Anger in the air - healing info

With so much anger in the air, thought I'd rattle out a post on anger and healing.

Anger symptoms

Okay so the obvious actual emotion of anger with lots of inner voice dialogue and lashing out in inner dialogue conversations.

Liver and liver meridian:

  • You'll battle to process meds and alcohol and will feel more groggy if you take these.
  • Try dandelion root and milk thistle for liver support.
  • Liver is the anger processor, and also medicine and alcohol. So if it's busy with anger, physical stuff will lag.
    • Thought, emotion and then physical. That's ALWAYS the heirarchy.
  • Liver meridian runs 1am to 3am.
    • That's why you're battling to sleep or waking up. You may find you're only tired around 1am or 2:30/3am.

Use the mirrors tools, lots linked off this page:

Vent the anger but do NOT act on it until you've waited 72 hours AT LEAST.

So you can "talk" to the person in your head all you want, but you canNOT make contact.

Vent, but don't act. See?

More physical symptoms of anger:

Tummy upset

  •  "I can't stomach this."
  •  "This makes my stomach turn."

Do you hear it?

Try massaging lymph - find diagrams online to see where the channels are.

It will stay sore for up to 72 hours after you massage, so you have to keep going.

A piece on lymph here:

More shifting articles here:

Let your tummy work, drink lots of water and don't be shocked if you throw up. These are all forms of shifting.

Bladder and kidney issues:

  •  "I'm pissed off."

Also anger always involves fear and kidneys govern fear.

Part of the tummy pain is kidneys.

Drink TOO MUCH water.

As much as you can tolerate. Sprinkle a tiny bit of salt into each bottle or glass.

Get something like a urinary alkaliniser, I know a brand called Citro-soda locally. That will help.

Give at least 24 hours to feel results.

Heat and headaches

  • "Burning hot anger."

Night sweats, especially around the chakras - mainly heart and solar plexus.

The temperature and mental anguish and psychic pain will trigger headaches.

Take a pill if you need to. You cope much better if you manage the pain immediately.

Without pain you can find the entity or chord attached and remove that too...

Spiritual solutions

Look for chords and entities and remove them.

Do forgiveness work.

Also articles to help you understand.

Just keep repeating:

  • I'm sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

Even if you don't mean it yet lol

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