We all have people in our lives who take and take without giving anything back

We all have people in our lives who are takers… who take and take without giving anything back.

People who we never hear from unless it’s to ask for something; because they (once again) need our help, or a favor.

In many cases we land up doing it.

Why? Because we want the connection, we want to be loved… and, importantly, we want a place where we can put our love.

Love, you see, is more about loving someone than it is about being loved.

How do we know this? Well what do you call someone who loves you obsessively, and presses their intentions, even when you aren’t interested? That’s right - a stalker.

You want someone that you can give love to - having them love you back, is just ensuring that they stay around so that you have a place that you’re allowed to safely put your love, where you know it won’t be rejected.

But, the only time you ever hear from these people is because they want something from you - and so you allow that obligation to happen. Why?

Because without that obligation, this person would have no excuse to contact you.

You’ll never know how lonely you are, in fact, until you have no excuse to use to contact someone.

You see, the asking for something on an ongoing basis is a reason to leave the lines of communication open.

Meeting those requests for aid are your reason to communicate to them again in return, and a way for you to show and express your love.

But it gets tiring after a while, doesn’t it?

The person just demands of you, and every time they do, you have to compromise your other needs, in order to meet your need of giving love.

So you give and give and give and give and give…. until one day you dip into that storehouse and you realize it’s empty - you have nothing left to give.

And then you get pissed off.

What do you get pissed off about?

Feeling unappreciated, unseen, taken for granted.

You don’t feel like anyone appreciates the things you do, what you compromise, how much you give.

And boy oh boy, do you ever give.

It’s all you ever seem to do in your relationships right?

And now you want a little something back.

A thank you. Some celebration. Some recognition. Kudos.

To be acknowledged in your rightful role and place!


Now stop, scroll up to the beginning, and read this piece as again as if you are God, thinking about your relationship with humans.

It’s really worth doing that part properly, so I’ll see you again in a minute ;)


So welcome back.

Eye opening isn’t it?

Your desire for appreciation and love is a recursive expression of God’s desire to be appreciated, accepted and loved by man.

For as long as earth has been around, the default has been that God serves man.

You know that part in books on manifestation, like "The Secret”, where they tell you that the universe ALWAYS delivers?

That means that you are born with the potential to be a God - the choice of free will.

Honoring that free will is so important, that God automatically becomes your servant, the moment you are born.

By default, God serves you.

The spiritual journey is the process of taking your free will and using it ONLY to serve God.

To move from God serves you TO you serve God over time.


So God is honor bound to respect your free will choices of manifestation and desire.

Add in books and teaching that have made manifestation mainstream, and you have humans who do nothing but ask and take, ask and take, demand and take, and complain that their demands aren’t being met.

Sounds a bit like society at large doesn’t it? And every minority group.

And your partner. And your kids. And your friends. And your boss.

And the demand for wealth and comfort, and access to everything that has ever been thought of.


But God, like you, also wants to be appreciated and loved.

God also wants a thank you, some celebration, some reward and acknowledgement.

God also wants company and friends… which is why he went through the effort of creating you in the first place.

Importantly, God also wants us to be happy, and he wants us to experience good things.

So ask yourself…. when last did you turn to God for anything other than asking for something or complaining that you aren’t happy?

When last did you celebrate and thank God?

What have you done for Him lately?


And if the asking and demanding and complaining is creating the society that we live in, then you really need to ask yourself if all those spiritual teachers are right?

Can we heal our way out of this using love, appreciation and gratitude?

What will the world look like if we replace all these demands, complaints and lack, with appreciation, gratitude, and love?

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