Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths - part 1

Dating and online dating for twin flames and empaths

When you're chatting to someone online via text or messenger service, and you want to get to know the real them in as short a period as possible, do the following.

Each time you respond, send off a quick bunch of questions - say 3 to 10 questions in each response burst.

Make sure the questions cover a variety of topics, including sex and relationships, as well as things you're looking for in a potential partner.

For example:

What's your star sign?

This tells you how open they are to metaphysics.

Do you like/have kids?

Be clear about if you want kids so that you know what answer you're looking for.

Do you enjoy what you do? Is it related to what you studied?

Tells you about education, employment status, stability.

Have you had any major realisations lately?

Is the person on their own growth journey?

Do you have the same issue with casual sex with the people you meet on here?

  • OR are you demisexual?
  • OR are you Sapiosexual?

What are the person's sexual leanings and reason for being here.

How long have you been on here?

Most people with long term accounts are constantly hunting for casual sex.

Have you met anyone interesting on here?

The stories they pick will give you info on what they're likely looking for.

Have you been married before? Lived with someone? What happened?

Gives you insight into their mindset on long term relationships.

The questions should follow the flow of the chat, but you want to get a mix of questions in with each burst.

What you're looking for is how the person reacts.

First see which questions they choose to answer, e.g. someone looking for sex will always zero in on the sex questions, often using it as an opening to start that conversation.

Then look for the mechanism and attention to detail they employ.

One word answers equal a bad communicator. You'll have to think and talk for that person.

If you want to test that, ask them if they're busy and want to chat later. Point out that their answers are short and they seem distracted.

How they react to that tells you how they'll react to you pointing out lessons.

The second strategy to watch for is how and if someone asks you to slow down.

If they ask or tell you to slow down, or comment on the speed but make no attempt to answer the questions, it's a bad communicator.

If they answer the questions but don't ask you anything back, then chances are it's all about their ego and they will always put themselves first.

The person you're looking for in communication style is someone who does most, if not all of the following:

  • Asks you to slow down
  • AND goes back to answer the questions
  • AND asks questions of you, including unique questions of their own

Importantly, do not volunteer info until asked by the person!

You're waiting to see how much interest they will express in you naturally by asking questions of you.

The more they ask questions, the less likely you are going to land up chasing them.

Also you're looking for the content of the questions they ask naturally, so you can see what is important to them.

Be very wary of people who only ask your questions back to you. These are followers and sheep most likely.

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