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If you need to use an analogy or metaphor to help a client, but don't know where to start, then use our free metaphor generator and prompt to get you going.

Each one of the sliders below references as aspect of your story's opening line:

  1. The incident or circumstance the person finds themselves in
  2. The person themselves
  3. Another incident that takes place for the person

The sliders will rotate automatically, offering different configurations, or you can stop the slider by clicking on the arrows to the left and right.

How to Use this Generator

You can use the tool either to prompt stories in yourself, or as a lead in for your clients.

  • Use it to create a story, metaphor or analogy for a client
  • Let clients view the slider and tell their own story
  • Use it as a prompt for creative writing exercises
  • Use it for short story ideas when you're creatively blocked
  • Use it in meetings and team building, starting the story and letting each person around the table add the next line of information until you build a complete story.

Kick start your creativity

As a creative or in the creative industry, you know that you hit blocks from time to time. 

This tool is great way to get your juices flowing again and kickstart your brain. 

Simply pick a story line that appeals and day dream for a minute or three.

Sometimes the easiest to get the creative juices flowing again is to let go like this and not force the issue.

It's also a really cool tool to use an ice breaker with teams, groups and clients. 

Simply pick the first line of your story and then let each concurrent person around the table complete the next sentence. 

While you may not always get the most useful info out of this process, it gets people involved and forces them to talk. 

It's the flow of dialogue that makes brainstorming and team sessions work.


The Butterfly Release

When you shift a lot and often like we tend to do, certain elements of your physical and energetic system can get stuck. The Butterfly Release is used to help you shift through these stuck emotions.

So named because of the butterfly-shaped skull bone it works on, the sphenoid bone, the Butterfly Release helps you shift more effectively, stop feeling stuck and can be used to tackle headaches.

This process is copyright Chemory Gunko and Life Coaches Toolbox and may be freely distributed under fair usage policies. You may publish this on your website ONLY with a direct link back to this page.


The Butterfly Release Instructions

The Butterfly Release by Chemory Gunko

  1. Take your middle and index finger on either hand and place them on either side of your head, at the outer edge of each eye socket.
  2. Look at the picture and identify the purple section marked as sphenoid, next to the bright blue section marked zygomatic bone.
  3. Move your fingers one finger width closer to your hairline and let them settle naturally into the depression or dip that you'll find there next to the zygomatic bone.
  4. Apply medium pressure, pressing in on both sides for three minutes. You may want to rest your elbows on a table while you're applying pressure.
  5. Use the timer below to time yourself - it will open in a new window. http://e.ggtimer.com/3minutes

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Questions to Consider

How did your protagonist land up here?

What will he/she do next?

What in their past contributed to this?

How will this affect them going forward?

What does he/she look like?

Where is the story taking place?

What happened in the preceding month to three months? Earlier that day?

Where is the protagonist expected later? Tomorrow and next week?

What gives them hope? What fills them with dread?

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