The 7Ps of Ego - Understanding Ego and Easily Solving Issues with Mirrors

The 7Ps of Ego - Understanding Ego and Easily Solving Issues with Mirrors

Remember ego is all about separation and identity.

Ego is the tool that enables us to break a larger soul into smaller, individuated pieces that have a complete identity. So it’s the mechanism of creation.

Ego responses and emotions (what humans call ego), is anything that makes you feel inferior or superior to the person or situation in front of you.

Arrogance is a great example – you feel inadequate, vulnerable or insecure around someone else, and you project that out onto them by calling them arrogant.

The only other option would be to take responsibility for feeling inadequate, which would require you to feel that emotion.

That’s what we mean by mitigating ego, overcoming the vulnerability that exists and is elicited inside you.


  1. Personalisation – I am separate and have these characteristics
  2. Projection – that person is separate and has these characteristics
  3. Possession – that object is separate, has these characteristics and I can possess it
  4. Privacy – I will hold this thought (person/object) separate
  5. Protection – I will hold this thought (person/object) separate to keep it safe
  6. Parallels – this thought/person/object is separate and has these characteristics when compare to another thought/person/object
  7. Power - I will control this person, thought object and hold it separate because it gives me power or I believe it empowers me

So questions to ask yourself in each of these categories:


  • What am I taking personally?
  • What do I think is aimed at me?
  • What do I think is being done by or to me?


  • What am I assigning to someone else?
  • What do I blame others for?
  • What do I give others credit for?


  • What do I want to possess or own?
  • Why am I so attached to this?
  • What do I think it will give me?


  • What thoughts am I holding private?
  • Where am I lying?
  • Where am I not telling the whole truth?
  • What am I hiding?


  • What do I want to protect?
  • What am I attached to?
  • What am I scared of losing?


  • Who am I comparing myself to?
  • What am I jealous or envious of?


  • Where do I give away my power?
  • Who do I see as powerful or having power over me?
  • Where do I exert power and control over others?
  • Do I use my power wisely?

These questions and categories can be applied and asked from ANYONE in the situation’s point of view…. and they’re very revealing.

A nice way to use this is list the statements on a single page and see the whole picture, or to answer for both parties and then compare the answers, looking for dualities (polarities, conflicts, contrasts and complements).

For advanced souls this will greatly accelerate the ego journey – so expect a few ego deaths.

Remember the point is to learn to take them in your stride.

On Ego Deaths

The ego deaths right now are about losing the last bits of our identities from our old lives.

So if you’ve always identified as forgiving, then you will be asked to release that and be the polar opposite.

Ego deaths are a loss of identity on all levels - including realizing that you don’t matter. In fact all ego deaths are eventually I don’t matter and my needs don’t matter.

So if you’re hitting the rock bottom thoughts of I don’t matter, I have no worth, just ride it for a day or two. It will pass if you resist it less.

On Ego Deaths & Ascension

Ego deaths are always at the end of a cycle and change our identity. If we like the change (e.g. Becoming a girlfriend), then we see it as Ascension.

If we don't like the result - becoming an ex-wife or ex-homeowner - and our egos get offended and our self pity glands start throbbing, then we call it an ego death.

But it's always the same process and thing actually. Your ego response just determines how you take it.

It's not always negative, it's just a change in identity.

List the positive changes in your identity over the past while. No ego, just own them.

I'll go first.

  • I am right next to God.
  • I am a vessel of God.
  • I am incredibly intelligent.
  • I have a better understanding of life than anyone I know.
  • I am sexy.
  • I am beautiful.
  • My body is a pleasure to look at and enjoy.
  • I can perform miracles.
  • I speak directly to God.

I only want you to own the positives for now.

You need to overcome the arrogance stuff first. You're not arrogant for seeing the good in yourself.

And importantly - remember your intention.

Why do we do this? To serve God.

Is it wrong to be the best version of human we can be - to realise God's dream for us - if we represent him?

Now tell me... how do the ego constructs of society prevent you from being a fully realized instrument of God?

When you limit the good in yourself - say denying that you receive instruction from Them - how does that make you a faithful servant?

Does God want you to put God first, or does She want you to honor the human ego in front of you first?

What is the ego journey and cognitive dissonance - a conflict between what is internal and what is deemed 'reality'.

So when you don't own your good that God gives you, you bow to cognitive dissonance.

Yes humans will call you arrogant - how many of you thought that about me when you first encountered me?

Yet you're reading now because you know I love you and I am committed to helping.

ACIM says: purity is seen as arrogance and the acceptance of the self as sinful is perceived as holiness.

This is about standing in your truth and serving God. This is the arrogance dragon.

When you've slayed it, you will come to be very grateful. You think it's fear that holds you back - it's really fear of others thinking you're arrogant.

Because what makes you so special that God would choose you?

Well here's the answer: God chose EVERYONE. Every single person on the planet - and only a few of us answered the call.

Many are called and only few answer. Of those, even fewer stay the course.

We are special because we are willing - willing to see beyond the system, give up the false idols, and fight for a better world - even fighting the very people we are here trying to help.

This is no small thing.

This is no small commitment you've made.

And you are only one of a handful of people on earth willing to do it.

You are frigging amazing for just being willing to step forward and fight, when you are surrounded by a world of lazy, greedy, selfish and entitled assholes who have spent the better parts of their lives breaking you down because they are jealous of the glory of your soul.

Too long we've sat in the sidelines, being quiet and not making a noise, not ruffling feathers and not upsetting ego and society.

We're here to destroy society, make anarchy - and bring this system and these people to their knees.

You are no longer required to pretend, to hide yourself and to try and fit in.

And that starts with accepting the glory of God that shines through you everyday.

These people break you down because they feel unworthy in your presence. Because you are smarter, kinder, more loving, more radiant, more welcoming, more addictive - and you are the kind of human they want to be.

But because they are too lazy to do the work for themselves they want to drag you down to their level with their ugliness?

Brothers and sisters - no more!

You are beautiful.

You are a servant of God.

You are worthy of God.

You are a vessel of God on earth.

And every time you acknowledge the best in you, you recognize the creator that shines through us.

Be the God you are - because it is the best possible version of you.

If you stand ashamed of me in front of men - I will stand ashamed of you in front of God. Jesus.

You are called to be an active worker - so let God shine through you.

Claim the reward you deserve for the work you've already done. Because we haven't done years of work and not become amazing through it.

You are amazing. You are better. And you stand head and shoulders above these lazy, greedy and entitled people we're here to help.

Stop hiding because you want them to like you - believe me, by the time we're finished obliterating all the shit that stands in the way of their true happiness, they will love us.

You're always happy when you pass the test, or get an A. But it sucks when mom makes you study for it.

We're being the moms right now - and a mom has to know she is in charge, and know her strength. And she sticks to her guns for long term gain.

You're not here to be liked - you're here to change the world.

The long term benefit of taking the knocks now?

We get to love and be loved - instead of just fleetingly liked.

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