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Understanding Your Twin Flame Relationship & Tools to Manage the Experience
Practical 5D reality: how to stop feeling stuck in the Age of Aquarius

If you’ve been feeling stuck lately on your personal and spiritual growth path, it’s very likely because of the way lessons have changed in the new 5D reality.

So how do you stop feeling stuck in the Age of Aquarius?

How do you get you get your spiritual and personal growth moving forward again?

3D & 4D Reality: Single serving lessons

In the current reality, lessons as we know them are single serving: they present one face of an aspect at a time.

So you learn a lesson of attachment for example, and the insight for that lesson arrives in one a-ha moment of awareness – a single thought of breakthrough.

A while later, completely separately, you may learn a lesson of non-attachment, and then you may learn a separate lesson of clinginess or neediness.

The thing all these lessons have in common?

They all culminate in a single moment of awareness, insight or breakthrough that surges you onto a new level of growth.

After a few weeks you integrate the new lesson and begin operating from that level. That way, when you receive the next single serving lesson, it feels like a completely separate and individuated experience.

5D Reality: Lessons of ALL-that-is

In the 5D reality of the Age of Aquarius, lessons become lessons of ALL-that-is. In this reality, lessons are dualities: conflicts, complements, contrasts or polarities; and this is exactly where you’ve been feeling stuck in your growth.

Because your experience up until now has been of single serving lessons, what you’re looking for in this experience is those a-ha moments of breakthrough. However, in a dimension of ALL-that-is, those single serving lessons no longer exist.

Now when you look at a lesson like attachment, it includes all the scales of conflict, complement, contrast and polarity, so that you can understand ALL of the lesson at once… ALL that the lesson IS at once.

So for example, the lesson of attachment now becomes the combined lessons of attachment, non-attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, envy, attention-seeking, clinginess, detachment, aloofness and every other duality you think of – ALL at once.

The purpose is so that you can see that all of it is equally relevant and it all plays an equally important role – often the role of contrast, so that you can effectively see and live these characteristics in the human experience.

When you see ALL the possible options and choices, then you truly see ALL that a thing IS and you get the ‘complete’ lesson.

Shortcut this learning curve

How this has been tripping you up until now is that you aren’t feeling energetic relief when you get the single-serving a-ha moment, so it feels like you aren’t achieving growth because you aren’t moving forward in a way that you can recognize.

The fastest way for you to shortcut this growth curve is to identify the dualities you have already recognized and see them collectively.

Simply take a piece of paper and write down a word or phrase that encapsulates an area of growth you’ve been working on, say trust. Now start listing all the lessons related to trust you’ve had in the last while – respect, trustworthiness, distrust, suspicion, faith, hope, loyalty, etc.

Seeing the list together will help your mind correlate the information, and it will basically use the words to put the puzzle picture together in your mind for you.

Even a small list should trigger a noticeable integration of information and a surge of growth.

To clear away more layers of lessons, please see the range of free Mirrors of Relationship do it yourself life coaching resources on my website: http://lifecoachestoolbox.com/index.php/mirrors-of-relationship-by-life-coaches-toolbox

Enjoy! <3

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