available to us moving.

We might not become millionaires or accumulate anything, but what you’re worrying about right now is rent and food and medication and clothing – and simply moving our money around to each other will help us all achieve that.

Whatever you can spare, put it out there.

Pay people, move money, and know that it will come back around to you. Yes the coffee may be cheaper and you’ll have to forgo some luxuries maybe, but isn’t that worth waking up and feeling at peace in the morning? Or being able to actually go to sleep at night?

What else can you do right now?

You know, the establishment might be able to control what we do up to a certain point, but they have no control over the small day-to-day actions you take in your life and business. So how do you fight back and what can you do right now to make a difference?

  • If you are a business owner or shareholder who is faring better than most at the moment, one of the very big things you can do to help is either forgive debt that you know can’t be paid, or offer additional time for debtors to pay. Implementing legal action and threatening people just makes them more scared and makes the global energy we’re living in worse to bear.
  • You can offer your help freely or on barter. No I don’t just mean charity work. If you’re a web designer, help an entrepreneur build a website. If you’re in marketing, help entrepreneurs get on their feet and establish a market. If you’re in finance, go and give financial advice to someone who is just starting out – what do they need to know, register for, make sure is always done?
  • Choose not to dismiss staff if you’re showing a profit. Make your organisation people-centric and celebrate the amount of jobs you have created or managed to maintain. This is purely internal and comes from your PR department. Stop celebrating financial wins in media, and start celebrating people wins. Journalist and PR writers are our best angle for this.
  • Implement daily meditation in your offices. Meditation has been shown to offer a number of incredible benefits for the individual, as well as to bond the team that participates. This will be your fastest way to generate love and compassion within your office environment. If we want a world of love, we have to create pockets of love until we’ve covered the whole world.
  • Make it okay for people to leave. One of the biggest reasons we’re unhappy in jobs is because of the people or environment. It’s like we’re a failure because we don’t fit in. When a flower isn’t blooming, you don’t fix the flower: you fix the environment in which it grows. Most of the time there’s nothing wrong with the environment or the person, but we’ve made such a big deal over people wanting to leave after three months because they don’t fit in, that people stay and are unhappy. If we want people to be happy we have to let them move until they find the environment that’s right for them. If people are happy and feel part of the team, of the family, they will automatically be productive, passionate and involved.
  • Take a long hard look at your leadership. When I first discovered that CEOs, MDs, directors, senior management and politicians were being hired according to how psychopathic they are, it actually made me sick to my stomach. Unless you have personal experience of a psychopathic personality, you just do not understand the lengths and depths these people will go to to ensure their own superiority and power. As a voting populous, and as shareholders in large corporations, you have the power to start a trend where you demand that politicians and business leaders are forced to take the O’Hare psychopathy test with a registered and independent and psychiatrist, and then publish their results publicly. As someone with nothing to hide, I’d have no fear of doing this. The only people who would fear this are the business leaders and politicians who know they can’t be trusted. So let’s out them the way we do pedophiles. You deserve to know if someone is raping your country, future, wealth and financial security too.

Each and every one of the items mentioned above can be started as a trend – and trends start with us, not the establishment.

Share this article, spread the world, talk to people about what you’re doing and use your PR machines to push back hard. Flood the Internet and media with good news stories and show others how they can make a difference.

Let’s break the Internet spiritual peeps – and let’s do it for a good cause this time.

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