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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
Healing twin flame separation pain

As so many of us have learned over the past months and years, twin flame separation can be a very painful experience to go through.

What tools can you use to help you find relief if you’re going through a twin flame break up?

When you’re working with anything to do with twin flames, some of the rules of energy healing and release change, because you’re not working with a separate entity to yourself; this is other soul is you.

So you can’t, for example, cut cords, because it’s impossible to separate from yourself. You also can’t leave yourself behind or make yourself invisible to you. But you have to do something, because the pain of separating from your twin flame will be severe, and you are going to need tools and assistance to help you release it.

The Mirrors of Relationship

Every relationship comes into our life to show us an aspect of ourselves that needs to be healed or released, and while twin flame relationships hold much stronger cords and ties on the energetic level, there will still be mirrors that can be released.

Energetic mirrors can show us any of a number of things: who we are, what we judge, fear or hold in awe, energetic charges we’re carrying, what we’ve lost and compromised, our programming, expectations, active memories, generational patterns, karma, conflicts, complements and dualities.

Even though you have a strong spiritual connection, there will still be personal lessons and mirrors that your twin flame brings to show you, energies and aspects that can be released in the self.

Releasing these won’t take away all the pain necessarily, but it will reduce the level of pain and help stop the incessant chattering of your inner voice trying to solve the unanswered questions.

Use the free mirrors of relationship tool at http://bit.ly/lctmirrorstool

Forgiveness Energy

For those of you that have the gift of channeling universal consciousness and knowledge, you’ll know how difficult it is to protect and enclose yourself and cut off external energies – the moment you do that completely, you feel lost and stupid, unable to think. You have to keep the flow going in order to be able to operate at your optimum, but you still need ways to protect and support yourself.

Twin flame energy is the same – you have to work with it instead of cutting it off. One of the simplest ways to do this is to reinforce the connection to your twin flame, even though that seems counterintuitive.

Once you’ve reinforced the connections, you can then either channel the energy you’re best at working with, or love or forgiveness energy, and create a stream that flows in through the top of your head from Source, into your body and flows out through any cords linking you to your twin flame. Every time you think about your twin flame, reinforce the energy flow and use a forgiveness mantra: I’m sorry, I love you, I forgive you, please forgive me.

It’s not easy to do this at first, but within about 48 hours you should be feeling markedly lighter, because you stop running over the negative thoughts and replace that with forgiveness and love.

For visualization purposes I often imagine the forgiveness as the blood of Christ, and reinforcing the edges of any bubbles or cords with diamonds seems to offer significantly greater protection. They also seem to stay in place for longer.

Balancing across the twin flame

One of the really defining characteristics of twin flame relationships is that the lessons and energies are intrinsically linked, and often you can’t fix the problem on one side without fixing it on the other.

Your solution here then is to be working across the twin flame to balance the energies. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Actively connect to and include your twin flame’s energy in any daily work you do
  • Make sure that any healing sessions you attend are performed on the twin flame and not just on you as an individual
  • Implement a daily procedure where you connect to a harness the energy of your twin flame – it seems to increase results when you do that

At the end of the day you have to remember that this soul you’re dealing with is you – the normal rules here don’t apply. You cannot hold a lack of forgiveness against yourself and you will hurt yourself if you lash out at the other person.

Healing a twin flame separation therefore becomes a mighty spiritual challenge, because you really have to adopt the spiritual principles of surrender and forgiveness and acceptance, when you are going through the worst pain of your life.

There isn’t a shortcut through this sadly, but given time and dedication it will become more manageable, and even though you might not believe it now, you will also find love again.

Twin Flames, Soulmates & Romantic Relationships

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Written by Chemory Gunko/Amara Christi

The author and creator of the Life Coaches Toolbox, Healer, Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Chemory Gunko, also known as Amara Christi.

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